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A technique for getting the best experience out of this anime season or any others

Jan 13, 6:15 AM

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The technique is pretty simple. Suppose there is an anime you think is amazing based off the first(or first 2) episodes. Now, like a lot of other people, you may say "Alright I'll wait 11-12 weeks to binge it all" But are you truly getting the best possible experience? Im a newer anime fan, so im most likely gonna enjoy most animes. But what about if you've been watching anime for a while? A seasonal anime that brings extremely high enjoyment is rare. So think about it, you wait 13 weeks to binge it, and boom, its gone now.

Yesterday I was watching the first episode of Horimiya and loved it so damn much. So I was about to wait 11-12 weeks to binge watch the whole thing. But today it hit me. Im enjoying life so much more knowing that I have something to look foward to every week. Instead of having something to look foward to for 13 weeks and then you dont anymore. You have something to look foward to every week and it wont feel like an extremely long wait.

2 seasons ago. I waited for Rent-A-Girlfriend to finish. So I can binge it. Did I love it? Yes. But that enjoyment was only there for the 1 day I spent watching it. Basically what im trying to say is it will probably be a more enjoyable experience to wait weekly because now your enjoying something every week and atleast for me makes my days better.

That being said. This is only advice, if you dont enjoy it this way thats fine. Im just stating how I enjoy it and that you might enjoy it this way too.
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Jan 13, 6:18 AM

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I watch weekly and if I really liked, I'll re-watch someday.
As you said, watching things weekly becomes a routine, I know that every Wednesday there will be a new Re:Zero's episode, which makes me happy.
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Jan 13, 6:42 AM

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its personal preference really, depends on which u enjoy more. in my case i definitely prefer watching when something is done but i'm too impatient to wait for seasonals so i watch them weekly
Jan 13, 6:49 AM

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I find it easier to watch seasonals weekly than to try to binge them all at the end of the season, especially since I watch many seasonals.
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Jan 13, 6:54 AM

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I'm basically incapable of binge-watching these days so I can only watch things weekly
Jan 13, 6:56 AM

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watch it weekly and then rewatch it after it airs
Jan 13, 7:00 AM
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Thanks for the better way...I was really looking something like it.
Jan 13, 11:59 AM

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Watching one episode each week of a show that releases one episode each week, how fucking revolutionary.
Jan 13, 12:10 PM

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People reinventing the wheel again? Isn't this thing copyrighted or something?
Jan 13, 12:12 PM

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I like to watch a few weekly shows and binge everything else when they are done...