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Manga 'Ore, Tsushima' Receives TV Anime for Summer 2021

Feb 22, 6:23 PM
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A television anime adaptation of Opuunokyodai's Ore, Tsushima (I'm Tsushima the Cat) manga was announced by Shogakukan on Monday. The publisher also opened an official website, revealing lead staff, cast, and the first key visual (pictured). The anime is set to premiere in Summer 2021.

The manga is centered around an older woman who is often mistaken as a man and called "Ojii-chan'' by her cats and Tsushima, a strange cat who appears in her garden one day.

Tsushima: Akio Ohtsuka (Beastars)
Ojii-chan: Mayumi Tanaka (One Piece)

Jun Aoki (Poputepipikku, Gal to Kyouryuu) is directing and penning the script at animation studios Fanworks (Aggressive Retsuko) and Space Neko Company.

Opuunokyodai launched the slice of life comedy manga on Twitter in July 2017. Shogakukan picked up the series for physical publication in April 2018 and released the third volume on October 22 last year. Ore, Tsushima sold a cumulative 420,000 copies of its compiled volumes.

Official site:
Official Twitter: @tsushima_anime

Source: PR Times

Ore, Tsushima on MAL
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Feb 22, 7:17 PM
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Why did I think this was an anime about a cat samurai killing mongols lol
Feb 22, 8:12 PM

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I am confused and perplexed. Sign me up.
Feb 22, 8:39 PM

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Isekai with the most complex synopsis yet clear and explain everything in the synopsis and total paragraph same as thesis: ehh no

One paragraph weird synopsis : this is my show.

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Feb 22, 10:30 PM

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Oi, oi, oi majikayo?

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Feb 23, 1:09 AM

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Jun Aoki already sold me in. I am expecting 10/10 anime.

me when Princess Mononoke goated. the review.

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Feb 23, 2:25 AM
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Awwwww so it will be a flash animation? Well, i will still watch it, i'm grateful more anime adaptations with animals/pets get made nowadays!!! Going straight to my PTW! <3

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Feb 23, 4:13 AM

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That cat looking chunky
Feb 24, 8:07 AM
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Chonky cat anime yay

Feb 25, 2:16 AM

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A show about an old lady and her cats, hell yeah.