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'Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Tsuioku-hen' Anime Adaptation Announced

Feb 28, 12:26 PM
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Aniplex announced on Sunday that Tsutomu Satou's Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (The Irregular at Magic High School) light novel's Tsuioku-hen (Reminiscence Arc) will receive an anime adaptation. The official website also revealed a teaser promotional video.

Looking at Miyuki and Tatsuya now, it might be hard to imagine them as anything other than loving siblings. But it wasn't always this way..

Three years ago, Miyuki was always uncomfortable around her older brother. The rest of their family treated him no better than a lowly servant, even though he was the perfect Guardian, watching over Miyuki while she lived a normal middle school life. But what really bothered her was that he never showed any emotions or thoughts of his own.

However, when danger comes calling during a fateful trip to Okinawa, their relationship as brother and sister will change forever… (Source: Yen Press)

Satou originally published the sci-fi action novel on the Shousetsuka ni Narou website in 2008. Dengeki Bunko began printing the novel in July 2011 with illustrations by Kana Ishida. Kadokawa published the 32nd and final volume on September 10. Satou launched a sequel light novel the following month.

Madhouse produced the first anime season in Spring 2014 and 8bit the second season in Fall 2020. An anime film opened in theaters in June 2017.

Satou and Yu Mori's spin-off manga Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei (The Honor Student At Magic High School) has a television anime adaptation in production and is scheduled for 2021.

Teaser PV

Official site:
Official Twitter: @mahouka_anime

Source: Dengeki Online

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Tsuioku-hen on MAL
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Feb 28, 12:37 PM

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Time for Onii-sama's glorious return!
Feb 28, 12:41 PM

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Let’s go and show all those peasants might of Godsuya when someone hurt his sister.
Feb 28, 12:41 PM
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Let's fucking go!
Feb 28, 12:52 PM
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Another arc,yayyy
Feb 28, 1:07 PM

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can’t wait for this
Feb 28, 1:30 PM

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Wow. Finally, the missing arc. I hope they keep adapt every arc, tho, my expectation still low.
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Feb 28, 1:46 PM

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God does exist after all.
Feb 28, 2:28 PM

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That's a surprise...I thought the 2nd Season would be a "one and done" season like every other shows out there with a sequel.

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Feb 28, 3:11 PM

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badabass said:
Wow. Finally, the missing arc. I hope they keep adapt every arc, tho, my expectation still low.

jc9622 said:
That's a surprise...I thought the 2nd Season would be a "one and done" season like every other shows out there with a sequel.

I thought so too. Yes, I know that recently Dengeki has decided to give a huge push to their adaptations, but I didn't think they would be so serious about developing Mahouka as well. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that Mak-sensei was appointed director of the brand's multimedia division.
Feb 28, 3:14 PM

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Nice to know that this show isn't done yet.
Feb 28, 3:32 PM

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Mahoukachads be eating
My Queens

Feb 28, 4:08 PM

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This is gonna be a movie.
Feb 28, 4:26 PM

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I am super excited to watch this :D
Feb 28, 5:06 PM

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Yes, more onii sama glory.
Feb 28, 7:10 PM
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Definitely a surprise, I was thinking that S2 alone was enough for advertising the end of the original source but it appears I'm wrong and that too, much to my delight.

To be honest, I was even more certain when the side story got green-lit for an anime adaption but well.

Looking forward to this.
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Feb 28, 9:20 PM

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oh? there's more?
Feb 28, 10:21 PM

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Yes, more of these lovey-dovey siblings. Can't Wait!
Feb 28, 11:30 PM

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This arc would work better as a movie. Still, I'm hyped for this.

Mar 1, 3:50 AM

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What, nani, another one for Mahouka.

Onii-samaBROS we can't stop winning with the adaptations.
Mar 1, 8:11 AM

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cant wait for this
Mar 1, 9:57 AM

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Let's go. Hope we get twice as many Onii-sama's lol.
Mar 1, 12:43 PM
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I wished they made a continuation to the story instead of going back !! but I guess better than nothing
Mar 1, 7:33 PM
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At last, vol 8 get anime.

For anime only, don't expect for onii-sama and lovey dovey moment. It's flashback from 3 years ago.

No onii-sama (Miyuki did not call tatsuya onii-sama yet).

No lovey dovey in this arc.
Mar 2, 3:39 PM

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Ayyeee~~ But Damn, am I excited for this!! <3
I was hoping they'd make at least an OVA of this so, yay!! So glad to see this all animated. Now here's to also hoping a season 3 (sequel) is announced after this (if not sooner). lol
Mar 3, 4:56 AM
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Note : SAO & Mahouka rettousei have voice actor (Hayamin, tsugu-tsugu and Tomatsu) and Lisa to bring both anime have many seasons and spin off
Mar 4, 2:49 AM

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HueBrDeus said:
God does exist after all.

Yes: Producers who get it and adapt quality material to make good amine = gods. :)

Mar 10, 7:24 AM
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Can never get enough of this show and manga :P