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Poll: Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (2020) Episode 3 Discussion

Oct 18, 4:31 AM

Joined: Sep 2018
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redcobra said:

Are you blind ? / Bot or something /

That monster have black blood.

First, I only read manga, manga only has black and white colors lol
Second, Demons' blood in manga is described as Blue but I still think the monsters from Human's world (surface) should have red blood, only Makai's monsters' blood is blue but maybe I am wrong :))
Please don't insult like that lmao, so impolite, kiddo :)

Oct 18, 11:25 AM
Joined: Aug 2020
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We've gotten to the point where two of my favorite characters are introduced: Popp and Avan. Dai also gets in intense but amusing training this episode too. All in all, pretty good ep. I just feel so happy to see my favorite characters come back in HD again lmao
Oct 18, 4:38 PM
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Is this show geared towards little kids?
Oct 18, 5:00 PM

Joined: Jun 2019
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Karmafan56 said:
Is this show geared towards little kids?

Yes. Its a kids show, but that shouldn't stop you from watching this show if you like it.
Oct 19, 11:26 AM

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Karmafan56 said:
Is this show geared towards little kids?

Well the level of violence is like Saint Seiya or DBZ and YuYu Hakusho to stay within the original series airing period. Each person has a different approach to blood. So i wouldn't recommend it for little kids who are easily impressed.
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Oct 19, 12:55 PM

Joined: May 2018
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1 episode in and I already love male Juvia haha :3
Oct 19, 8:55 PM

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Avan Strash! oh man! that's the same attack move of Dante! nice!

Oct 20, 3:24 AM
Joined: Sep 2020
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Silverstorm92 said:
I'm very glad that these first eps get many positive reviews though first two arcs are the worst of whole manga. The story will get much better from Flazzard Arc and 100x better from Baran Arc onwards... Can't wait to watch those parts being animated with this great animation!!!
For someone who's been enjoying this show, reading this just made my day
Oct 20, 11:16 AM

Joined: Dec 2009
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Omg.. this show is just great
Oct 25, 12:27 AM

Joined: Mar 2019
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Gotta say, seeing Avan after so many years after watching the original anime and reading the compete manga some years later, bringed a tear to my eye.
Oct 29, 7:30 AM

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Dai is training hard to become a hero,
I was so proud working on this scenes before it aired, I love the result <3

It looks so good once colored !
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