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Jan 13, 1:35 PM
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For those unfamiliar, Franz Kafka was an author specializing in the surreal, nightmarish and absurd. One of his works, for example, consisted of a man turning into a cockroach overnight whilst retaining his human consciousness. I've been curious if there's any anime with a similar air of absurdity and surrealism, such that you could call them kafkaesque.
Jan 13, 1:36 PM

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You can try mind game by yuasa. It is pretty surreal and absurd. Kaiba as well.
Jan 13, 2:42 PM

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MAL forums are the most Kafkaesque shit ever.
(Not talking about this one)
Jan 13, 3:20 PM

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Come oooon, Inaka Isha is cheating!
Jan 13, 3:51 PM

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If we're talking cockroaches, you have Gokicha:

But apart from that I'm afraid a full adaptation of Kafka's Metamorphosis would be just a big blur in the middle of the screen.

Jan 13, 7:13 PM

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Tokyo Ghoul directly references The Metamorphosis, with a protagonist who becomes a ghoul rather than an insect.
Seraph of the End ripped off Shade's Children.
Jan 13, 7:14 PM

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I claim "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence" is kafkaesque.
Perfect Blue is not kafkaesque, Perfect Blue is conformist.