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Have we reached the end of anime history? Is there even a need for it?

Nov 21, 12:33 PM

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With the rise of social media and the fall of the traditional entertainment platforms and the disappearance of media gate keepers, now everyone has access to anime and entertainment media in general and can even make its own entertainment if they have the qualifications.

But this raises another question. With this has not anime also changed , compared to how it was originally seen? It was ruled by a few major studios, TV stations and distributors both in Japan and world wide, who decided what, who and how was going to watch their entertainment,usually with chronological order.

Now many of those studios and distributors are long gone or are not like they were used to be, new players have emerged to set things in their motion, the old guard that is left is slowly retiring or does not bother with it anymore.

With the absence of the gate keepers I feel there came also the end of anime history. Everything became very random and chaotic, subject to social media algorithms without any filtering based on chronological or influential order.

I started to feel that way especially after the 2010s but now I am even more certain that things go so fast forward that there is not even time to look back anymore.

Or if it is not the end of history in general, it is the end of anime history as we knew it and the start of a new one?

Nov 21, 12:41 PM

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The end of anime history will be when waifus finally become real. I haven't gotten mine yet, so it must mean there's room for more.
Nov 21, 2:07 PM

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I feel like continental modernist philosophies are just self-important men shoehorning observations into a grand theory that has no realistic application. I can't imagine why anyone would think the human race would reach a culmination in any aspect and remain in stasis for the rest of eternity -- unless they were completely ignorant in history. It just reeks of old farts who are just bitter about their narratives changing to new ones. Anime will continue to develop as culture and technology develops.
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Nov 21, 2:15 PM
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No, we haven't it's just the beginning. Social media has been taking anime to amazing places that it's never been before. More people have seen it than ever!

Nov 21, 2:19 PM

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This a good thing. I don't like most that I have seen from the old days with some exceptions ofc. Variety and an access for a wide range of people is always a good thing, not only for the medium but also for the community. I don't like the typical "core community", I think that's no secret or surprise. Some are just self-hating or insecure of what the like, others are the typical nerds, bitter that they have no girlfriend or friends and bashing on everyone as a result of it. Also this core community does a lot of gate-keeping and everyone who fell under that behavioral pattern just has been unlikeable af to me. But on the other hand I met really nice people from the community, who came into anime, because they have been on tv or Netflix and don't fall under this pattern.
There are also as many women as men nowadays in the community. Back then this wasn't the case. So, finding a girlfriend there, who shares at leaat some of your interests, is much easier imo.

Talking about the medium itself: A lot has developed in a positive way. There are some trends I don't like, mainly the "isekai of the season"-trend, but a lot has developed in a positive direction with different people working on it. I would never have been an anime fan, if it were only for 70s or 80s anime for example tbh. I only would have liked a couple of series. What cames after that and was is being released now, made me into an anime fan.
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Nov 21, 2:25 PM

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I... like most big fans...


like the growing encroachment of the west on anime... and honestly find it terrifying... were just lucky Japan will never fully cave, but the affects are clearly there and can only get worse
Nov 21, 2:32 PM
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I doubt that we have reached the end, or will do so anytime soon. At worst what might temporarily lead to a crisis will be various issues currently present in the industry which might be made worse due to the effects of pandemic on the economy and the profit of studios due to less anime they could produce this year. But I don't think that the social media in themselves will lead to the end. Maybe that distribution will have to change and become more internet-centric rather than TV-centric as it currently is, and we already see shift in that direction both in the west and in Japan. If anything social media allow more people to learn about anime and create more consumers than before (especially in the west where it's still somewhat niche unlike Japan).

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Nov 21, 2:48 PM

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Not a single thing you said is specific to anime.
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Nov 21, 2:55 PM

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In all of that text no coherent point was made
Nov 21, 3:11 PM

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I am extremely confused, what is the point you're trying to make? Are you saying that the exposure of anime to social media is ruining anime culture? Maybe I might just need to re-read what you said but as of now I really just think you're rambling on about something that is not an issue.

Nov 21, 3:28 PM

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moemallow said:
I am extremely confused, what is the point you're trying to make? Are you saying that the exposure of anime to social media is ruining anime culture? Maybe I might just need to re-read what you said but as of now I really just think you're rambling on about something that is not an issue.

Not ruining, though some may perceive it that way, but changing.

Lucifrost said:
Not a single thing you said is specific to anime.

True this applies mostly to social media, for which entertainment and hence anime is just an extension nowadays. But I picked anime because it has the unique status of forming a culture outside a culture sort off, something that became independent culturally from the host by the people that perceive it, both in Japan and the rest of the world.

Nov 21, 3:41 PM

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No, I don't think so. Anime will continue to gradually develop, and nothing really significant about it will change in the foreseeable future.

Yes, Zlyiond is a casual, unfortunately.
Nov 21, 3:50 PM

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What? I honestly didn't understand what was the point you're trying to make here.
Nov 21, 11:58 PM

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That doesn't make any sense... Why would anime need two histories and what's the difference as opposed to one history?
Nov 22, 12:03 AM

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I think it's great that we have quick access to anime, we don't have to wait years for a show to be subbed
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Nov 22, 12:07 AM

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I thought the anime industry is just starting
Nov 22, 12:26 PM

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not before hxh is finished or berserk is adapted properly
Nov 22, 9:22 PM

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According to the thread created by @Kuma anime industry gross revenue has increased to 2.15 trillion yen in 2019.So no.It's not then end of anime of history.In fact it's just the beginning.Check this thread for more details.
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Nov 22, 9:26 PM

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Anime will continue developing and growing, but in my opinion, we need more passion projects. Not just shit that appeals to the mases.
Nov 22, 10:18 PM

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Glad I'm apart of the new era who doesn't have to deal with stupid gatekeepers as much. Also, I want anime to reach as many people as possible so that more people can enjoy all of the amazing shows
Nov 22, 11:14 PM

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While we are witnessing a massive growth of interesting in anime around the world, I feel like Chinese and South Korea animation studios are gonna be taking their own slice of whole industry in the next 10-15 years. Anime history isn't gonna end anytime soon, they just need to keep adapting mangas that either aren't adapted or need new better adaptations and it will all be good for at least next 20+ years.