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Jan 13, 7:30 AM

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The dream for each idol group to sell 3000 CDs are on!

As much as I'm concerned, each group is going on well with their works. Fire Fenyx's song is still my favourite so far.

Still doing the usual idol stuff of free time, each group is trying to carve their own niche that will help make them stand out, e.g. i♥B doing curry cooking for breakfast but making a horrific mess out of it (mostly thanks to Lucas), and ArS being dropouts of all instances, easy scouting (though Akio is somewhat fazed with his un-confidence, and the others helpiing him get his footing).

Going well for the various idol groups to get their songs out for the formation of each group's CD, easy to tell that this is early, but there's still a long way to go.
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Jan 13, 8:46 AM

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wow this episode was pretty good, lots of character development and looks like they're working together a lot better now
Jan 13, 9:34 AM

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Looks like Akio will be staying for a bit longer. He won't quit, he'll eventually get his spark moment I think.

Haha the secret ingredient in the curry xD

Also, the OP is different for this episode.
Jan 13, 9:44 AM

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Lucas is officially banned from the kitchen after he added some exploding secret ingredient to the curry. xD

I liked this episode more than the first. We finally have more insight and background info on the characters.

Jan 13, 10:42 AM

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so this week the new groups were working on the CDs they have to sell, well they didn't show the twins so I guess we assume that those 2 had no issues in the recording studio

the ep was mainly divided between i♥b and ars, which I liked. i♥b were already doing music together but online only, when they finally meet face to face things are a little awkward at first. meanwhile, ars are mostly all strangers & all over the place but they join together well in the end

as a fan of the games, i'm happy to see i♥b's butler sebastian show up! lol he was always mentioned a lot but never had a proper character design until now
Jan 13, 4:53 PM
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This episode was promising. Character Development at its finest :))
Jan 14, 8:33 AM

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I'm enjoying this one way more than Ensemble Stars. I dropped Ensemble Stars because it felt really boring.

I like their character development. But I wonder if they'll be able to sell all 3000 CDs. Also I feel like it's a made up plan of the Principal. I'm sure this expel thing is just a bluff to make them work together.

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Jan 15, 2:31 PM

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This was a pretty good episode!

The recruits were really funny.
Of course the butler's name is Sebastian lol
Jan 18, 11:11 PM

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I was super excited for this episode and it didn't let me down! I'm a huge I♥B oshi and Noah is my favorite so you can imagine my excitement to see the preview from last week showing this was going to be more I♥B-centric! I've also played the game since it's release have been looking forward to seeing more backstory and information on the characters/units, like most I-Chu fans. Lucas' kitchen ban origin story was definitely....something....lmao. That whole scene with the "secret ingredient" had me in stitches! And Sebastian!! A good I♥B Dad. So precious =w= And I love the touch at the end during the preview where Noah and Seiya talk about curry lmao

I felt that ArS was a little...forced? Rushed? I dunno I felt it wasn't as natural as maybe it could have been. It was nice to see everyone come together finally and record, and seeing them help Akio with his insecurity was very nice, but that didn't feel natural to me. Understandably their point is that they're all very different so how are they going to work as a unit, as Akio had mentioned, so they were trying to show that they'll work it out somehow and work together as Ars but like...yeah. I look forward to better interactions between ArS, I feel like it can be done better and we'll see in the future how it's handled. Also I found it a bit odd that it was FooF-> I♥B -> ArS because usually it's Foof -> Twinkle Bell -> I♥B -> ArS, so can we expect the twins next or is it going to jump to the second generation? It seems the latter will happen, personally. Hopefully Twinkle Bell oshis get something for their faves at some point.
Feb 4, 7:04 PM
ꕤ 野草野花 ꕤ

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I actually really liked this episode! It’s a huge cast but they all have such different personalities. Also, for an “artistic” group their CD cover was really ugly LOLOL

Songs are getting catchier too!!!! Omg I love the end cards they are so beautifully drawn

but i’ll probably remember over and over again
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Mar 10, 4:42 PM

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I like how Seiya and Noah are pretty much America and Canada from APH to me. lol No complaints here.

I'm kinda glad we got to see IB bond a bit. That was actually sweet.
Also, the ArS's kinda cute when they interact together. Also, omg, Kyosuke Momoi (mangaka dude) seems like the type who keeps on coming up wit ideas without completing his previous ideas. lol

Okay really though. Cute episode. We were able to learn more about this excessively large cast of characters.

Enjoy your anime!