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Poll: Digimon Adventure: Episode 23 Discussion

Nov 10, 2020 2:05 AM

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Just a minor nitpick but Devimon is owning against two Ultimates in his Champion form but suddenly got nerfed and one-shotted in his Ultimate form? Power level much?

Aside from that, this arc is looking good. Can't see much to complain here. The best thing is I can't guess what'll happen anymore. Judging from episode preview, looks like Taichi will go haywire and MetalGreymon'll dark-evolve? But into what? SkullGreymon? Mugendramon? BlackWarGreymon?

BliuTiger said:
When Takeru's dumbass decided to stand in front of Devimon and said "Don't bully my friends" I cringed so hard that my whole body started collapsing into itself. As the cringing continued, the centerpoint of my body started attaining stronger and stronger gravity to the point where my body couldn't escape it anymore thereby reducing my existence into a 1 dimensional being. I am now a single point in space-time.
LMAOROTFL!!! This comment made my day. Thanks xD
Nov 15, 2020 10:26 AM

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Hey Devimon evolved into.....not Myotismon...that's not supposed to happen(sarcasm).
Dec 31, 2020 11:26 AM

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Devimon was overly cushioned for so long but was killed in his first battle. Though he could revive and evolve again, it seems he's just a pawn…

Big problems begin to surface. Except for the better battle scenes, the plot weaving for evolution is not good enough. Just like turn-based games, okay, it's almost the time to evolve, then you pin me down, and finally I find I can evolve again… Just fighting, fighting and fighting in every episode, and no paving the way for the emotion, that can really make audience tired of it.

The next episode "Taichi Shisu"… which means Taichi will die and then come back to life at last? Honest, I don't know how to what to make of the development…
Jan 18, 9:11 AM

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Some of y'all being grown ass men watching a kids show and getting overly and unnecessarily nitpicky of a kids show lol. A kid standing up to a bully is like the most standard trope you could find in a fucking kids show god...

Anyways, so the reason Devimon was so fucking strong for a champion is because they've been stealing data to power them up. Okay that makes sense and why he got defeated so easily after the data transfer was interrupted.

Also Devimon's obsession with Angemon... I think that's a little gay.

Blatant favoritism among the cast is still showing. Not very surprising but still disappointing.

Looks like Darkknightmon was the big baddie all along???????? Just as I suspected. I thought Devimon was too hyped up to be the main villain despite being only a champion digimon lol.

I'm gonna sound like a broken record here but I am totally fine and on board with the plot and the direction they're taking in this reboot. I like it and the fact that they're trying to do something else with it but my god they really need to work on that pacing. Agumon and Gabumon have been evolving a million times these last few episodes. Do they not lose any energy at all.
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