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Poll: I★Chu: Halfway Through the Idol Episode 3 Discussion

Jan 20, 6:31 AM

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It's easy to produce 3000 CDs, but selling them is another matter. From advertisements to marketing, there's a reason why Producer exists in the first place...but Pop'N Star's Kokoro?

Being an idol is not just about song glamour, but also looking the part of healthy, young uns who'll someday be idolized with good looks, and Kokoro is enforcing that to the newbie growing idols.

Using Pop'N Star's concert as a platform to grow these newbie IChu idols, NOTHING goes well for all of them, because it's VERY clear that the fans are there for said idol group, especially Kokoro. Welp, talk about volumes of engagement for a well-established solo idol vs. no-name groups.

The stage exists for the well-known, and no-name IChu groups have a long way to go to engage fans with their concert. The first realistic L for all of them, and hopefully a harsh lesson learnt.
Jan 20, 8:49 AM

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wow this episode was really nice, kokoro-chan is do damn cute!
Jan 20, 10:24 AM
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It seems like those audience are quite rude compare to real world audience where they're warmer toward opening act.

But this anime has the right audience reaction when Kokoro perform.
Jan 20, 10:42 AM

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i don't believe Kokoro was voiced by a male
Jan 20, 10:55 AM

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Kokoro is really cute, I didn’t expect to like him this much lol. And of course, he’s voiced by Murase Ayumu.
Jan 21, 1:35 AM

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Kokoro used simps power to win, not fair lul
Jan 21, 3:11 PM

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Oho nice try Japan, there's no way you're getting me to believe Kokoro is actually a dude



sigh unzips pants
Jan 27, 7:44 AM

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The déjà vu I felt watching this after Kemono Jihen. Murase Ayumu voicing both Akira and Kokoro XD

I think Akira is not liking the fact that they sold a CD because of his past modeling career.

And those audience are too rude, in reality audiences aren't like that. They reminded me of those toxic fans in the live comment section on YouTube live stream, the ones who does “Where is ***, I'm here for ***!!” they don't respect the group currently performing...

Next episode will be interesting. Will get to know more about Akira's past.
Jan 27, 8:51 PM

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this was a pretty important lesson for the ichus, but i felt it was a bit exaggerated? i felt kokoro was super mean, like i know he's serious about idol activities and giving your all to them, and it was perhaps exaggerated to make sure the point got across, but i just felt it was mean for no reason. and then no one even giving a pity cheer for the first gen ichus at their live?! again they came in for kokoro and expected kokoro, and as someone else mentioned a real audience would be at least a bit more welcoming so this was also probably done just to get the point across, but Damn talk about a tough crowd! though, i really liked the call-and-responses during kokoro's section and it put a smile on my face to hear it! it was very cute and very well done.
Jan 31, 12:33 AM
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ahhhh, the audience crowd!! :( i had flashbacks of going to local shows and remembering that's just how crowds are at local shows :(
Feb 7, 6:34 PM

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Well the crowd was there for kokoro. Well I liked the others songs more then Kororo so far. That honestly didn't feel like encouragement at lol. They just got trashed.
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