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Poll: Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 7 Discussion

Nov 21, 2020 1:02 AM

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Darnlaggerz said:
Am i the only one who can't stop smiling after every episode? The two of them look so good together, I'm having diabetes!

I've been reading the manga ever since the chapter was all around 50-54. They really did a great job just like in the manga, expect a smooth and intimate progress for the next 5 episode!
Same here. I smile like a goofball watching them being lovey dovey.

Nov 21, 2020 5:15 AM
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this guy is the next generation of rapping
Nov 24, 2020 12:27 AM

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Once again an amazing episode!!

How can an Anime be this cute!??!! It's really enjoyable!!

Nov 24, 2020 10:08 AM
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bagus jugabagus jugabagus jugabagus jugabagus jugabagus juga
Nov 26, 2020 10:21 PM

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That's why I like Nasa too!! Actually there's more qualities I like about him haha (not yet reveal-manga) he's really nice!!.

They didn't tour around Nara :( Chitose is kill joy.
Nov 28, 2020 6:30 PM

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"You don't get married because you've proven you are in love... you get married so that you can prove it."

Really great phrase :)

While I didn't like the first part of the episode much (I really love their calm moments alone more and Chitose is meddling in too much), at least the ending part was worth it. Now I don't believe he convinced her completely but at least she got to see his point. Wonder if it also means harem +1, maybe sometime in the future :D (though not really true harem in this series).

Anyway, seems like Tsukasa is way older that it seems, coming to the Earth every several hundred years or so (perfectly on par with Hikoboshi/Orihime and Kaguya story). That's why she is more interested in recent things rather than in things she already saw before (kimono or old castles). And all the talk about extraterrestrial life in the end just hinted at that.
Dec 10, 2020 10:29 AM

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A nice ending message, didn’t like the rest of it. Chitose is still annoying and it seems like they’re is throwing comedy at the wall and hoping it sticks.
Dec 15, 2020 10:34 PM

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Nasa is such a good husband!
Dec 17, 2020 11:36 PM
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I really liked his speech at the end. Episode 3 and 4 were bad in my opinion, but everything after (so far) has been good.
Dec 22, 2020 11:25 PM

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pretty heart-warming episode. Although Chitose's character did start to get annoying in the first half, Nasa's talk with her seems to have calmed her down, and all in all her intentions don't really seem that bad, she's just pretty persistent.

Aw, shame the honeymoon couldn't be any better, oh well. More slight pokes at Tsukasa's past, purely speculation, but her reaction to wanting to see old historical buildings/architecture was interesting, she acted like she had already got her share of old ancient buildings and what not, wanting to see some more modern things, and i don't think thats because she just really likes studying history.

seeing the parent's next episode, interested to see what happens and their reactions.

Jan 1, 3:47 AM

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Man, I get that Chitose has to be there to help stir up the conflicts that create the cute moments in the series we love, but I'm just about as annoyed with her as Tsukasa is at this point. A moment will be chill and wholesome and then her SHRILL voice breaks through.

I get the vibe that I'm supposed to find her antics funny, but I don't. I know she's essential to the plot, but I wish she'd only be there when absolutely necessary and then just go away, or at least have a voice and personality that doesn't instantly kill any warmth I'm feeling when she shows up.

The best part of anime is the food!
Jan 1, 6:26 PM

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Finally, that stupid sister is gone. Lets continue the normal plot please.
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!

Jan 2, 12:26 AM

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So really it’s your basic love story, but maybe for anime not so basic, because how many shows in the anime romance genre have our lovers declare their love in the beginning, heck, get freaking MARRIED (despite it being a little weird), and watching their love grow and mature from there? Other than that the show is nothing special. But it doesn’t have to be, just from the basic premise alone we get a plot that is different from the norm. Our perv mc explaining a little what love and marriage is like he’s been in marriage for years, to his junior, didn’t expect that man. Thought this was gonna be a dumb painful trash romance anime, but dang is it actually quite solid
Jan 11, 1:42 PM
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I kind of feel bad for Chitose, but Nasa and Tsukasa are too cute!!!
Jan 18, 1:47 PM

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I swear I'm just saying the name of the anime over and over in my head XD. "Tonikaku Kawaii!!! Kawaii!!!!"

God this series is adorable. I'm constantly grinning.
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