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Poll: Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen Episode 1 Discussion

Jul 27, 7:33 AM

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I just honestly think it was such a well made and enjoyable movie, can’t wait for season 2 now
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Jul 28, 2:53 AM

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Still amazing how with the short time we were with Rengoku, he managed to win our hearts. The manga already made me sad when I read it back then and the movie increased that feeling sixfold. Manly tears were shed in this film damn, especially at the end.

In some of Hanae Natsuki's other roles he kinda annoys me with his voice, but he's truly perfect for Tanjiro, all his shouts this movie shot straight to my soul, especially when he said not to mock his family, that shit gave me goosebumps.

There's really nothing much to say about visuals and animation except Ufotable is based as always. Really awesome adaptation of the manga. Looking forward to season 2. 9/10

Also, my ears were already nutting from headphones alone, can only imagine how awesome it is to have experienced the movie in theaters.
Aug 8, 12:58 PM
The Shrike

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Incredible visuals and a kickass soundtrack with some great action scenes too. And Rengoku was such an amazing character. A shame he has to die and a waste of space and ink like Zenitsu is still around. At the very least this film kept his lines to a minimum.
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Aug 9, 12:31 AM
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Scordolo said:
I feel like this arc was too rushed.Would've been more cooler if it explained in detail how the Demon fused itself with the train but nope.It just did.Would've been more cooler if they explained in detail how they used Total concentration breathing to close up the wound but nope.It just happened.Also,what was Akaza even doing this whole time?Wouldn't it be more easier if he was teaming up with Enmu?Also when Enmu put everyone to sleep why didn't he just killed them right there?Nonetheless I enjoyed the overall movie and Rengoku vs Akaza was lit af.
@Ventus_S you can say the same thing about Rengoku.He was just introduced to the story and they just killed him right there.There should've been more of him contributing to the story but there was literally nothing.His whole fight was pointless af.His death seems so pointless and it feels like his death never contributed to the main story.

Akaza wouldnt team up with enmu cause they already told us that demons dont team up to fight especially when one is an upper rank while the other is lower.

About enmu not killing them instantly while they all were sleep was a bit shocking for me too but the I remembered that it was ENMU, a sadist who likes to torture people before killing them, it just sums up to his plan so I think that this part was actually well written and self explained.

About the rengoku fight being pointless, it was his job to make sure that all the passengers were safe from demon attacks and on top of that we get to see a beautiful fight. As Hashira one cannot presume to live longer but it means that they have more threats so killing him of like this just shows how cruel the world the hashiras live in is, So in no way did hid death felt pointless. ( I mean their can be difference in opinion they way you look at it but your opinion is yours and my opinion is mine )
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Aug 10, 6:38 AM

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I nearly fell asleep during the middle of the movie because of all the talks about sleeping, dreams and shit. Still an entertaining movie I guess.
Best part of the movie is Tanjilord repeatedly committing jisatsu imo. But that might just be cos I like edgy shit.

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Aug 14, 2:12 PM
Cherry Thighs

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I read that section of the manga, so I knew it was coming but as soon as that music hit when Tanjiro was screaming at Akaza, I could no longer contain the tears and cried quite a bit.

I'm glad I got the time to watch this before the new season in October. I never read past this arc so I'm excited to see what's to come.
Aug 14, 2:48 PM

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Oh hey, this was actually pretty good. Who'da thought?

Best part was obviously everything that happened after beating the train. Will super-demon randomly showing up actually ever get an explanation? Who knows.

It's absolutely hilarious how annoying blond guy and annoying pig guy have so little personality, they didn't even get their own dream world.
Aug 26, 3:35 AM

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This movie was amazing. The story was very simple (although I don't really mind), but the whole thing with dreams and whatnot was quite interesting.
The action was very smooth up until the Rengoku vs Akaza fight, which was very awesome and gorgeous.
The ending and credits though;-;
Homura (by LiSa) is such an amazing song...

I read up until chapter 70, I'm a bit sad that they didn't adapt a few more chapters (like why Akaza appeared), but I'm sure they'll add that in season 2 hopefully.
I had some gripes with the movie but I still loved it. 9.5/10
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Aug 27, 11:07 PM
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I just got to see the Kimetsu no Yaiba movie, and what I have to say was AMAZING.
The animation, the soundtrack, the final part(where most of us probably cried), the final song(LiSA <3!). This movie has been great.
Now we have to wait for Kimetsu no Yaiba season 2.
Sep 11, 7:36 AM

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2 hours of pure greatness! I wouldn't even bother listing all the amazing scenes but goddamn this movie is fucking amazing!

Solid 9
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Sep 18, 11:12 PM

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Everything was amazing, except for the story. Staff was given the material, and they brought the best out of it.

Definitely enjoyed watching, but a high chance I'll forget it in a week (unless a kid starts arguing why it's the best anime movie ever).
Great job ufotable. Definitely a 7/10.

Anime was it's best 20000 years ago, when cavemen drew art with real depth.
Modern anime is all garbage. I miss great old days of anime.
Sep 19, 7:40 PM

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Rengoku a true bro!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 23, 12:15 PM

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This movie is nothing short of phenomenal, it got all the things right about this arc as I have remembered them in the manga. From the comedic scenes to the blood-pumping-action and finally, the painful departure of a once great and compassionate man by the name of Kyojuro Rengoku! An intense tear-jerker, worthy of shedding tears for...This arc marks the first of the current Hashira to die, it's an indication of just how terrifyingly overpowered the Upper Moon ranked demons are. Rengoku is a man all others should strive to become, a selfless hero and a son that is capable of making his parents proud.

Speaking of Akaza the 3rd upper moon demon, if you know, you know. This guy is a beast indeed, but also... [REDACTED]

It's a shame that I am unable to watch this movie in a cinema, the experience would've been significantly more glorious there. Nevertheless, I am glad to finally be able to watch it!


Sep 29, 1:34 PM

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It was better than expected, although it still is filled with serious flaws. Childish characters making scenes annoying, one dimensional villains and mostly Ufotable not knowing the difference between enhancing a moment and dragging a moment. But Soundtrack was amazing, and they finally gave us something to feel for. It's a solid popcorn movie. 7/10
Oct 7, 8:59 AM

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This movie is just a beautiful masterpiece I'm quite thrilled every scene with their chemistry and their interactions with every fight they're up against

It was just an emotional trainwreck right from the end with the feeling of relief and nerve-racking at the end

Thoroughly enjoyed it from the start to the end now for the second season of the series to come.
Oct 10, 5:25 AM

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Almost a year after the film's release and right about the time before Season 2 started, I was debating whether to watch the film before the TV version of the movie airs tonight, and I made the step to watch the film first. And at least for the movie, EXCEEDED my expectations.

The Flame Hashira Rengoku Kyokuro IS A MAN. Communicated like a man, felt like a man, fought like a man, and died happily like a man. To protect and preserve all 200 people onboard the Infinity Train, while fighting against 1st Lower Moon Demon Nemu and 3rd Upper Moon Demon Akaza, Rengoku is simply put, a mastercraft of a character, and mangaka Koyoharu Gotouge knows it best to write Rengoku the ultimate way she could.

The usual trio of suspects (plus sister) do their usual stuff like we've seen from Season 1, though Nemu's dream sequence leaves a bit to be desired on Zenitsu and Inosuke's part being more of a comedy than anything, that still leaves me chuckling as usual.

What's there to say about Ufotable other than the cinematography, simply put, was gorgeous, on par with Episode 19 of the anime.

If there's one lesson from all of this, it's that Demon Slayer taught the anime industry to start producing films for shows with sequel seasons going forward, because this business model is VERY, VERY profitable.
Oct 10, 4:44 PM

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Finally got so see this movie, let's see if the hype was real. Good production in terms of music, animation, seiyuu and colors, BUT to me the art was bad and the story very generic. The whole went to sleep due to the enemy and now you have to confront your past in said dreams is repetitive, it has been used a million times in the past on anime, they could have done better for a movie. I think my problem is more with the story of the manga/anime overall, it hasn't "captivated me" like the start of previous shonen series (Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, Yuyu Hakusho, etc.). Don't like the characters, they all look too childish, even more than most of My hero Academia. The main character looks too weak and immature and is always breaking down crying, lol too much for me. Also what an useless character Rengoku was, probably has the best design and they wasted him like crap. All the moves he did were lame and looked awful, only two things that he did were nice, and that was the speed thing in the train and the last attack which ended up been a big failure in his face. They even show a useless flashback of his mother and him coming back to chop the upper demon's head just to fail miserable. Anyways if the rest of the Hashira are gonna be similar to that then wow not interested in them, cause that dude wasn't impressive. He could have even tricked the demon to waste time either talking and/or fighting more, cause the sun was coming out, but nah Rengoku was dumb. Anyways this movie to me was very bad so it gets a 3/10.
Oct 11, 4:40 PM

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Imagine seeing this in theatre. Wish we could see stuff like this release on the big screen in my country. In terms of pure writing, some things were the classic shounen-ish moments and dialogues, the story and character are simpler compared to other series but everything was delivered powerfully thanks to the amazing direction and execution. The struggle inside dreams was a very good plot device, and it's amazing how they make you feel for Rengoku despite having relatively few screen time, considering he mostly appeared in the movie. He strongly delivered the message with his speech and the combination of Music and Animation brought the whole on another level, especially in the last half hour. Surprisingly touching, the feels were delivered and intensified with the LiSa song in the credits. Overall great movie, 9/10.
Oct 11, 5:58 PM
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I think this is good, I like the fire pillar personality, he is friendly and helpful
Oct 13, 2:53 AM
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Amazing movie!! Besides the tentacle porn like scenes *cough* I really loved it.
Oct 14, 4:37 AM

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Oh boy, the ending left surely a bitter taste in my mouth..

I loved Lisa Oribe’s outro track, I heard it months before watching the movie and it blew me, beautiful voice, beautiful song.
Oct 18, 1:33 AM

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I'm not're crying. Rengoku was a badass. I'm so pissed he got away!!!

This gets a 9/10 for me.
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