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Poll: Kai Byoui Ramune Episode 5 Discussion

Feb 6, 8:58 AM

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Tbh, I think those ears are kinda cute but its definitely far from ordinary. I mean, ears that look like dumplings....

The supernatural elemetns in this show are also connected to the characters themselves and this episode had a very eerie vibe if you ask me; especially the usage of the soundtrack. What a cliffhanger.
Feb 6, 9:16 AM

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Well, in my opinion. Those ears don't look that bad :P (just sayin')
They just look like some weird kinda earrings for girls. I won't be surprised if that becomes a normal fashion someday, except for them being dumplings.
Another interesting episode, I should say. The supernatural phenomena are definitely getting weirder in this show. It was a bit sad or if I should say a tense episode? Oh no, the Doc.

Edit: Was tryna joke around. Just to be clear.

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Feb 6, 10:26 AM

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ok so that was interesting, wonder if the brother really is dead? hope ramune didnt die at the end though...
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Feb 6, 10:40 AM
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I figure out immediately what cause the disease but I underestimate the severity of her son's fate. He might be murdered for real and I can't imagine what the murderer did to him before and after his death.

But If I'm a writer I'll never write a tragedy, I'll go like, the big brother want his mother to listen to him more, and that kidnapper is turn out to be the opposite of dr. ramune. He'll make a victim wish come true but at a very high cost, like in this case, the big brother's burning arm.
Feb 6, 10:41 AM

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That case is really heavy, kidnapping with killing the kid and sending his body chopped in pieces at his home... wow.
Poor family, it's totally understandable why they're almost becoming crazy, and Ramune seems in bad condition at the end
Feb 6, 10:58 AM

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It was obvious that the kid wasn't there but I wasn't expecting him to die/disappear like that at all. The whole kidnapping thing and the reason why he was there at that time made me really sad. The package his kidnapper sent made it an even bigger incident.
Feb 6, 11:11 AM

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Love how every one of the diseases involve something food related xD. This one is dumpling ears.

The mother with the disease has two children although one of them she is imagining. The other was kidnapped; however, he is not confirmed dead. He may still be alive for all we know.

This event has been split into two parts I guess. The ending scene was Ramune saving a child from sustaining injuries by a fall by putting himself in harms way. Ramune probably isn't dead though. Wonder how the cards will play out with him hurt.
Feb 6, 5:41 PM

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So in this episode we get another mysterious disease involving food except this time it involves Pot Stickers/Dumplings. It seems like the mother is having trouble accepting the fact that her eldest son might be dead after he got abducted and refuses to move on hence the constant hallucinations she's experiencing. This episode ended with a cliffhanger so we have to wait until next week to see if the mom can still be cured.
Feb 6, 7:02 PM

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I wasn't expecting this to get this dark. I just thought the kid may have died of an illness or an accident.
Feb 6, 7:16 PM

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Ngl, the first heavy and dark arc from Kai Byoui Dr.Ramune. Its not even a play child case anymore. Because its included a patient psychological, and needed more than a usual method to clear it at all. They even needed more episodes to finish it, which is a good sign that this serie really good.

To be honestly, no clear information acquired make it hard to me to received the obituary of Ryo's eldest brother. Like, that package just contained a bunch of tomatoes, right? However, when she said its contained Yuu's arm, i am sighing, its not there! Okay, the visuals were not so convincing, tbh. I got a little shadow around that tomatoes. But oh well, its just to be like that. The interesting part, if i can be honest here, was the kidnapper. I even guess that the kidnapper might had a mysterious items on him too, that prevented his target to move away.

What an intriguing case, and that reporter kinda told a good point, there. However, since all of the family members seemed not accepting the traumas, its still hard for them to move on. Even their little son did a complete confusion near the end. So, thats it, a certain plot to move the thing forward. Ramune unconcious, and may cause them to do a certain rescue. I hope that eccentric doctor is okay. So, lets use that night pearl and tell them, boy!
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Feb 6, 11:14 PM

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Damn, I knew the mother just probably didn't want to hear things she don't want to hear, but I didn't expect the reason for that would be Yuu's death. Pretty good episode.

That shit was very dark, kidnapping and murder are very serious matters and they even sent pieces of him to the family, Jesus. Why would they have to do that though, there's no reason for the kidnappers to do that unless they got some beef with the family. Of course, Ramune won't die but it's still pretty intense. Looking forward to the 2nd part.
Feb 6, 11:33 PM
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That reporter is sus, he might be the real killer.
Feb 7, 12:34 AM

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The first 2-parter arc with pot stickers for ears.

A mother with her troubling children, and ear-filled pot stickers which block specific voices. The problem with that though, stems from the family and some reporter/solicitor chasing them down with a case of kidnapping and murder. Holy shit, that is dark.

Sending to the family, pieces of Yuu's body in a cardboard box isn't always the right state of mind to harass them further, much less the disbelief of ghostly hallucinations against a harsh reality.

The sacrifice of Rio's voice through the usual mysterious helper item for specifics, I'd wonder what Ramune could be up to. The cliffhanger though...waiting upon Part 2 to deliver.
Feb 7, 1:00 AM
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that was dark
Feb 7, 9:17 AM
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dude the anime really surprises, each episode is unique I really like the themes involving the psychological and supernatural, and the themes they cover are very good and obscure ep 1 made me cry, but these episode 5 made me feel bad, imagine this happening and really really sad. sorry bad english
Feb 7, 9:35 AM
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I believe that in the next episode we will see the true potential of ramune
Feb 7, 12:49 PM

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This episode was a lot darker than the other ones jeez, I also didn't expect it to be a two parter so I guess I'll be waiting eagerly until next week
Feb 7, 5:05 PM

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This episode is so fked up. I really hope Yuu is alive.. That reporter is pretty scummy to keep visiting a grieving family. Kid must have do much survivor's guilt.
Feb 7, 5:20 PM

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Is pretty dark arc and kinda interesting. I interested if Dr.Ramune have a power and i can't wait for the next episode. LMAO

Feb 7, 7:45 PM
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Things got darker here, and I’m glad to see a 2 parter instead of just a new disease every week, which I would have been fine with but this is a nice change of pace. The mom is cute lol, and I have to agree with some others here, the dumplings do look a bit fashionable, too bad the situation is a very bad time.
Feb 8, 4:36 AM

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pot stickers/gyoza ... hmmm now i'm hungry

Feb 8, 6:50 AM
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Best Episode yet.💯
Feb 8, 7:59 PM

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Wow wasn't expecting such a horrifying backstory. No wonder the mother couldn't handle the shock and stress and then she became this way.
Feb 8, 8:59 PM

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ohhhh this case is so sad :( I feel bad for the family but it's not totally Rio's fault.. but I really hope the big brother is still alive.
Feb 10, 6:52 AM
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That was just heartwrenching :( I felt so bad for them.....poor Yuu, poor Rio....Yuu was such a great kid. It was a little unsettling at first trying to guess what was going on. This episode was executed nicely with the use of the eerie OST blocking out the words their mum didn’t want to hear initially. At first, I thought Rio was the one who was dead, turns out it was the opposite!

I really like Ramune too, what an oddball with his own charm. Also wtf was he doing with that milk carton???? Lol I was so engrossed when he started cutting it I was wondering what was he going to do with that. Was he just going to recycle it? But since it’s him, I half-expected him to do something crazy with it lol

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Feb 14, 11:06 AM
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Finally an episode with a part 2. The story is kinda sad to see but what Ramune is doing is pretty mysterious. Rio and Ramune have fallen off the cliff, now what!
Feb 28, 1:26 PM

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Apr 17, 12:43 PM

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That was pretty heavy and dark episode. Poor mom is losing her mind.
May 18, 4:31 AM

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Morbid murder case there, really sad for the family especially Yuu who just wanted to cheer up his brother. I kida suspect that annoying reporter but it easily also be that damn rabbit
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Jun 28, 9:06 PM

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A reference to Tsutomu Miyazaki? I hope not. I know this is not an anime for children, but this episode broke my heart.

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