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Poll: Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen Episode 1 Discussion

May 5, 7:40 PM

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ufotable never disappoints
May 6, 1:12 AM

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This movie was so amazing. Animation was top notch, probably one of the best I have seen (except for few scenes). Rengoku was so epic and badass. Music at the ending hits hard. Only thing i didn't like about this movie this those shitty blob scene (I don't know why ufotable has blob fetish...most ufotable series i watch use same kind of ugly looking blob present somewhere. In manga the blob was toned down semi-decent looking. Why would they exaggerated that shitty blob's appearance in anime). Overall other than that movie was so awesome, worth every minute.
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May 6, 4:14 PM
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After not being in a theatre since February last year, it was a super sweet experience finally being in one again with my buddy, and I’m very glad it was to watch this movie, absolutely blew me away, loved it. I definitely cried a few times, and always love Ufotable’s stellar animation. I wasn’t that into Demon Slayer after season 1 but this has got me fully invested again, will definitely be buying the Blu-ray.
May 7, 10:01 AM

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I'm not the biggest fan of Kimetsu no Yaiba, but this was the first time I have watch an anime on cinemas (also I think this is the first time in years an anime is brought to cinemas in my country with the exception of Dragon Ball) and it was amazing!!!! Also I wasn't expecting that much blood, I really got shocked when Enmu made Tanjiro had a nightmare with his family members covered in blood and despise him
May 8, 3:11 PM

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Got around to watching this, this movie is so good, damn.

The story isn't the best but Demon Slayer in movie format has its benefits honestly. Good camerawork, action, visuals, all of it. Something I really enjoyed for sure. Would have been better to see this in the cinema but I guess I couldn't.

Rip Rengoku fr tho. Real MVP no cap.

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May 8, 5:12 PM

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This had me tearing up especially in the end. I love Rengoku, his resolve and passion are so strong. He is very strong-willed, so sad to see him die in the end. He was already my favorite character... T-T
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May 8, 6:35 PM

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After waiting 7 months to be able to watch this it was worth the wait

Even the Raven shed a tear

May 8, 8:21 PM

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What a landmark in animation. Visually this film was jawdropping, you couldn't have paid me to look away from the screen. Ufotable has cemented themselves as one of the world's best.

Plot wise, the villain wasn't that compelling, and it ended in an iffy spot. I would've liked for it to cover the aftermath with Rengoku's brother.

Rengoku himself was a hell of a character. Powerful and compelling.

Overall, a fantastic follow up to the original season. It's so refreshing to see a canon anime film. Seeing this makes me more than ecstatic to watch the second season when it arrives.

Rest in peace, Rengoku, you hell of a man, you.

May 9, 4:54 AM

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great movie, i cried like a baby in the end, it took a little bit to get the pace right but it was worth the wait, i can't believe such a strong hashira was defeated, it made me unbelievably mad that they couldn't finish that damn bastard off
May 10, 4:36 AM

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Is it a running gag that Tanjiro loses his sword?

The movie was pretty consistent with the series. I was actually sorting thinking I might like the movie more than I did Season 1. I pretty much had the same feelings I had about both.

I'm this deep now though, looks like Mugen is more or less the halfway mark based on the list of manga arcs. So, might as well check out the rest of it.

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May 10, 2:45 PM

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I watched both Heaven's Feel 3 and Demon Slayer movie recently.
I was underwhelmed after finishing Demon Slayer movie.
The plot is so generic is hard to care about the plot anymore.
The only part I'm amazed is Tanjiro commit suicide many times to break the dream spell so many times. That part is hard to watch but done very well to highlight mc's will.

Also for those who praise about animation, yeah animation is nice but the combat overall choreography heaven's feel done way better/ more impactful in every combat scene. Honestly speaking the animation of Demon Slayer movie is not as amazing as Heaven's Feel movies for sure even though it got higher sales.

I guess I expect too much from Shonen Jump Plot...
Like Jujutsu first 13 episodes is amazing but then after it reaches the "chunin exam" ark it becomes meh.

BlichoBoy said:
This is so much better than reading the manga.

I dare to say that the fight scenes in this movie beat Heaven Feel one. Mostly because how Rengoku's Fire Breathing is just beautiful.

Somehow I developed a serious hate of snowy forests this past year(I blame Re;Zero), because when Gonpachiro was dreaming, I wanted that sequence to end quickly.

Rengoku's mother was a great mother.

And to the hell with these bad distribution companies!

I checked the manga of this part after watching the movie.
The combat scene is so lol and most of them are not even drawn.
Most of the combat scenes are movie original and done better than manga XD..
Demon Slayer is so lucky to get special treatment by being produced by UFO.
Imagine if studio that makes nanatsu no taizai adapt this, do you think anyone will cares about your emotional yet generic plot?

PS: nanatsu no taizai original manga combat scene is drawn way better/ more exciting than demon slayer manga too though, especially first half.

Madao_z said:
To all those who are worried about overhyoing themselves,

You can't.

Fun fact, I was underwhelmed , and overhyped.
Yawn I expected too much from Jump shonen.
Very basic structure/ in your face flashback.
Just toss in Rangoku's mom last second even though we know nothing about her, she educates him to be the ally of justice and that's why he becomes one.
Ok then.

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May 11, 3:02 AM
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this movie is cool all fight scene are great as fuck i loved it
May 12, 6:30 PM
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eh, it was ok

i liked it about as much as i liked season 1, which is to say it was fine = 6/10

the whole train/dream part wasn't that interesting to me. i watched on my laptop (not in the theater) so thankfully i was able to fast forward through much of the dream stuff

i didn't like the lower demon. i'm annoyed how so many villainous characters are portrayed as sexually ambiguous. also not a fan of when voice actors portray characters and make it sound like doing bad things gives them an orgasm. i just don't enjoy that

i also didn't like the the pink cgi demon tumor looking growth things. i thought it looked corny af. but i don't take animation into consideration when rating anime. it's not important to me. i only mention it because i know KnY's animation quality is a big selling point for many people

lastly, the demon's blood art was dream manipulation. yet, it somehow morphed itself into the train. the train and the demon merged into one being. i don't understand that. and i don't understand how all those cgi blobs manifested themselves, either. other demons can't do that, and this demon is a dream manipulation demon. how are dreams and those weird cgi blobs related at all? did i miss something?

now to the post dream portion:

rengoku was pretty good. i liked him. the fight was good. the attempt at holding the demon until the sun came up was clever. a movie with just him, inosuke and zenitsu would've been better, i think. i don't like gonpachiro. never have, never will. sorry, he just bores me. one thing though, rengoku said the breathing technique was capable of many things. i guess you can heal blood vessels but not organs? felt a little weird that this magical power was just shown to us and then essentially had no impact on anything

what was that upper demon even doing there? kind of random. and gonpachiro no longer has a sword? what is that kid even thinking?
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May 12, 10:21 PM

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What a great movie. Ufotable again did an outstanding job with the animation. It's crazy how beautiful especially the end fight looked.

It definitely started a little bit slower but that was expected. Nontheless I enjoyed to learn and see more about Rengoku. I didn't knew what to expect of him in this movie, because we obviously didn't see too much of him in the first season. But this left me with an very positive impression of his strong and honest character.

Like I said before the end fight was absolute godlike and for me it couldn't have been any better. It's still unclear why one of the upper demons appeared, but I'm sure that will be clarified at the beginning of season 2, at least I hope so.

Still it's unbelieveable to think that even a Hashira like Rengoku had so much trouble and ended up dying. Speaking of it, Rengokus death was super sad and got me tearing up. Seeing Tanjirou, Zenitsu, Inosuke and even the raven cry made it even worse. At the same time I'm glad Rengoku was able to protect everyone and him being able to see his mother in his final moment was beautiful.

I wonder what happened to Tanjirous sword. He threw it at Akaza, so most likely I would say it's lost right? Oh boy his sword smith will kill him if that's true :D

This got me fired up for the second season. Can't wait to see what will happen next.

May 13, 7:40 AM

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That was good, I enjoyed it. Ufotable is back again with gorgeous animation and visuals. Rengoku was pretty cool I guess, but damn rip, I had already read the manga so I knew how it would turn out, but still great nonetheless. 7/10

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May 13, 9:55 AM

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I feel like this arc was too rushed.Would've been more cooler if it explained in detail how the Demon fused itself with the train but nope.It just did.Would've been more cooler if they explained in detail how they used Total concentration breathing to close up the wound but nope.It just happened.Also,what was Akaza even doing this whole time?Wouldn't it be more easier if he was teaming up with Enmu?Also when Enmu put everyone to sleep why didn't he just killed them right there?Nonetheless I enjoyed the overall movie and Rengoku vs Akaza was lit af.
@Ventus_S you can say the same thing about Rengoku.He was just introduced to the story and they just killed him right there.There should've been more of him contributing to the story but there was literally nothing.His whole fight was pointless af.His death seems so pointless and it feels like his death never contributed to the main story.
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May 13, 1:08 PM
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Awesome movie i think the last fight was awesome with such a cool sounds yay!
May 14, 8:23 AM

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Good movie but too much cgi

May 14, 3:13 PM

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Great adaptation of a great arc. Demon Train was one of the stronger arcs and a pivotal point in the manga and its good to see it being done justice. I mean... they followed the manga to a T and gave it some really awesome production. There's really not much for me to say other than that it's a great movie.

If there's one thing I didn't like it's probably the placement of the comedy which I can't really fault the movie for since it's in the manga as well. They should've resolved the dreams in an opposite manner. Seeing Zenitsu and Inosuke's lighthearted comedic dreams right after a really emotional and heart-tugging moment from Tanjiro's dream was quite a huge mood whiplash even in the manga. Huge props to them by the way for doing such a phenomenal job with this scene. Tanjiro's dream scenes were perfect and so was the ending. The emotional impact I felt reading this part of the manga was definitely present in the adaptation.

"Burn" or "Homura" is also another LiSA banger.

May 15, 3:04 PM

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First thing I saw 2 years ago when they announced the movie and saw Rengoku alone in the train I knew its gonna end by sacrificing his life. that coward ran away
what a bitch.

it was a glorious movie.
May 15, 7:45 PM

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every scene, no. Every frame is a huge flex by ufotable. Some scenery looks downright real.

I'm blown away by the technical side of this movie. God tier!
Story, pacing, the movie itself, they were good imo. Not a life-altering experience (unless you never seen ufotable's work), but i liked it.
I think I don't know wtf I'm doing. Maybe. Probably.

May 16, 4:47 AM

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So, so good! I was happy just seeing Rengoku here and learning more about him as a Hashira. Then the ending. Damn. I didn't want that to happen. Rengoku was such a nice character. A nice, warm big brother. I really wanted to see him in the next season. Feeling awfully sad about that now. But I still enjoyed the movie a lot and I'm excited for the second season to come.
May 16, 10:42 AM

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My God, I was skeptical when I heard the movie was as good/had the same impact as season 1, simply because it would be way shorter, but boy oh boy was I wrong. The animation on the TV series is already top tier but they somehow managed to elevate it even more. Really loved Akaza's theme song, the fact that he has his own is just incredible. And that ending oh my, definition of P A I N, I had this ending spoiled for me a long time ago, but it didn't make it hit any less hard, in addition to crying my eyes out, my hands were tingling and when I stood up from the movie seat I almost fell, I guess that was the shock lol. LiSA is an absolutely masterful singer, and I'm happy I didn't listen to Homura before the movie.

Goodbye and thank you Kyoujurou.
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May 19, 1:33 AM

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Kyoujurou is such a will driven person with strong heart. What a powerful character, so motivating! Even though his death made me so sad, I still have such great feeling having seen him!
May 19, 2:51 PM

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Went to the cinema to watch the movie and I don't regret it all. As someone who only considered the Rengoku vs Akaza as the only outstanding part of the Mugen Train arc, the movie was a good improvement over the source. The battle against Enmu and the whole dreamworld stuff felt less tedious than in the manga (especially since the anime doesn't has the narration of the manga) and, though the CGI blob wasn't the best CGI ever, it made Enmu look more dangerous and competent than in the manga, where I felt he was taken down relatively easy despite being the strongest of the Lower Moons. Likewise, the scene where Tanjiro's youngest sibling tells him to not leave them in the dreamworld while Tanjiro runs crying cause he knows his whole family bare Nezuko is dead and what he lived is just a dream was heartwrenching.

Now, the part everyone was hyped for, the Rengoku vs Akaza battle, I don't have much to say that hasn't been said already. It was good in the manga and ufotable managed to make it 100 times better thanks to a combination of animation, OST and voice acting (props to the part where Tanjiro rants to Akaza how Rengoku was the winner despite being in disadvantage due his human condition). That flashback of Rengoku with his mother, then his last strike against Akaza gave me chills. I felt myself rooting for Rengoku and wanting him to win and live despite knowing the result of the battle, and seeing his death in motion was sad, yet inspiring. While reading that arc in the manga I thought killing Rengoku in his first moment of spotlight was a waste, but after finishing the movie I think him dying to inspire our main characters after giving his best was a fitting way to go for him, even if the character could have been used more. He was THE character of the movie, and seeing how the end credits were dedicated to him further cements that point.

Nothing more to say, this is the first anime movie I have watched in cinemas and I enjoyed it a lot. Waiting that much for it was worthy.

PS: Welcome to Kimetsu no Yaiba, Rina Sato! (She voices Amane Ubuyashiki). She only talked at the beginning of the movie, but I'm glad they casted her for a named character instead of a D-Tier one.
May 20, 4:04 PM

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I'm glad that I watched the movie in the cinemas instead of watching it at home. It enhanced the experience by a lot. it had an awesome fight at the end , and the soundtrack and the voice acting were on point.

Solid 9/10
May 21, 12:37 PM

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Even tho I was able to go the through the whole last year till now without being spoiled the trailer made it pretty obvious he was going to die and they still managed to make me cry like a baby for Rengoku, that's how good this was.
RIP Rengoku.



May 21, 6:37 PM
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the animation was gorgeous but other then that it was pretty meh to be honest,
May 21, 6:43 PM

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Finally watched this but at home since the cinema in my state still closed due to covid. As usual, Ufotable did a great job animated this, but I think the story line in this movie aren't that great.
The best part are only when Tanjiro almost kill himself, Rengoku VS Akaza and when Rengoku is dead scene. others part are just average for me.
Poor Enmu, he doesn't has any human past story like Rui did.
Can't wait to watch the second season of KNY.
May 22, 7:08 AM
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I absolutely loved it. I need not go into details. It was a fantastic experience. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to watch it in the cinema. I hear the vfX was out of this world. Absolutely cannot wait for season 2.
May 22, 9:23 AM

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Even though the gang managed to complete the mission of preventing deaths on the murder train, they took quite the major L by losing Rengoku and without being able to kill upper 3 demon Akaza. First half was kinda okay but when Akaza made his appearance stuff really went to the next level imo, definitely worth seeing that final fight sequence with the gorgeous animation.
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May 22, 2:12 PM

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What a waste of a hashira but damn that shows how fucking powerful the higher demon ranking echelon is... jesus fucking christ they are wayyy to OP lol seems like the humans have no chance lol. But Straight to Valhalla he went. people die but he died in fucking style.

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May 22, 7:18 PM

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I finally watched it....

Visually Perfect...
An Emotive Masterpiece.

Great Mixing of Funny and Sad moments...
And Amazing Music.

Clearly Best Movie of the past Year... and of this Year too.
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May 25, 7:06 PM
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This was such a great movie. 2 hours of pure fun. Ufo delivered again with ridiculous level of animation in big fights, and even though I was spoiled about his death, it was pretty sad and emotional scene.

Demon Slayer might not be the most original Shounen down there but it has become my way to go if you want tense fights with fantastic animation.
May 25, 7:27 PM
Joined: Jan 2021
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Masterpiece of a movie plus Rengoku is officially in my top 10 favorite anime characters of all time
May 26, 6:13 AM
Joined: Mar 2021
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Para el que quiera verla completa aqui el link: esta en buena calidad y en español latino , ingles y japones echo por mi espero que disfrutes :)

For those who want to see it complete here the link: is in good quality and in Latin Spanish, English and Japanese I hope you enjoy :)
May 26, 10:11 AM

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Don't think I would've liked it as much if I hadn't seen it in cinema but best thing about it was more Inosuke and less Zenitsu.
Heard some people complaining about Rengoku dying but I thought it was obviously gonna happen when they mentioned the strongest demon slayers unable to kill an upper demon.
All the crying was a bit annoying but Inosuke nearly got to me.

Unrelated but I hope the UK gets more anime movies in cinemas in the future.
May 26, 3:04 PM
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I'm torn between a 9 and a 10. I'd love to give this 9.5/10.

The IMAX version was loud as hell, I think I almost went deaf in there.

Animation and story wise, this was amazing. I was a bit sad when they killed the lower one dream guy (who, incidentally, I thought was a girl) because I thought the movie was over, but then the upper 3 dude showed up and things got real hot real fast. Absolutely insane animation. The only thing that pulled it down for me was the CGI train-merged demon.

As for music, they killed it! I'm absolutely in love with some of the pieces used.

It definitely made me cry at several points.
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May 27, 12:50 AM

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Incredibly gorgeous. This is anime at its peak, no studio can deliver such a well crafted piece of work in terms of visuals.

The cinematography, the fight choreography, the blend of 3DCG with 2D (even if some parts, like the tentacles were a bit weird), the soundtrack. Akasa v Rengoku. Holy shit, it was breath-taking.

I actually enjoyed the humour a lot, even though it mostly just Zenitsu and Inosuke screaming lol The lower 3 demon got a bit annoying though, a weak attempt at a sadist character imo but the true boss of the movie is Akasa anyway. All the weaker parts of the movie such as the dialogue or lack of character development come down to the original writing. The movie itself only enhances the work done in the manga.

This is the best and maybe, only, example of an anime adaptation that makes the manga infinitely better. When I read the Mugen Train arc, I didn't really grow attached to Rengoku. But here I feel like they brought him to life, make him a lot more likeable. So the ending had a bigger impact on me.

I actually have some hope that Ufotable will somehow 'fix' the garbage ending of KnY.

I look forward to the next arc.
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May 27, 10:56 AM

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this movie was fucking sickkkkk, watched it in the cinemas yesterday and loved it!!
and ooo the animation was stunning, sound was good, can't complain, thoroughly entertaining!
can't wait for the next season!!
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May 27, 9:59 PM

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Best anime movie. The end was emotional but damn, the movie delivered.
May 28, 4:58 AM
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Saw this in cinemas dubbed. I watched the series in sub but the only viewing was in dub but the dubbing was fantastic. Well done to all involved! Was a brilliant movie too and looking forward to rewatching it in subbed!

RIP Rengoku he did well :(
May 28, 1:40 PM

Joined: Nov 2020
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Maaaan, the movie was Soo goood! Had a really great time watching it. Can't wait for the 2nd season. Hyped!!!
May 28, 1:48 PM

Joined: Nov 2017
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Having read all the tomes of the manga (manga and scan) and having watched in the cinema in IMAX, it's a excellent movie! The animation is top just like the OST! Without forgetting the seiyū and emotion that goes with it! What a treat ! RIP Kyōjurō. 😭

I can't wait for the second season!
May 28, 5:49 PM
Joined: Sep 2018
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Oh my... this movie was absolutly AMAZING. Really a great 10/10 for me
May 30, 4:15 PM

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This entire movie was breathtaking! So many scenes had me thinking that the movie had reached its peak in terms of action, animation, and exhilaration another scene would step right up to prove me wrong, making the movie unbelievably more impressive than it already was.

The animation completely blew me away with how smooth and fluid it was. The combat scenes were brilliantly choreographed and so clear and the cinematography was just phenomenal with a range of angles and using the camera to really immerse the audience in the movie. It was so freakin' epic to see each of the characters get a chance to show off what they could do and with equal quality levels to Tanjiro. I need to praise the scenes where Zenitsu saved Nezuko & the Rengoku vs Akaza fight in particular cause those scenes got my heart pounding in the cinema.

I feel like the soundtrack is always underrated but this one just cannot go ignored. It was incredible! It perfectly reinforced the emotions and tone of each scene, making the emotional moments just that little more heartbreaking and invigorating the action scenes, taking them from hype af to absolutely electrifying.

Lastly, the movie did a bloody good job of making the audience love and root for Rengoku on the same level as Tanjiro, Inosuke, Zenitsu & Nezuko. It takes a lot of great writing, voice acting and animating to make a new character just as lovable as the main cast.
May 31, 12:59 PM
Joined: Apr 2016
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We hardly knew Rengoku but his death still hit pretty damn hard. Amazing how they made this character so compelling in so little screen time.

On a different topic, I have one question: How come Enmu was ranked 6 if he wasn't an Upper Moon, has he stated it himself. Lower Moons should be ranked 7 to 12, right?
May 31, 1:01 PM

Joined: Oct 2020
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For what they covered it was a great adaptation, ufotable did a good job making certain scenes more impactful with things like the OST. Excited to see them animate S2.
Jun 1, 4:30 AM
Joined: Jun 2007
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Wow such emotional movie. Animation top notch.
Jun 1, 6:26 AM
Joined: Jan 2021
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Cruicruise said:
We hardly knew Rengoku but his death still hit pretty damn hard. Amazing how they made this character so compelling in so little screen time.

On a different topic, I have one question: How come Enmu was ranked 6 if he wasn't an Upper Moon, has he stated it himself. Lower Moons should be ranked 7 to 12, right?
enmu was ranked as lower moon 1.

1)upper moon 1
2)up 2
3)up 3(Akaza)
4)up 4
5)up 5
6)up 6
7)lower moon 1(enmu)
8)lm 2
9)lm 3
10)lm 4
11)lm 5
12)lower moon 6(Rui)

Overall 12 kizukis.

You might have misheared.
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