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Feb 21, 6:45 AM

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for me I hate those words (weeaboo - waifu / husbando) and I wish people stop using it.
I miss when people were only knew otako word every thing was fine
Feb 21, 6:47 AM

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weeb is an annoying word but I like the sound of waifu... it's cute. It's fun to talk about which girl is best girl as long as you don't take it too seriously.

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Feb 21, 7:02 AM

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back in my days the only approved word was wapanese
Feb 21, 7:06 AM

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I dont really care about waifu/husbando terms but about otaku/weaboo/weeb, it sounds cringe as heck
Feb 21, 9:44 AM

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I absolutely hate zoomer terms, do those count?
Feb 21, 10:04 AM

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i think they're kinda cringe but i don't exactly hate them
Feb 21, 12:01 PM

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Im proud to be called weaboo n my friend also make a funny me with another japan terms without grudge
Feb 21, 12:11 PM

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I don't hate them, but I only ever use them in reply to someone who uses them. They're not terms I'm used to using, and I almost never strike a conversation about that anyway. I don't feel like I'm part of the group that takes the characters out of their world and treats them as an object that exists in this world (hell, I even skip any extras, spin-offs, merch, figures, fandoms, fan art/fiction...etc. in anime and manga for the same reason)

The reason I don't hate them is that I find language fascinating. The way it evolves (the same reason I don't hate common mistakes either), how it connects a group of people, how new terms emerge to communicate new (or old) concepts...etc. All power to those who use those words. They've found a group to belong to and are not afraid of using its lingo. This generation's language may not be mine, but I respect it just the same - there was a time when my own language/interests/music were seen as apocryphal by the older generation.
Feb 21, 12:16 PM

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I'm fine with them myself.. Though, sometimes it can get cringe when it's random roleplay or something, lol.. Like cummy in my loli tummy, UwU, or something..
Feb 21, 12:23 PM

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I actually don't really mind them being used, unless it's in a cringe-worthy manner like x3 *nuzzles* rawr uwu *pounces on you*.
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Feb 21, 12:26 PM

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7 to 6 years ago people called you a weeb as a insult way to like anime, people still use it now but not as wide as back then. I don't really mind but I wish people be a tad more creative calling their waifus, describe it in a way that nobody does it b4. I cringe when people called themselves a weeabo.

nyugvo6 said:
I absolutely hate zoomer terms, do those count?

Same as for the following :consoomer, boomer, doomer, coomer, and any other modern internet terms that have been beaten to death.
Feb 21, 12:27 PM

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"Otaku, Weebs" are the exact words that make people avoid anime fandom and they think of us as crazy no-life weirdos who watch cartoons. Like I wish those words didn't exist so we can just be seen as normal people who watch regular entertainment (which is us). Plus we could get more people into fandom.
Feb 21, 12:27 PM

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What would be a fandom without its related slang? They've also have been around since the internet became accessible. Waifu appeared with Azumanga Daioh anime adaptation.
Feb 21, 12:27 PM

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weaboo is a bit cringe but the others aren't.

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Feb 21, 12:30 PM
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Calling yourself an otaku is cringe and tone deaf. Weeb in the modern day is synonymous with anime fan.
Feb 21, 4:32 PM

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I only hate it when people use them unironically, I don't think that I could hear some westerner say something like otaku (unironically) without me having a stroke.
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Feb 21, 4:35 PM

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I'm neutral about those terms though I never use them.