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Poll: Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen Episode 1 Discussion

Jan 14, 12:34 PM

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The animation and the character of Rengoku in the first 20 minutes was pretty bad, so I can understand why some people severely under voted this. That being said the rest of the movie is solid even though it has a bit too much bad CGI for my taste. Considering the manga is done for quite some time the time and effort they put in this movie that was so so they could have started a second season. As one would say the best is yet to come. The movie played more like an extended episode. The end with Kokushiboand and Muzan would have been better suited for a movie. But still not bad.
tcdanhjpn said:
Whateverlife said:
9, no explain how upper demon appear and no after credit
I think the most scariest scene is Tanjirou almost

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Jan 24, 5:47 AM

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Seen it on theatre today and it was okay. You won't see me complaint about its technical quality, it was simply very good. There were a lot of lot of battle sequences and the animation is very well matches with the speed of it which makes it definitely worth the experience of seeing it on a big screen.

As for the plot and characters, they still very simplistic and remains essentially the same as ever. If you have seen the TV series you won't lose anything about the characters or even the humour which I still think interrupted serious and emotional moment many many times. (And my goodness how cringe Zenitsu's dream are). I could go on but my criticism is basically the same on what I saw from the TV series, so I better just stop here instead of being a broken record.

However, one thing that disappoint me most is Rengoku's character. As a prominent characters in this arc, He is essentially just a spectator for the first hour and half, we get to see a tiny bit of characterization, but it is simply not enough to make me cares about his character. As a result, when he carrying the action in the last part of the series which ultimately lead to his dead, I just not feeling anything emotional.

I really really wanted to liked this series. I don't hate The TV series, I think it was a shounen with good setting and high production values albeit a very simple plot and characters but at the very least it was a spectacle. I went to this movie expecting it to be better but unfortunately, it wasn't. It just doesn't manage to leverage the TV series in any way shape or form.
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Feb 2, 1:01 AM
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I really loved it. The fight scenes were just 🔥. Rengoku you're a homie.
Feb 6, 7:32 AM

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Just finished watching the movie at our local cinemas today it was lit.
Feb 25, 1:42 AM

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Just finished in cinema. Best animated film i've ever seen my god. The animation alone could carry this whole show, that's how good it is. Its sad knowing that animatiors get paid fuck all, and look at how much passion and precision was poured into this film. It has everything I liked about the first season in one movie. 9/10.
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Feb 25, 3:14 AM
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Seen it in Australia and man what a movie this was. Fair to say the animation was just insane and I'm left happy overall
Feb 25, 3:45 AM

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Never have I seen a movie get a loud applause in theaters by everyone at the end. And for an anime movie to get one is just amazing. Been one of the greatest anime movies of all time. Discard the hype and stuff, but this movie adapted the most memorable moments in the series so this is a gem. The BGM was spot on, specially during Akaza's intro and Rengoku's burning spirit. Truly a worthy attend.
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Feb 27, 2:36 AM

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Yoh, Nezuko was in a pure waifu mode!
Actually, I knew that Rengoku would die soon, but I didn't think this last scene would be so sad.")

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Feb 27, 4:56 AM

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a very good movie, I would give it an 8/10. The animation is great as expected. The music is very good, there were some moments where the background music was sooooooo loud to the point where I was about to close my ears, I couldn't even hear what they were saying especially during the action/fighting scenes, I don't know if it was because of the cinema theatre or the movie itself though. The forced comedy was off putting sometimes, although there were few quite few moments were it was more natural and it was actually very funny. And also Nezuko-being-cute moments are just so cringe-worthy, I don't know why they are overusing it, please don't ruin this character for me.

P.S. the movie doesn't deserve an 8, it probably deserves a 6 or a 7, so many reasons for that, one of them is the story is just so generic/basic/shouneny, especially Rengoku's backstory, there is nothing that could make it stand out. Other reasons are mentioned above. Also the movie had so many battles/fighting scenes with loud background music that is enough to make you deaf or trigger a seizure. So why I gave it an 8? ofc because I can and I think it is way better than other overrated movies in this website like Your Name and Spirited Away. In terms of enjoyment, yes it was enjoyable for a one-time watch, I probably wouldn't watch it again. The TV series was better, so I think S2 is gonna be good as well, maybe movies just aren't my thing IDK.
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Feb 27, 4:51 PM
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Theatre pretty full.
Was expecting a MHA style film but while Rengoku gave a bit of All Might vibes, we got more in plot & characterization via the dreams.

Great sound design like Inosuke yelling in the back corner. They kept the nice mix of drama & comedy, mainly with Zenitsu & Inosuke. Tho i did hope to hear more on Zenitsu's grandpa as former hashira.

Cool to see subconscious of our 4 slayers. Inosuke & Zenitsu's dreams were lol.

Although the Enmu Dream ability's fun & adds characterizations, the slimy tentacles/hands are kind of weak as offense, and failed to kill anyone. So for lower1 kind of disappointing in attacks. Kimetsu tends to show villain backstories, but too bad we didn't get one for Enmu.
While whole body as train is a cool idea, the CG train & CG slime really don't mesh together.
Liked how mc finds counter to the dream by sudoku, gives an Inception/ReZero feel. And how at the pilot, Tanjiro almost sudoku'ed irl as Enmu counters mc's counter.

There's more quality action than the usual TV runtime, and Upper3 vs Rengoku was epic. Much prefer this close range martial arts.
It's almost genius & silly demon tries recruiting hashiras to become demons.
Feb 28, 12:13 AM

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Such an awesome adaptation once again. All praise the gods of sakuga ufotable! RIP Rengoku. 😭
Feb 28, 10:52 PM
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I was lucky to go watch it with my friends at the cinema's a few days after it came out in my country. Unfortunately, the back seats were taken, and we sat in the second row. That was too close to the screen. If we were in a better position, the experience would've been better, but oh well.

The animation for this movie is stunning! And especially the fight scene at the end with Rengoku was incredible. I didn't get to watch the credits cause I had to leave quickly after the end of the movie, but I will definitely rewatch it.

Lots of funny moments but also sad moments in the movie too. Voice acting was amazing, I didn't really notice the music in the background often, but liSA's Homura is such an incredible song the first time I heard it (when it released) brought me to tears (that song is in the credits). The animations, as said is stunning, some of the best animation I've ever seen.

I also wasn't expecting the movie to end on a sad note. I liked that, though, since I've never watched a movie with a sad ending, a happy or more of a bittersweet ending usually.
Mar 1, 3:58 PM

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i must know did the rengoku fight top the big fight scene in Fate Heavens Feel 3?

im very curious
poop lol
Mar 1, 4:41 PM

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Just watched it in the cinema last night and it was amazing to see it in big screen ! Ufotable very smashed it with the animation quality! Anyways Rengoku was my favourite of the whole Hashira unit and I’m glad he got a whole movie to himself to showcase how strong he is, shame about the end but the manner of his death especially after seeing his mother who was proud of his actions was really touching. Annoyed that the demon didn’t die cause it makes it all for nothing start from stracth with him regenerating and will prob go on a kill more humans, it’s true what the demon said as hard as hashira can train and be strong they will always be dispensable.

It just shows how much more Tanjiro has to go to become a hashira but looking forward to season 2 I’m tempted to read the manga now.
Mar 1, 8:18 PM

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rarewaifu said:
i must know did the rengoku fight top the big fight scene in Fate Heavens Feel 3?

im very curious

Have not seen HF3 but I think Saber Alter vs Berserker in HF2 is still slightly better than Rengoku's fight. But I hear that HF3 tops everything the previous movie did.

Mar 5, 11:37 PM

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The only thing I don't really like with the Demon Slayer franchise is it's humor. Once again, it more miss than hit when it came to laughs, everything else was phenomenal though, especially seeing it on the big screen. 9/10.
Mar 5, 11:38 PM

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rarewaifu said:
i must know did the rengoku fight top the big fight scene in Fate Heavens Feel 3?

im very curious

I've seen both in the theaters, but I'd say that quality wise, HF3 Saber Alter vs. Rider/Shirou is better with a large margin. But emotional wise, Akaza vs. Rengoku is better.
Though HF3 would have been better in that category too if

I wasted all my time in rewatching to the point of my rewatch total is higher than my overall anime total lmao
Mar 6, 2:33 AM
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just done watch. a very good animation. nice storyline. 9/10
Mar 6, 5:49 AM

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but the pacing is trash so 7/10

the ending also made me cry, Rengoku man
Mar 7, 9:49 PM

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Watched at my local cinema
Wow the train cgi was so good
Ufotable always doing good adaptations
Ending was sad though, I kinda like the endings where the hero wins like some my hero academia type bs
9/10 movie

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Mar 9, 4:31 PM
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we have some sad ending on this one... this just to show that those on waxing moon really are just too strong
Mar 12, 1:56 AM

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Wow that was epic the final battle was awesome. Really enjoyed the movie 9/10 can't wait for season 2. RIP Rengoku
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Mar 12, 3:15 AM

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Just watched it with my brother.

The movie felt like 4/5 episodes of the anime but with slightly higher production values. Not really what I hope to see from an anime movie, but I probably should have expected it since it's not an anime original, but rather an adaption of an arc from an in progress series. Train demon was very average. Basically a tentacle monster. My brother loved the first season and even he couldn't lie about the movie dragging during the dream sequences. As cool as Rengoku was, it's hard to care about a character that dies so soon after being introduced. I really hate when this is done in media, not just anime. All action scenes, especially the final fight were very well animated as expected from ufotable.
Mar 13, 11:20 PM

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Germs_N_Spices said:

Thank you for listening to my speech

10/10 speech, president zuramp.
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Apr 1, 4:44 AM

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Just saw this tonight at the cinemas. So worth it. The sound FX and sound track alone where amazing. But seeing the fight scenes on the big screen was awesome.
Apr 7, 1:12 PM

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I never thought I would be seeing one of the biggest anime movies, where I live, in cinemas.

I loved every second of it. Animation was top notch and I would've stared my boy Rengoku a lot longer than the movie. Bgm was amazing and Im waiting for the album release so I can re-live Rengoku vs Akaza fight scene.

10/10 would cry again.
Apr 22, 3:08 PM

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Well, 6.5/10. Maybe 7.

Plotwise everyone knows what to expect, but I have to say: this movie would have worked better as an ova. I do understand why they made it a movie (money, that's why) but the pacing is terrible. Like, the movie drags out for so long when they are on the train, then they suddenly decide it's time to settle things. Tanjiro "putting himself awake" was cool if you understand the meaning and courage it takes to do that in japanese culture. Villain was lame as fuck, but I mean, only the 3 Upper Moons are decent so nothing to say there.

Now, my main issue: the cgi is atrocious. Actually bad, and I was quite surprised by it. Most scenes involving the train part look okay, but once the main plot kicks the cg goes to jarring. It actually looks terrible and knowing what Ufo can do, I was dissapointed. Like a lot. 3/4 parts of the movie look decent to normal.

And then the last act kicks in and all the budget was there, you can tell. Demi-fiend's theme is amazing (it even sounds like something out of Nocturne) and the fight itself was the selling point of the movie. It was great, not as great as HF, but amazing nonetheless. Now I want to see 2 fights that could happen in a hipothetical season 3, since those 2 fights are really good.

Besides that, Hino Satoshi was great as Rengoku, Demi Fiend algo got an amazing voice. Music was great, Zenitsu was as trash as always, the comedy was terrible and the arc itself is not important besides Rengoku's message: to set your heart ablaze.

Pretty entertaining, but I still don't understand why japan is so obsessed with this manga.
Apr 22, 6:56 PM

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I cried, it was beautiful.
Apr 22, 7:02 PM

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Eh, in the end it was just more Demon Slayer. Very mediocre series, but I didn't go for the story. It was a pretty movie. 6.5/10ish, but I'll rate it a 7.
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Apr 22, 7:53 PM
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Yeah, I'm really glad I went to go watch that in IMAX. In my short time watching anime, I haven't cried whatsoever. However, the scene of
did me in, and I cried right there in the theater. Certainly some funny moments earlier on in the movie, but those are easily overshadowed by the great choreography in the fight scenes, along with the more emotional moments. My first 10/10, and for good reason in my opinion. It's a shame this got snubbed for an Oscar.
Apr 22, 8:22 PM

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That was fun! Actually viewing the movie on the big screen changed my perception of the film going in. It's very detailed and the backgrounds are well done. Go Shiina back with the signature Tanjirou tracks were nice too. There are issues with the movie but I feel comfortable giving it a 8.5/10

Apr 22, 8:36 PM

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Just watched the NA premiere in my theater, epic is the only thing I can say. Absolutely epic movie, I enjoyed the hell out of it especially the last 30 minutes which was nothing short of incredible.

While the train demon himself wasn't all that great, I found it interesting how his sleep spell explored the characters themselves especially the difference between the representation of all of their subconscious.
I especially loved it when Rengoku instinctively stood up and clutched that girl in defense when he sensed his spirit was in trouble. Really liked the exploration of Tanjuro's family and his lingering regrets, the moment he heard his Dad tell him that there is still something that he had to cut, I knew he was gonna cut himself. The fact that he kept killing himself during the fight with the train demon must've taken an insane amount of will power.

Fight sequences were absolutely stunning, like literally every single one was fantastic. Always been a big fan of fancy Katana moves so literally every sequence gets my hyped and releases my inner samurai fanboy.

All that said, I think the final 30 or so minutes almost overshadowed everything before it. It was incredible, intense, high octane, so much emotion. I couldn't budge in my seat, it felt weird to even take breath cause it felt like it would spoil the moment. Honestly, the entire Rengoku vs Akaza fight is easily one of the best things I've seen in the theater. Brilliant.

The final moments as Akaza runs away trying to escape into the sun after Rengoku so nearly had him at the cost of his life, Tanjuro yelling that Akaza was a coward and that the Demon Slayers are always fighting at a disadvantage, the way he yells Rengoku won that fight is so gut wrenching and emotional. Rengoku won the fight in our hearts but since he died and Akaza lived, it's still a loss. I teared up with that and as Rengoku spoke his last words. It's a real shame that he died so early into the series, yet somehow I was very invested in his character.

10/10, so much heart in this.
Apr 22, 9:28 PM
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Wow. First movie I’ve seen in a theater since March 2020. I feel like I couldn’t open my eyes wide enough to take it all in. Going to seen it again in 2 days!!

The animation was so impressive, and I’m so glad to have experienced this in surround sound. I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series!
Apr 22, 11:15 PM

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The action and soundtrack was great! The comedy felt forced but still made me laugh here and there at points. I think this is a great set-up for the next season and even though it was sad how it ended I like that both the good and bad guys are equally getting killed off
Apr 22, 11:22 PM

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It has been months since my last anime movie. Now I just finished watching this in the movie theaters and it was the best choice I have ever made. Dang man. What a blast. Rengoku was so good.
Apr 23, 12:42 AM
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best animation ive seen in a while. solid fights. really liked how tanjiro needed to kill himself in order to wake up. that whole fight sequence was really cool. solid stuff. 8.5/10
Apr 23, 12:58 AM
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rarewaifu said:
i must know did the rengoku fight top the big fight scene in Fate Heavens Feel 3?

im very curious

Nothing from this movie tops the best fight of Heavens Feel 3 (Salter vs Rider), but some of the fight sequences come pretty close. It’s another showcase of why Ufotable are the leaders in the industry when it comes to splicing together 2D animation with 3D backgrounds and effects.

Nozomu Abe’s cut in particular was extraordinary, and with Ufotable potentially done with Fate (maybe not though since Fate route or Tsukihime or Hollow can be adapted), I’m excited to see what they have in store for us with season 2 for Demon Slayer.
Apr 23, 10:29 AM

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This movie was really enjoyable overall. Saw it in Cinema's

Plot wise, I think it was good. It's basic Shonen plot tropes overall and doesn't do much unique. I never thought Demon Slayer was that type of show. I always thought it was much more character driven and focused

The animation was beautiful, ufotable really is doing the most with this show with some masterful scenes overall that keep getting better. Even the scenery was beautiful with the lightning

Demon Slayer as a series is really enjoyable and because the movie itself was so enjoyable, I gave it a 10/10

The ending was sad

LiSA fucking smashed the ending track as well

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Apr 23, 2:54 PM

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Movie is insanely good. I already had high expectations but after watching the movie in theaters It blew them away. Salter vs Rider in Heaven's Feel 3 is still in my opinion the best anime fight in history but Rengoku vs Akaza is a definite close second. 1000/10.

Apr 23, 6:28 PM
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Had superb animation and soundtrack, but that couldn't compensate for the subpar narrative and characters. Overly sentimental. Tinkers with themes like human will and miserably fails to flesh out the ideas or even execute them without being cringe.
Apr 23, 7:43 PM

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I just saw the Demon Slayer movie and it was an awesome ride. The fight between Rengoku and the Upper Three demon was one off the best moments from the movie. I almost cried when Rengoku died like I did when I first saw it in the Manga. There were a lot of people in the theater, but not as packed when I saw Dragon Ball Super Brolly. It was also the first time being at the movie theater since the pandemic.

I can't wait to own it on Blue Ray.

Apr 23, 8:03 PM
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Was anyone else disappointed at the quality of the video and audio at their theaters? At mine, it just looked like funimation ported over a 4k version to a movie projector, which looks great on tv, but with a screen as large as in the movies, it looked rather blurry. Also the audio bitrate was low and sounded a bit fuzzy. The trailers before the movie didn't have this problem, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't the fault of my theater's equipment. I was really hoping to see the crispness of Tanjiro's blade in action here, but it was just meh
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Apr 23, 8:58 PM

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Score - 9*(A+). A pretty awesome movie.. well ITS Ufotable so the Animation was perfect... I love end scene on this, it make me so sad.. without that Ending I would not give it 9*. Great Movie.
Apr 23, 9:47 PM
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Great movie Having Rengoku's mom indicate that she was proud of him after the fight was the best
Apr 23, 10:39 PM
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Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is a great movie. I think it had some slight pacing issues at the very start, but it never lets off the steam once the fighting starts. Lower One's death reminded me of Envy's from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I pitied him. I did not at all expect that plot twist at the end with Akaza appearing and fighting Rengoku. Absolutely amazing fight. 9/10 movie for me.
Apr 23, 10:41 PM
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Lizard_Crimson said:
Was anyone else disappointed at the quality of the video and audio at their theaters? At mine, it just looked like funimation ported over a 4k version to a movie projector, which looks great on tv, but with a screen as large as in the movies, it looked rather blurry. Also the audio bitrate was low and sounded a bit fuzzy. The trailers before the movie didn't have this problem, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't the fault of my theater's equipment. I was really hoping to see the crispness of Tanjiro's blade in action here, but it was just meh

My theater had flawless quality, it was so damn crisp, yours mightve goofed it
Apr 24, 10:16 AM
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It's... possible to feel an anime character (Rengoku)'s spirit from a movie, right?
Apr 24, 1:03 PM
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Well, I already went to see the movie... What can I say?
Just Ufotable doing it again, it made me cry like I never thought I would, the movie is very good, it's not a movie that blew my mind and I maintain that the 'Fate Stay Night Heavens Feel III' movie I liked the most, but the Demon Slayer movie was not far behind.
Seeing it in a cinema was incredible and I thank the distributor of my region for bringing the film, Yes, thanks to the entire KonnichiwaFestival team and the Ufotable Staff.
Thanks for everything Rengoku Kyojuro.
Apr 24, 1:19 PM
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radicalmac_ said:
Lizard_Crimson said:
Was anyone else disappointed at the quality of the video and audio at their theaters? At mine, it just looked like funimation ported over a 4k version to a movie projector, which looks great on tv, but with a screen as large as in the movies, it looked rather blurry. Also the audio bitrate was low and sounded a bit fuzzy. The trailers before the movie didn't have this problem, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't the fault of my theater's equipment. I was really hoping to see the crispness of Tanjiro's blade in action here, but it was just meh

My theater had flawless quality, it was so damn crisp, yours mightve goofed it


I'll patiently wait for bluray
Apr 24, 1:28 PM

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But... WHY. Rengoku...
I can’t stop sobbing and bawling my eyes out ╥﹏╥
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