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Poll: Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi Episode 20 Discussion

Feb 20, 1:01 AM

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Someone got sister w. no memory after the fire and she grew up in a secret place for hanyou orphans. That Shiori lady looks like the soulless monster from last season, though.

Then suddenly there's gift to her and she starts training. They also took care of youkais that came as far as the seal together. She grew up and went out to train. Then she went back.

A youkai came attacking when that Shiori lady losing youkai power because she is also a youkai. They lost to that youkai and she changed in order to protect others. Monk guy was also there and stopped her from berserking and gave her power seal along w. the weapon, which was originally the youkai's.

She had no chance to go out again.

The pearl's story next (happening main girl losing her youkai power).
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Feb 20, 2:29 AM

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Well, this was a random-a×× episode for sure, in pretty much complete isolation.

I'm not sure whether Lord Gaga is hilarious af or just takes the cringe factor into new depths.
Feb 20, 4:04 AM
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I liked how they connected the past and present and explained a lot about what happened to Setsuna after the incident.

As we expected, it was indeed Jaken who saved her and she got raised by Shiori with other half children. Guess it was Miroku who was sending Setsuna all those messages, which means that after leaving Setsuna with Shiori, Jaken went to the village to inform the others about what happened.

This time it didn't felt like it could be longer so the pacing was nice imo. After that awful last episode, this one feels like one of the best we had for this show, with some references from the Inuyasha series.

Next week we will know more about the Pearl and maybe a bit more about Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha's father.
Feb 20, 5:11 AM
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Learning more context to Setsuna past. So she didn't quite have a horrible growing up in the forest like we thought before. Setsuna living in that half demon village with Shiori whom is from the original Inuyasha series. We'd thought before that Setsuna was left all on her own in the forest by Sesshomaru but she wasn't. I can imagine those gifts and instructions she received were from him. Trying to get her strong so she could protect the village and herself. Setsuna even at a young age was a miniature badass. Helping defeat dumb demons who came knocking to their village, especially ones who cams during when Shiori would lose her powers once a month. Setsuna wasn't cut out for the human world until she was ready like we saw when she went to Kaede village for a short time. But luckily later on she could join the demon hunters and help them.
Feb 20, 6:11 AM

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Going back to the past with Setsuna: an episode we desperately needed to understand more about one of Sesshomaru's daughters.

More largely, I guess you can say that this is Setsuna's episode in character development.

Seeing Jaken save Setsuna (after the fire incident) and leaving her to Shiori and the other half-demons residing in a hidden village, it's always nice to see OG Inuyasha characters pop up every now and then with relevance to Yashahime's timeline (to which those are easily best episodes due to nostalgia value).

The possibility of external attacks have always remained high, demons or monsters alike. I don't knnow whether to take this Lord Gaga as a joke, but whatever. Seeing Miroku also targeting this Lord is kinda the usual business.

For Setsuna to have Beniyasha-like demonic powers before she got her rainbow jewel, that's a pretty scary thought. And it's no wonder the sword that was used by Lord Gaga, act as its medium for the travels of Setsuna from thereon.

Interesting episode, a good one to set up for the finale coming soon.
Feb 20, 6:16 AM
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With 4 more episodes left for the show to play with, do you think they'll try wrap up all the story threads or leave them hanging to be brought over into another season?
Feb 20, 6:26 AM
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zz2000 said:
With 4 more episodes left for the show to play with, do you think they'll try wrap up all the story threads or leave them hanging to be brought over into another season?

Since the anime seems to have nice viewership ratings in Japan, they are probably saving the most important stuff to another season at this point. Next episodes will only set everything up for that.

Unless they decide they will rush everything down because why not, which I don't think is gonna happen.
Feb 20, 7:31 AM

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Really good episode. Got some explanation about Setsuna’s childhood before becoming a demon slayer and also why she uses the Nagita. It was cool to see Shiori again too. Her origin story was so sad in OG inuyasha.

The more the show goes on though, it’s kinda clear this is a show runner to garner interest for a long running Yashahime series in the future. There’s no way everything gets wrapped up satisfactorily so soon.

Next week should be interesting. Kirinmaru and Riku. Looking forward to it.
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Feb 20, 8:34 AM

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This was a good episode. I am really happy to see Shiori again.

Wonder how they're gonna end this in the next 4 episodes tho
Feb 20, 8:53 AM

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I liked a lot this episode, Setsuna being as happy as she possible can, it is rather funny how Setsuna and Towa got the better end of the deal having a terrible father yet both ending with 2 loving families but Moroha who should had the better parents ended up with someone who takes care of her with some tough love.
Feb 20, 9:27 AM

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Setsuna has the best backstory so far and they really used Shiori well unlike Moroha's dead master....
Feb 20, 9:49 AM
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finally a great and much needed episode setsuna's past was well explained and it didnt feel rushed unlike moroha's past
Feb 20, 11:16 AM
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I'm sure a lot of people disliked how action-less this episode was, but I'm actually surprised. This was an OK episode, some much-needed Setsuna backstory. If this had occurred 15 episodes ago, it might have been good.
Feb 20, 11:28 AM
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That really felt random it would have been better that Yaken took Setsuna to Kohaku someone with combat experience so he had trained her, also that would have explained why she is with the demon hunters and Miroku sudden apperance wouldnt felt so random since Kohaku is his brother in law.

Besides if the demon hunters were the ones rising Setsuna they could have added scenes between Hisui and Setsuna to promote the shipping but no as always another dissappointment.

PS: I hope it doesnt happen but I can already see the complains on this episode because Shiori when she transformed in her human form her skin became white.
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Feb 20, 12:07 PM

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A very good episode going over Setsuna's past and what happened after the forest fire that they were in.

Also tells us the story of how she got her weapon, low-key got so excited when I saw young Miroku again with his pervertness.
Feb 20, 12:18 PM
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Let's try to give some character development at the very end of the series, why do it at the beginning? Also, Setsuna doesn't have memories, oh wat, she does, but only some.

Ugh... The writing in this is appalling, the firs 1 I will give to a series.
Feb 20, 3:36 PM

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Okay episode, nothing particularly interesting happened but this episode about Setsuna's past was inevitable and long overdue. At least it wasn't nearly as bad as episode 16 with Moroha's past or the last episode with the terrible comedy, although Gaga Gozen was a joke of a character. Setsuna's laugh at the end was definitely the highlight of the episode for me. Anyways, hopefully next episode is one of the better ones, it looks like one of the more interesting previews we've had in a while.

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Feb 20, 4:32 PM

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I'm gonna assume we'll probably get a second season considering this story might not wrap up in the next 4 EPs? Seems like the show is taking its sweet time and it's in the last stretch
Feb 20, 7:20 PM
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Interesting how we get what are possibly the show's worst and best episodes back to back. My only complaint about this episode is that I think it should have been placed earlier in the season, probably after the Miroku episode. Wouldn't have changed anything plot wise.

On a side note, I like how we actually got a brutal looking death in this episode, this series was desperately missing them
Feb 20, 7:31 PM
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Nice background for Setsuma Jaken brought her to Shiori Later she went to Kaede and the demon slayers Glad to see Shiori again since she represented hanyou to IY
Feb 21, 6:51 PM

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One of my favorite episodes thus far, showing Setsuna's past which was a mystery up until now, going into detail explaining everything. Was really nice seeing Setsuna smile and laugh more.

Miroko again making a guest appearance briefly was great too.

I wonder who it was that was giving her the training instructions periodically though...Jaken?

Next episode's preview though...really feels like they're trying to ship that guyliner with Towa, and I'm not really feeling it. It all just feels wrong. I hope that's not what they're going for though.

I hope they get to the Dream Butterfly thing soon...there ain't a whole lot of episodes left for that plus Inuyasha and Kagome's whereabouts. But I'm okay with them not getting the nitty gritty if they're going to green-lit this for another season.
Feb 22, 5:57 AM

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More of Setsuna's backstory and this was a sweet one. Shiori's a great woman.
Feb 25, 11:07 AM

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This episode was interesting, surprisingly. Even if i can't say that the pacing of the story wasn't kinda rushed, Setsuna's past has been the best of this anime so far.

Feb 26, 7:19 AM

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That was actually a nice backstory.
Feb 27, 12:48 PM

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Finally some plot development...needs more of this and less whining bored spoiled brat princess starting mock battles for entertainment
Mar 3, 1:37 AM

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Honestly a good episode. I'm shocked.
Mar 6, 3:45 AM

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Aside from the cringe demon guy, this episode was actually pretty good.