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Poll: Nanatsu no Taizai: Fundo no Shinpan Episode 17 Discussion

May 5, 2:24 AM

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Now that I think about it, Gelda is actually quite a brave character, with the lengths she goes for Zeldris.

Looks like the Seven Deadly Sins are going all out to restore order and taking all the risks. Not going to lie, I think this episode is actually one of the more impressive ones of this season.
May 5, 2:27 AM

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The group trying to get KajiKaji's character to younger brother's mind, and Sun guy joined up.

"Sate Sate Sa~te" in different tone.

Brother woke up and realized she is fake. Then demon lord released copies of him.

The real vampire lady joins. She bit so that her blood can also get in. She found the real one.

It's younger KajiKaji's character's turn to defeat demon lord inside while the full group against demon lord in his son's body. lol @ Fairy king's confession to strengthen titan's girl's power.

Sun risen?

Preview w. Fairy King in awakening form and pig.
I Two Syaorans from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and TRC!!!
May 5, 9:59 AM
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Something with the art is verry wrong in this episode
May 5, 10:10 AM

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The final battle has come: the Seven Deadly Sins vs. the Demon King, while Meliodas is given the way from Gowther's help to save Zeldris from the illusion within. Defeating the fake Gelda is one, but tampering with illusions only gets the boot instaneously.

The real Gelda has finally arrived, her vampire self being another critical factor in joining Meliodas to save Zeldris, and as expected, she easily finds the real one through the power of love. With that, Meliodas gets the boot, and its up to both Gelda and Zeldris to finish their father to the core internally while the full force of the Seven Deadly Sins attacks externally.

Diane's "Mother Creation" is a force to be reckoned with, and the marriage confession with King lols. With the Demon King's power cut and Escanor's Sunshine ready to go full force, THE REAL BATTLE STARTS NOW!

Another subpar Marvy Jack animated episode, though who's to complain. Gonna watch to the end.
May 5, 11:13 AM

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The demon king will be defeated not by the power of friendship but instead by the power of Vanilla .
May 5, 11:37 AM

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Damn the battle is sure really tense, but King really proposed to Diane during the battle xD I want to see their wedding after this
May 5, 1:32 PM
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The demon king will most probably die after seeing these shit animations 🥲
May 5, 2:05 PM

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Jesus this fight is getting drawn out. Considering that the anime is basically speedrunning the manga at this point, I wonder how long it must've taken in the manga. Probably a good 10-15 chapters I'm guessing.
May 5, 2:10 PM

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Studio deen is going hard with the Paint frames.
May 5, 2:29 PM

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King wanting to marry Diane is so cute, I hope their ship sails till the end.
May 5, 3:47 PM

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Jesus, I expected nothing of Deen and even then they dissapointed me
May 5, 8:35 PM
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You need guts to propose someone at the middle of the battle with Demon King
May 5, 10:11 PM

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Perfect, now that's what I call kino.😂
May 6, 1:38 AM
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Cliffhanger is killing me :/
I thought AOT was overrated , but S4 changed my mind. It's epic.

Highly recommend it
May 6, 1:38 AM
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Cliffhanger is killing me :/
I thought AOT was overrated , but S4 changed my mind. It's epic.

Highly recommend it
May 6, 2:57 AM

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That was a great episode. Finally, Zeldris and Gelda got back together after all this time. Looks like he's gonna fight the Demon King inside of that realm now. Outside, Diane really showed her true strength. That marriage proposal from King was really funny but adorable. The Demon King looks like he's in trouble and it's high noon, so Esacnor is gonna pop off next episode.
May 6, 4:30 AM

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genuinely pains me to see Stark being obligated to make forced comments for every episode
May 6, 7:24 AM

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Several good fights that good that zeldris realized that it was not the real cold.
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May 6, 8:28 AM

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And with that episode, this show's visuals just found a new low. I could count the frames even though I watched most of it in 2x speed. And I don't have words to describe the art here. I unironically salute to those in the fandom who're still enjoying this. You guys are the real legends.
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May 6, 12:26 PM

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That propose sounded like a death flag, I doubt it will happen but if one of them dies, it better not be Diane.

I didn't have any expectations but the animation was trash as always, so was the way they want to beat the demon king.
May 6, 7:42 PM

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This episode was a battle of interruptions and multiple MVPs. Interesting pacing.
May 7, 12:06 PM
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every episode was full of twist and likewise this episode was also full of twist...needless to mention that the seven deadly sins' fighting makes people emotional
May 7, 1:37 PM
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What a shitty animation that was.
Youtubers who make motion manga have better visuals than this shit
May 7, 4:10 PM

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"It's high-noon."

OH shit bout to go down
May 7, 11:35 PM
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Good lord the animation is scaring me, at least the OST is good. I swear if they fuck up “The One Ultimate” vs Demon King ♛ I’ll be very upset and disappointed

It takes massive balls to propose to someone during an ancient battle, then again Diane would’ve lowkey said it if King wasn’t going to.

Zeldris is free now but now has to fight the Demon King just like Meliodas did “i’ll let you go finish off daddy” i couldn’t help but laugh.
May 8, 9:16 PM

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High Noon!! Shinanai de Escanor!
May 9, 12:18 PM

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Animation wise it was an absolute trainwteck. So many stills and off model shots. The fight scenes were ridiculously clunky almost painful to watch. Classic Studio Deen
May 10, 5:36 AM
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this anime is getting hella boring
May 13, 1:24 AM

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It's high noon, we all know what's gonna happen next.
May 13, 1:34 AM

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Merlin's boobs are ever-changing.

I like Escanor so I'm hoping for his boss moment.
May 13, 3:05 AM
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Demon king is about to praise the sun next ep it seems
May 15, 3:39 AM

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That's the first time I heard the 'sate sate sate' said so menacingly :O Gelda is also top tier waifu
Jun 20, 3:27 PM

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Let's see Escanor's fight I'm sure it will be more interesting than the fight we've seen thus far. I would have liked to know what exactly made Gelda realize who the real Zeldris is but well I didn't expect any intelligent writing here other than the excuse of love lol

MajorLeeGaming said:
genuinely pains me to see Stark being obligated to make forced comments for every episode

this made me laugh so hard lmaoooo
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Jun 24, 5:52 AM
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Lets go finna see escanor fight srsly next episode
Jul 1, 7:58 PM

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Damn, this was a bit hard to watch thanks to the janky animation.

Oh yeah, The One Ultimate is coming. I can't wait to see him in the game too someday!

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