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Poll: Beastars 2nd Season Episode 2 Discussion

Jan 13, 8:27 AM

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The top-secret All-Organism Council Meeting is in session: to choose the next Beastar. And it is that the Headmaster tiger Gon that bears the grunt of Cherryton School losing Louis, leaving the school without a symbol. There is no choice but to force a resolution to emerge a new symbol just as quick: catching the culprit of Tem's murder.

The security guard rattlesnake Rokume/Hexeye closing in on Legoshi while he does his laundry, it has witnessed it all during the act of the trio between him, Louis and Haru. To make things interesting, leading it to Tem's killed location and trying to find the culprit that murdered him, that's something.

For Legoshi to go around asking questions about who the potential culprit can be, the closest to Tem is Els, and as much as she has already moved on about Tem, asking the other alpacas seems like a miscalculation, and other species spring up no leads. In the end, Carl gives in and provides Legoshi with Tem's diary for him to speculate about.

The Shishigumi Lions have made their comeback in the Black Market, and they're just as ruthless as I remember...AND LOOK WHO THEIR NEW BOSS IS. This will have implications going forward...

YOASOBI covering the OST, woah. The ED visuals leave a lot to contemplate.

Pretty standard episode, that is until the end.

If you're waiting for subs, please wait for PASubs, because with all things Netflix and Beastars, this group does it well.
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Jan 13, 8:31 AM
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Orange taking creative liberties once again - oh man, I feel like they might actually save the Melon arc once it's adapted...
Jan 13, 10:59 AM

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That new Louis soundtrack. Its so sexy! I love it!
Jan 13, 10:51 PM

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oh my gosh im losing my mind! that ED!!! :'((((( Watching the ED while reading the lyrics legit made me tear up!! can't wait for the anime to get to certain scenes so the ED would make sense and y'all anime onlys can cry with me DX

The kangaroo part of this episode is anime original. I don't mind it since it actually fits the story and I understand they want to end this episode at this cliffhanger (it's perfect). I wonder if this mean they'll start off the next episode with a Louis flashback since they changed the order of storytelling. Oh, and the black market scene was so well done! Louis was sexy af that whole scene. Hats off to Studio Orange and kudos to his voice actor!

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Jan 14, 1:50 AM
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That was a really good episode. Haven't read manga so looking forward to see how Legoshi's investigation will turn out.
And Rui flashback next I guess.
Jan 14, 11:21 AM

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Looks like it going to be stuck in Netflix hell.
Jan 14, 7:49 PM
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Story is losing the character-driven focus and I don't know if I like that, but wow, this episode was awesome, specially the visuals
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Jan 15, 12:32 PM
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louis is so attractive in this
Jan 15, 1:35 PM
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rollingthunderr said:
louis is so attractive in this

Guys I found the furry
Jan 15, 11:59 PM
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Two new ships in this episode
Wolf and Snake
Deer and Lion (in the ED song)
(Note: order does not determine sexual position)
Jan 16, 2:25 AM

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So it was a snake, huh. Louis is with the Leo Group?? Has he lost his mind
Jan 16, 4:04 AM

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Not gonna lie, Studio Orange and Beastars are one of the not so many instances in which I think the adaptation team actually improves upon the source material, it's remarkable.
Jan 16, 4:57 AM

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The story felt a little bit weak and dragged a touch but the cinematography continues to just be really refreshing and unique I'd say compared to everything else I've been seeing, and looks fantastic too. I loved how Roger and Legoshi were running only for that to suddenly turn into a mini-boxing scrap so quickly with really good direction and speed for that bout before Legoshi stopped him on the ground. This episode wasn't particularly brilliant on its own but its more of a buildup episode for the future as Legoshi tries to uncover what really happened with Tem and who was responsible, as well as Louis, the herbivore who left the school, now leading the carnivorous Leo Group, and boy is he a ruthless one.

ED was great too like the OP. Good to see YOASOBI on both, and do well at both + visuals for both looking quite class too.
Jan 16, 7:14 AM

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Louis looks so badass now, I wonder what his real motive is. Great episode.
Jan 16, 7:22 AM

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HOLY SHIT the way that hexeye is animated is beyond mesmerizing T___T also i love the little snippets of the manga in the OP. i am so excited for the next episode !!!!!!
Jan 16, 7:31 AM

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Gosha32 said:
That new Louis soundtrack. Its so sexy! I love it!
Came here to mention exactly that. Was used very well and immediately caught my attention.

The snake guy did not help my snake-phobia. Yuckkkkkk.
Jan 16, 7:39 AM

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For a second I thought that when Louis sat on the desk he was going to seduce that guy. LMAOO

Zzz . . . .

Jan 16, 7:47 AM

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Amazing episode xD The """monster""" reveal was interesting and Louis was badass at the ending, so far one of my favorite episodes of this series! ^^
Jan 16, 7:53 AM

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Here enters Orochimaru, the Snake as a Security Guard. Lol, Louis is the new Leo Gang boss. Found that pretty amusing.
Also, the ED was great.
Jan 16, 7:55 AM
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This show really is just incredible, I'm enjoying it as much as AOT's final season. Legoshi is playing a detective and Louis seems to be playing... errr... an interesting role, I guess.
Jan 16, 7:59 AM

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I'm really liking hexeye a lot. Legoshi has decided to investigate tem's case.
Damn louis though, mdfk went pure badassery.

ED is another yoasobi song. And damn I love it so much. And the atmosphere it gives off feels a bit melancholic.
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Jan 16, 8:51 AM

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y'know I think this is one of those rare cases where the 3D CG is actually better than the 2D lmao

also that snake looking dummy thicc ngl. Neat how reptiles are being shown now, don't recall any before. The ED was also based, now I know why it sounds so familiar because YOASOBI is behind it lol. I'd recognize those uptune beats with depressing lyrics anywhere

but it's nice to see detective Legosi about to unknowingly become the next Beastar at this rate lul, though ngl I have a feeling he himself was the one who killed tem.
and also dayum Louis keeps hitting surprises after another, now it makes sense why he completely quit school, to become a fukin mafia boss lmao

Jan 16, 8:56 AM

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So Louis became a mafia leader, nice

I didn't expect that but it sure is interesting : I wouldn't be surprised now if Tem's killer is an herbivore or someone unsuspected
Jan 16, 9:17 AM

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A snake guard? No wonder no one knew the existence of that snake inside the school. Legoshi needs to solve this misterious case before it kills another one.

Lois sure is in a dangerous spot surrounded by all of those carnivores ºwº;

Great episode as always!

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Jan 16, 10:03 AM
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Many new things appeared and the best among them all is the new leader of Leo Group, Louis. That was easy to guess but still an amazing reveal.

The snake animation is also a great one. Way better than most 2D animation out there. That's why I loved Orange.

Jan 16, 10:06 AM
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Man I am loving how uncertain I feel about so many of the characters. I don’t know whether to trust this snake security guard when he comes across so shady. Legoshi bless him is trying his hardest to figure out the killer despite the fact no one will cooperate with him, and at the same time is trying to achieve.... something?? I don’t know if I’m being dense but I feel like his aim isn’t entirely clear. I guess he’s trying to get stronger to protect haru and show that he can suppress his instincts to be with her. Idk. And Louis, man I was guessing at the end of s1 he was either dead or their new leader so when he appeared last episode it seemed I got it right. He was so smooth and powerful in that negotiation scene, but man I don’t know what the events at the end of last season unleashed within him but now he’s like... killing people?? And doing so kind of carelessly. Is he trying to surround himself with carnivores to make himself stronger too, both through protection and showing that he can rule over carnivores. I’m unsure why he’s promoting the black market considering his past, but maybe he’s got to a point where he’s looking after number 1 and that’s it. Again, idk but I love that idk. Having these thoughts and questions are what I love about beastars. Almost nothing is played straight, there’s always other stuff to consider and I’m so onboard for this mystery.
Jan 16, 10:30 AM

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jemmo said:
Man I am loving how uncertain I feel about so many of the characters.

You nailed it. I was trying to figure out exactly what it was that attracts me to Beastars. You said it perfectly. When I think I know what'll happen, I'm wrong and I love it.
Jan 16, 10:48 AM

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This episode is SOOOO ho-hum to me. Legosi talking to Kaa's cousin and all about finding out about undercover shit, and Louis ofc revealed to be a mafia leader now (not surprising, tbh, considering how he was depicted as a character in the first place). Louis's drive to stand over the carnivores and set a different standards in this still vague moral and societal depiction within the Beastars universe is mildly impressive, ngl, but it doesn't feel as awe-inspiring as I would've liked it to be.
It's still really missing the psychological / thriller elements. Any implication of such here is more half-hearted and not enough for a proper atmosphere.

The fist fight between Legosi and Roger was kinda funny, but then again, I'm not a fan of how Beastars shows and directs its fight scenes, anyways.
Jan 16, 11:04 AM
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This season is looking really good so far. The characters, music, animation, worldbuilding are all top-notch. Even the OP and ED are fantastic. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up giving this a 10.
Jan 16, 11:14 AM

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Okay I am kinda mixed on this episode. So in this season, we have Legoshi playing detective to find the one who killed Tem while also meeting Hexeye, the sole security guard of the school...which is a snake. We had some funny scene where Legoshi beats Roger, which was the guy who stole some pantsus from the girls.

Also Louis is a fucking mafia boss. Like seriously I am already puzzled on Tem's case, now you make me confused with your actions. Uh I don't want to admit that I like this move but dude what is your motive? So he quit to become a potential Beastar to become the villain or atleast a leader of a shady group, that is a big leap right there.
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Jan 16, 11:33 AM

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The snake security guard would fit in well on Twitter, referring to Legoshi as a "lolicon hentai" for being attracted to a girl his own age who just so happens to be smaller than him.
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Jan 16, 11:34 AM

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Great episode, a lot was addressed and cleared up.

Jan 16, 11:36 AM

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im having mixed feelings about the season so far. for some reason i feel like the pacing in the filler scenes is better than in the actual scenes adapted from the manga. also they made rokume really creepy and i didnt like that (not creepy as in scary, creepy as in they implied she was attracted to legoshi and at least i hadnt interpreted that scene that way in the manga). but other than that, the louis cliffhanger was executed perfectly and OH MAN the ending..... it made me super emotional, i can't wait until we get to see more of ibuki and his development actually animated

edit: huh, from reading other posts i see that some subs translated rokume's name into hexeye? that's interesting

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Jan 16, 11:42 AM

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Pre_Yum said:
Here enters Orochimaru, the Snake as a Security Guard. Lol

Thought it was the same guy.
Jan 16, 11:44 AM

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This is just bullshit lol...
Why the hell the lions just don't eat this weak ass dear.
Jan 16, 11:56 AM

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I really hope this gets a season 3 and they fix the melon arc with original scenes
Jan 16, 1:23 PM

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"The clue is within you." I can interpret this in two ways. Either Legoshi is the man behind the disappearance of Tem or Legoshi needs to bring out his instincts to find out who killed Tem.
Jan 16, 2:10 PM

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here comes Mr. Orochimaru, Idk if it's the same VA but look similar

it seems like Legoshi and Louis will switch social status, in the first season Louis was the famous character where everyone trust, but Legoshi was scary that no one trusts him

now Legoshi start to gain trust and if find the killer he will become the hero for everyone, in the other side Louis will become the batman and fight crime with crime

Jan 16, 3:06 PM

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THANK YOU ORANGE FOR PUTTING IN SO MUCH MORE EFFORT INTO BEASTARS. Season 1 was great, but could have been much better as an adaptation. Season 2 is blowing all my expectations away. I wasn't a big fan of how the manga got less psychological as it went on, but the Tem's murderer arc was incredibly done. Rokume's introduction was well done. In the manga he called Legosi a lolicon instead of a pervert but it's not really a problem. The directing was amazing in that scene. The entire sequence where Legosi was trying to find clues was anime original, as well as the kangaroo scene, but it was all executed so well. Louis' return as the leader of the Shishigumi was one of my favorite moments in the manga, and they nailed that scene. The OST and character acting was incredible. I also really like how Orange is starting to mix 2d and CG animation. The CG of Beastars works so well with 2d animation and it doesn't clash at all. I'm honestly getting my hopes up for the Melon arc. Maybe it will be rewritten for the anime and be much better.
Jan 16, 4:34 PM

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Jesus Christ, Louis went off-the-grid and became a mob boss? I guess because he killed the leader in S1, but him shooting that tiger; holy shit.
Jan 16, 4:39 PM

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whoever is the head of cinematography needs a raise god damn
Jan 16, 4:57 PM
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This season has been off to a fantastic start. Really great first 2 episodes.
Jan 16, 5:00 PM
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LOUIS now join the dark side... or i mean MAFIA!!! lets see what will happen...
Jan 16, 5:08 PM

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This is why I love Beastars, and Legoshi in particular.

If they had a standard kind of shonen protagonist who was very shy and peaceful, yet massively strong, I'd be rolling my eyes after the first few times he broke something super solid or overpowered a supposedly strong opponent and STILL didn't realize his strength.

But Legoshi has acknowledged his strength since he first started to really grow, and tried to minimize himself because of his introverted and peaceful personality. He doesn't know just HOW strong he is, and he always tries to downplay anything to do with his physical prowess.

And finally, it works so well in the context of this universe, where diet, size, strength, ect., play a HUGE part in the psychology of each character and the dynamics they have with other characters, AND the show as a whole.

Grad students could write really fascinating theses on this show. SO HAPPY to be watching it unfold.
Jan 16, 5:21 PM

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Was not expecting Louis to become the new Lion yakuza leader.

Jan 16, 6:07 PM

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Expected the snake, didn't expect Louis to become the leader of the Leo group.
Jan 16, 6:07 PM

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Holy shit Louis is making big moves. Guess nobody can stop him when he has his gun. Assuming that Legosi finds the perpetrator, Legosi is going to be the new beastar whether he likes it or not.
Jan 16, 6:12 PM

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Ah, the ghost/monster that appeared before was actually their security guard in the shadow. Its Orochimaru!

A meeting of the elite schools headmaster with a various leaders of all races resulted in the decision that the next candidate for the Beastar of the Cherryton School was determined from whose that could tracked down the perpetrator.

Legosi, out of the blue after encountering whose the truth beast behind the shadow, forced to be the hero of the beast. Its time for him to get used of his pure heart and devilish body to revealed the mystery behind Tem's predation.

The next duration showed how Legosi having a difficult to awakened the past memories. The old friend of Tem, Carl, showed him some good hint: his diary book. However, i am still don't know, whats the meaning of that? And what Legosi do with those little phrases at Tem's book? The answer will be pointed out the next week episode.

Meanwhile, Louis, took the hard route to changed the world behind the shadow too. No need a Beastar title. He was taking the lion's yakuza group into his sole leadership, and made a deal with one of the black market owner. Could he achieve his dream without having any difficulties? And thats ed, suit well to this part of scenes. The feeling of the lion that worked under the leadership of their prey. The unreal became the real xD.
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Jan 16, 7:06 PM
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Louis seems like a wild card, hes gonna be interesting to follow moving forward
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