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Poll: Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi Episode 20 Discussion

Feb 21, 6:51 PM

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One of my favorite episodes thus far, showing Setsuna's past which was a mystery up until now, going into detail explaining everything. Was really nice seeing Setsuna smile and laugh more.

Miroko again making a guest appearance briefly was great too.

I wonder who it was that was giving her the training instructions periodically though...Jaken?

Next episode's preview though...really feels like they're trying to ship that guyliner with Towa, and I'm not really feeling it. It all just feels wrong. I hope that's not what they're going for though.

I hope they get to the Dream Butterfly thing soon...there ain't a whole lot of episodes left for that plus Inuyasha and Kagome's whereabouts. But I'm okay with them not getting the nitty gritty if they're going to green-lit this for another season.
Feb 22, 5:57 AM

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More of Setsuna's backstory and this was a sweet one. Shiori's a great woman.
Feb 25, 11:07 AM

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This episode was interesting, surprisingly. Even if i can't say that the pacing of the story wasn't kinda rushed, Setsuna's past has been the best of this anime so far.

Feb 26, 7:19 AM

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That was actually a nice backstory.
Feb 27, 12:48 PM

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Finally some plot development...needs more of this and less whining bored spoiled brat princess starting mock battles for entertainment
Mar 3, 1:37 AM

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Honestly a good episode. I'm shocked.
Mar 6, 3:45 AM

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Aside from the cringe demon guy, this episode was actually pretty good.