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Oct 16, 4:52 PM

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Y'know I like to watch things in my own native tongue, but I also like anime, and those two things just uhh... don't make a good couple y'know, atleast not usually.

So I was wondering, does anyone know of some actually good dubs out there?

I watched Cowboy Bebop in english and it honestly felt like an American cartoon. Their was not a single time I cringed at the overacting or lack of acting, which is what I generally tend to have a problem with.

And if anyone wants to make excuses for bad voice acting, yeah yeah I know, it's hard, but still though.
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Oct 16, 5:04 PM
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Baccano and Ghost stories have pretty good dubs Imo
Oct 16, 5:04 PM

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Ghost Stories, Garzey's Wing, Arcade Gamer Fubuki
Oct 16, 5:05 PM

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Golden Boy dub is better then sub.
Every Netflix anime has rather good dub too.
Dragonball got good dub too.

Most shows has good dub as long as it has nothing to do with funimation voice-actors. As it's those that makes dub as bad as it currently is.
Oct 17, 4:54 AM

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Don't be lazy and watch it in sub.....

Only Casuals actually care about taste...

Oct 17, 4:55 AM

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Baccano and Cowboy Bebop have very good dubs in my opinion.
Oct 17, 4:57 AM
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teh blueprint has a good english dub
Oct 17, 5:01 AM
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Space Dandy has the same sub and dub quality and if you watch it with dubs it looks more like an American cartoon because comedy is leaning more towards American humor.
Oct 17, 5:03 AM

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All dubs are good most of the time.Yes.
Oct 17, 5:07 AM

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All dubs are bad.
It's not my opinion, it's a fact.
Oct 17, 5:10 AM
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Cowboy Bebop
Golden Boy
Ghost Stories
Oct 17, 5:19 AM

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i will take any chance i can get to say the yu yu hakusho dub fucking rules. i personally enjoyed it more than i enjoyed watching it subtitled. it has a few small issues, namely it seems weirdly insistent on changing some of the villains (toguro, itsuki) relationships with others in strange ways? but that definitely shouldn't be a dealbreaker.

lupin iii part 2 (and part 4) has an amazing dub too. again, had a lot more fun with it than the subbed versions. it also feels a lot like watching an american cartoon.
Oct 17, 5:26 AM
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Ghost Stories is only watchable with the English dub.
Cowboy Bebop's dub is superior due to the very western-inspired setting. Same for Baccano.
I'd say 1997 Berserk's dub as well as that for the Golden Age trilogy is superior to the Japanese version due to a great performance from the cast as well as them being able to hone their talents rather than being recast.
FMA:B's dub is just as good as the sub.
Yu-Gi-Oh GX makes for a more entertaining series dubbed by turning a mediocre at best sequel into what may as well at times be an abridged series.
Oct 17, 5:27 AM

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Pokemon was enjoyable for a kid's show.
Oct 17, 12:56 PM

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Nefelupitou said:
All dubs are bad.
It's not my opinion, it's a fact.

Not when cowboy bebop dub exists dude.

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Oct 17, 6:14 PM

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S-quare22 said:
Nefelupitou said:
All dubs are bad.
It's not my opinion, it's a fact.

Not when cowboy bebop dub exists dude.

Ignore that person, anytime a dub thread comes up, they go and be a troll on it.
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Oct 17, 6:16 PM

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Underrated show with a GREAT english dub: IGPX
Oct 17, 6:20 PM

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Agree with cowboy bebop. Also fate/zero has a decent dub

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Oct 17, 6:30 PM

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We are currently living in the english dub renaissance. Most of the dubs that come out nowadays are very good. There I said it.
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Oct 17, 7:25 PM

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I think most dubs these days are pretty solid — in general I’m mainly a dub watcher but I’m pretty indifferent as to which of sub/dub I actually watch.

My general rule of thumb is older dubs (90s or older especially) tend to have more of their own personality, which can lead to being either very good or very bad — usually they’re noticeably different than sub, and sometimes this really pays off. I think stuff like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon actually get a lot of personality from their dubs, for instance. Bebop is also everyone’s golden boy — god bless Steve Blum (I also love his Starscream in Transformers Prime, sidenote).

Newer dubs (2010s) are a lot more similar to source, they’ve got less unique personality but they’re rarely a major downgrade so I think they’re generally just ‘playing it safe’. One example I watched recently was Bofuri, where I actually flipped back and forth between watching dub/sub to no noteworthy difference (I forgot I was watching it dubbed because I was watching seasonals airing lol, and then the finale wasn’t even dubbed yet anyways).

If you liked Bebop, you might also like Trigun — my memory is it’s a pretty solid dub. A tiny bit unpolished (like most older dubs) but Johnny Yong Bosch is solid.

Additionally, I remember being pretty fond of Gurren Lagann’s dub as well.

Something recently I watched where I was impressed by dub was Sarazanmai because they actually went out of their way to dub things like the insert songs and tried to adjust for things being lost in translation, but Ikuhara shows are also certainly... experiences.
Oct 17, 7:34 PM
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Panty and Stockings is a comedy anime where its better to watch it dub than sub actually, english dirty jokes just deliver better that way XD
Oct 17, 7:46 PM

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Death Note and Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo (TV)
Oct 17, 7:49 PM

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Yu Yu Hakusho has a WAY better dub than the sub version
Space Dandy, OHSHC, and cowboy bepop are also the obvious good ones
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Oct 17, 8:10 PM

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As for dubs that haven't been mentioned so far FLCL has a great dub. I also really enjoyed the dubs for FMP and Code Geass.
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Oct 18, 4:23 AM

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To be honest I prefer dubs currently but I am learning Japanese to watch anime the ways it was meant to be. But recently most of the dubs which are coming out the dubs have gotten alot better compared to before.