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Poll: Noblesse Episode 2 Discussion

Oct 19, 10:54 PM

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m-21 is a nice character, but my fav was tao in an end, even though was to hyper for me :)))
i might not like the changes on some parts but i will still continue to watch it
the story does goes in same directiojn anyway
The spider is watching
Oct 20, 1:59 PM
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Foi um EP de introdução de personagem, tirando isso foi um EP normal.
Oct 20, 3:41 PM

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anime-prime said:

The production design continues to be shockingly low for a Production I.G. project, but as long as it is enjoyable, that isn't the worst thing in the world.

yeah, it continues to bewilder me how they changed the animation from the OVA to this.

I really want Raizel to have more screen-time soon, since I really liked him in the prequel OVA's, but he still hasn't done much yet in this installment.

this could change since the anime is different, but rai isn't a very prominent character in a good amount of the arcs. they because he barely talks or does anything because everyone does everything for him. so just a heads up.

FateXBlood said:

Also, who tf is Tashiro-kun? Why are they calling him that when that's not his name at all? Does Shinwoo translate to Tashiro or something? Bruh

no, they straight up changed the location to japan, remember? they want to whitewash (not the SJW meaning) this webtoon hard for who knows why.
i don't think i'll get used to regis' voice. they went way off the mark for that one. but his design is fine, and they really did his eyes justice. seria isn't as accurate as the webtoon as i would like but she's still beautiful. this episode was way better than last week.
Oct 21, 10:10 AM

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A tiny bit better than the first episode. There was some world building and a small bit of characterisation. But 20 minutes amounted to “humans aren’t weak”. The production is still low for I.G standards.

But it’s still so bland and boring. Rai continues to be an awful protagonist, at this point I’d consider red-hair boy or Frankenstein to be the MCs. The banter wasn’t good, but it added some form of entertainment to his already sleep inducing anime.
Oct 21, 7:12 PM

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Pretty good episode, I guess these two white hair "transferred students" are going to be very important for the story + we had some explanations about the Noblesse and it sure seems interesting, also that sort of "powers" fight we short but interesting too, nice.
Oct 22, 3:38 AM
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Those gang members again. For crying our loud, defeated by a single student. Pathetic.

The two new Nobles appears to be siding the humans, investigating The Union to protect humans. Frankenstein's house is now more lively. Welp, he can't refuse his ramen-loving master Raizel. lol

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Nov 23, 10:09 PM

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Shin-Woo (Tashiro) speeding by the school gate before M-21 closes it then continuing on made me chuckle a bit. I remember him being locked out on Noblesse Awakening. LOL

That billboard with "Noble Obligation" text that Frank & M-21 passed by was a nod to the origin of the title of this series, right?

Damn Tashiro can take a beating huh? And he can give some too in return!

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