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Poll: Noblesse Episode 2 Discussion

Oct 14, 4:48 PM
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I'm liking M21 a lot. Also Frankie. This is shaping up pretty good. Too bad this arc is like the weakest, I sincerely hope Shark will not consume too much screen time, because in the webtoon he drove me mad.

Seira, damn, show some emotion. Someone melt her heart asap!

Where is Yuna?

Ferien said:
This show is literally being used as a punching bag by all the disenchanted ones with either ToG, GoH or both. I don't see any reason as to why it would deserve a score below 7.

Indeed. It is very sad how the hype/fad mechanics work. There is a delay, or inertia if you will, to it. That's why shitty 2nd season will always top (in rating) good 1st season. That's why milking everything is a thing. Apparently, hypes (or the opposite of) even transfer from show to show nowadays... Well, not surprising, it even has a name: stereotype/stigma.
Oct 14, 4:51 PM
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Rasco said:
Ah those two are a great pair, a hot busty babe and a chibi hot head, Can't get any better.


DrLarsen said:
RIP Franken

I like how theres like 3 (or 4) OP guys in his house and he is still more of a kindergarten teacher than anything else.

"With great power come great personality issues"
Source: Me.
Oct 14, 5:21 PM
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Just found out Frankenstein and Makoto from School Days have the same VA and I couldn't stop thinking about it this entire episode lmao
Oct 14, 5:31 PM

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I like the banter jokes between M-21 and Regis.

Also can't wait to see Seira's emotional development!
Gonna be so sweet to see.
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Oct 14, 5:51 PM

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I actually like the pacing so far, hope it doesn't disappoint in the future episodes. The fight scenes/animation still looks kinda weird, hope it improves on that front. That said, best girl Seira appears along with Regis. I never realized how tall Seira is compared to him lol. Nothing much happened besides some fun character interactions and bonding.The humor was funnier when I read it and they did cut a lot of scenes out ofc, but Rai's obsession with ramen never fails to amuse me. Next episode should have more action.

Cleostar said:
I like the banter jokes between M-21 and Regis.

Also can't wait to see Seira's emotional development!
Gonna be so sweet to see.

Same, that's why she's best girl for me. Can't wait to see it as well :)
Oct 14, 6:01 PM

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I like the slow pace for this, this doesn't really feel like a story that needs to get kickstarted within an episode or two and escalate to whatever proportion. On the other hand it's nice to get to know the world, setting and the characters. I wish Tower of God had been paced like this, on the slower side but flesh out the setting, kinda similar to the manhwa.

To the manhwa readers, how good of an adaptation is this so far? Skipped chapters?
Oct 14, 6:19 PM

Joined: Feb 2020
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Hah, its too easy to understand these episode. They were simply a comedian. I mean, the end scene should be enough to clear my words xD.

Another introduction to the cast. Kayano Ai joined the casts as Seira was a bit surprised to me. But, so far, her contribution kinda underwhelmed. So, surprisingly, its more lighter than before. But also connected well with the previous one, even though i might feel the storyline has a rushing pace, these one showed everything handle in a good direction. For me, their interaction was natural enough, and the plot to the problematic situations was nice. Overall, its satisfied me enough.

Seira and Regis, joined the school randomly and without knewing where one of them was obviously in the same race, i found it to be quiet weird. I really need an extra explanations of why they couldn't even figured out Rai identity. Was that really hard to them? So far, even though their title was so high, whats funny when their personality were not too far from the most of teenage. Maybe because of their naivety? Lol. What an intrigueing additional casts. They were so funny. Noblesse should add comedy into their genre. Well, it might be promising some nice action again between human and the noblesse. However, the real trouble was not even closed, yeah. They could potentially help each others to fight the real enemy. A new point of view that could changed the relations between them. Lets see the next.
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Oct 14, 6:26 PM
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Better than the last episode
Oct 14, 10:39 PM

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I'm invested in this, now. I think this will turn out better than either GoH or ToG

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Oct 15, 2:01 AM

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The animation is pretty bad in some parts like when Seira and Regis were walking towards the school, they looked so damn stiff lol! I love Noblesse, it's one of my favorite manhwa/webtoons but goddamn lol

When I first read the webtoon of Noblesse I thought that Regis sort of resembled Hitsugaya Toshirou from Bleach and I think they changed his appearance a bit here, he looks slightly taller. Also Seira's boobs are bigger in this adaptation too. She's still gorgeous though, she was my favorite female character in the series and is still my fave. Loved how she just away when M-21 and Regis started arguing like, "I'm done with this shit." LOL

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Oct 15, 3:49 AM
Joined: Apr 2020
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Why are the ratings pretty low? I thought this would he at least above 7
Oct 15, 4:49 AM

Joined: Oct 2016
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That was a pretty good episode, I think so far out of the three webtoon adaptation this is the best so far, pacing feels really nice and characters are pretty good. They are really taking their time introducing the characters first and getting to know them.

As for the episode, it was great M-21 still being boss and Frankenstein's suffering continues. Plus Regis and M-21's arguments are funny. And of course we got Seira onee-san. Rai only said one thing this episode lmao.
Oct 15, 5:01 AM

Joined: Jan 2020
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I would say this episode is better than the last one. The characters are a little more fleshed out and the newly introduced 2 characters seem kinda interesting. That lastc scene was really hilarious in my opinion.

All the gang members are really stupid, though. I don't understand why they thought attacking Tashiro one by one was better than attacking him all together at once.
Oct 15, 7:30 AM

Joined: Feb 2014
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Are they really gonna do an anime original plot? The pacing is balanced but the story is different from the manhwa.
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Oct 15, 8:59 AM

Joined: Jun 2019
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M-21 and Regis fighting. The girl with Regis is cute (a bit).
Rai loves Ramen and Director's house is full of freeloaders now.
Oct 15, 9:53 AM

Joined: Feb 2016
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I think I'm gonna skip this one, Not really into the ride of another butchered webtoon by Crunchyroll, the prequel OVA was bad enough.
Just give them a pair of over sized breasts and a happy ending and they'll oink for more every time

Mr. Burns
Oct 15, 10:57 AM

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They should have keep the original location (Korea) instead of Japan.

They made a mistake:
Location is in Japan and we see Franky driving a car with a steering wheel on the left side. In Japan, steering wheel is on the right side.

But anyways, I still like Noblesse
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Oct 15, 3:21 PM
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Yep. Still dislike regis, he can disappear like the girl for all I care. I do wish for the girl to be back... Idk why they removed her but stilll used the scene with her in it.

Seeing franken being mad but still listening to Rai was a bit funny.
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Oct 15, 5:29 PM
Joined: Feb 2020
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All the characters are mature, so why were they acting like kids?
I definitely found it amusing

With Franken as a character name, I find it hard to believe that he hasn't chosen something else. Even 'guard' could be better (Voyager if anyone recognizes it)
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Oct 15, 5:42 PM
Joined: Jun 2019
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A decent episode. The introduction of the two new characters could make the inevitable fights more interesting, but I worry that their character dynamics will grow stale quickly. The action isn’t amazing, but it’s solid enough to keep me interested for the bigger ones later in the season. This anime hasn’t been great, but it has shown enough for me to not drop it.
Oct 15, 6:14 PM

Joined: Oct 2008
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omg why is my waifu Seira a bit tall!? on the manhwa she seems not to be that tall...

Oct 15, 7:11 PM
News Team
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The production is still reaaaaally bad for Production I.Gs standard and it's still kinda meh but... it actually made me smile a couple of times so... I guess sometimes it's doing something right for a moment?
Oct 15, 7:26 PM

Joined: Jul 2013
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So 2 new characters in form of Regis and Seira got introduced. Both of them are also Nobles and seem to have similar power to Rai. Seira btw looks beautiful.

Even if things mostly happening in school atm I'm fine the pacing and the build up. They explained more in the first 2 episodes than TGoH did in 12 out of 13 episodes.

I definitely had some good laughs during the episode. Regis and Seira suddenly becoming new housemates of Franken, Rei and M-21 made everything pretty wild. Also the interaction between Franken and Rei was pretty funny because Rei doesn't give a fuck about anything and just wants to eat Ramen lol. From the last scene it also seems like M-21 and Regis won't become friends any time soon.

Curious to see what will happen next time. Maybe Union will make a move.

Oct 16, 1:53 AM

Joined: Jul 2020
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Fairly decent episode.

I like the fact that Frankenstein's house literally became an apartment for these monsters lol.
Oct 16, 5:53 AM
Joined: May 2017
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The pacing is good. I can see that it is building itself up slowly, letting us get a feel at how the characters are and the way they interact with each other using a mixture of Slice of Life and Comedy. I know this will be a bore to the shounen junkies at this moment but it’s actually a pretty clever idea. It’s doing what both TOG and GOH lacked, giving an opportunity for the audience to sus out the characters without straightaway throwing you into the plot ( besides the OVA ).There’s also the lore, it is very much there. For example: back in the OVA when Frankenstein was fighting the agent Marie, he said to her that everything about her started from him. As in her powers are somewhat connected to him in a way and we all know what the origins of Frankenstein in real life is all about. Then you add in the fact that M21 and his companions are also modified humans and the Union is an organisation that dabbles in scientific research and experimentation behind the scenes is honestly interesting considering Noblesse is tagged as Vampires. Speaking of, I actually enjoy how this isn’t the typical Vampire vs Human trope we are use to seeing. I like that the Nobles are in a way beings who have a strong urge to protect those who are so much weaker then them, since they give off such a cold persona at first glance. Raizel being naive to the modern world and not much for being a talker is funny to me but you can still tell that he has seen some stuff and is more intelligent then he seems, a really interesting MC. Frankenstein and M21 are also very likeable, their personality are great. The new Nobles Seira and Regis are quite some characters too, Seira is giving similar vibes to Rai with how silent she is in the background but you can tell that there’s definitely more to her then meets the eye with how she is observing and taking in everything and everyone around her. Regis and M21s interaction though was nice, I especially liked how M21 used Yu-chan? ( Shinwoo ) as an example to let Regis know that humanity has indeed evolved and don’t need the help of the Nobles in this time and age. Overall this show has potential, this weeks episode was good and I can’t wait to see how things progress throughout the rest of the anime
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Oct 16, 5:58 PM

Joined: Dec 2016
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Pretty bizzare to see a show getting raked over the coals like this, when plenty of worthless seasonal dreck gets circle-jerked over by mindless fanboys.

This show isn't amazing but it's not bad either. Reasonably enjoyable so far, with a welcome focus on characterization, considering the genre.
Oct 16, 7:04 PM
Joined: Sep 2017
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ok seriously how does this show have a 6.75?!?! (as of me typing this) are people just hating it just to hate it or something?
Oct 17, 8:11 AM
Joined: Apr 2014
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So yeah Ive been intrigued with this anime, and this ep is a bit better for me since I just discovered the OVA lol.

Also is it me or just Seira just got too hot while she was under the scaffolds lol
Oct 17, 8:39 AM
Joined: Sep 2020
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I like it very much! but I really don't understand why the rating can be below 7 ??? did they immediately rate this show without watching the previous 2 episodes? so stupid.

for visuals, this episode is better than the previous episode whose visuals look very 'lazy'. but in this episode the visuals are much better. the jokes are not bad either. This episode has no flaws in my opinion, it's just that the pacing is a bit slow? I've read this manhwa many times, so actually the pacing isn't slow. indeed the plot of the original story does so.
I just hope the rating will go up to a minimum of 7 soon (I really hope so) and also hope that they add an arc where the m-21 enters the building where 'the infected' has been modified by crombell. Because if this arc doesn't exist, then I agree that people think the pacing is too fast. also hope the trio haven't fought with rael because if it goes straight to the lukedonia arc, i'll be very disappointed because the pacing is too fast.
I just wanna say that this episode is great
Oct 17, 9:33 AM

Joined: Feb 2020
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2 episodes are out but we still haven't seen even a tiny bit of Rai's Powers.

Episode 2 cleared out that we really need to watch the two OVAs before watching this.........

I like M-21's character....
Oct 17, 6:24 PM
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Not the voice I was expecting Regis to have but not bad. Not a fan of how they took out the part where Frakenstein corrects M-21 telling him that Noblesse is a special title given to only one being (aka the strongest). Also think it would have been better if they stuck with the original translation where Frakenstein wonders if Regis thinks his mind control works hence playing along with Regis' commands, rather than just saying "Does he think I'm human". I can easily see how people could get confused from that line.

Before I get bashed, I'm in no way saying this adaption is bad (at least not yet), but that the removal of certain parts can easily confuse first time watchers or take away some of the "epicness" of the story.
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Oct 17, 8:59 PM

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I feel sorry for Frankenstein.
When is M-21vgonna get a real name?
Oct 18, 2:35 AM

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dragynfaerie said:
I feel sorry for Frankenstein.
When is M-21vgonna get a real name?

Hopefully quite soon.
Oct 18, 5:45 AM
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frank washing plates is phenomenal
Oct 18, 7:56 AM
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Something is missing Maybe life
Oct 18, 12:39 PM

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This episode is better in every conceivable way, but still kinda drab in places.

Another 2 superhumans, Regis and Seira, whom just like Raizen has the same powers, and Frankenstein with the Noblesse's aim to inquire their objectives, set the scene between both Raizen, Franken and M-21 against the "Noblesse" Nobles Regis and Seira.

Irregardless, human Shinwoo really dropped his guard against the Nobles, which make a joke out of his character to accept everyone as is, but definitely not the others. And guess what, his name now is Tashiro? That's just disservice to the webroon.

Regis questioning M-21 as to confirm that he was part of the Union sure makes for an interfering confrontation, and Shinwoo getting into the same trouble, but elevated sure doesn't make things easier. But the cat is out of the bag, and things take an abrupt turn.

The only hilarious part is Raizen requesting for more ramen, as if vampires can't get enough of it, and Frankenstein drowning in worries is just so sad to see: nothing but bickering after bickering.

A promising episode.
Oct 18, 3:27 PM

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Got introduced to 2 new characters who are nobles as well. They are spending their time at the director's house while investigating the coffin. That fight scene tho was pretty good.
Oct 19, 5:06 AM
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Alright episode. The pacing for this series has been so much better so far hope it continues.
Oct 19, 11:17 AM
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This show will only last 12 episodes I can tell by looking at this Series
Oct 19, 2:22 PM
Joined: Apr 2020
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Really enjoyed the ep, lots of development with potential villans, Regis and Seira both look quite strong, I really like Rai, Frankenstein, and M-21. Honestly I think this series is really cool, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here!
Oct 19, 10:54 PM

Joined: Aug 2008
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m-21 is a nice character, but my fav was tao in an end, even though was to hyper for me :)))
i might not like the changes on some parts but i will still continue to watch it
the story does goes in same directiojn anyway
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Oct 20, 1:59 PM
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Foi um EP de introdução de personagem, tirando isso foi um EP normal.
Oct 20, 3:41 PM

Joined: Feb 2015
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anime-prime said:

The production design continues to be shockingly low for a Production I.G. project, but as long as it is enjoyable, that isn't the worst thing in the world.

yeah, it continues to bewilder me how they changed the animation from the OVA to this.

I really want Raizel to have more screen-time soon, since I really liked him in the prequel OVA's, but he still hasn't done much yet in this installment.

this could change since the anime is different, but rai isn't a very prominent character in a good amount of the arcs. they because he barely talks or does anything because everyone does everything for him. so just a heads up.

FateXBlood said:

Also, who tf is Tashiro-kun? Why are they calling him that when that's not his name at all? Does Shinwoo translate to Tashiro or something? Bruh

no, they straight up changed the location to japan, remember? they want to whitewash (not the SJW meaning) this webtoon hard for who knows why.
i don't think i'll get used to regis' voice. they went way off the mark for that one. but his design is fine, and they really did his eyes justice. seria isn't as accurate as the webtoon as i would like but she's still beautiful. this episode was way better than last week.
Oct 21, 10:10 AM

Joined: Apr 2020
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A tiny bit better than the first episode. There was some world building and a small bit of characterisation. But 20 minutes amounted to “humans aren’t weak”. The production is still low for I.G standards.

But it’s still so bland and boring. Rai continues to be an awful protagonist, at this point I’d consider red-hair boy or Frankenstein to be the MCs. The banter wasn’t good, but it added some form of entertainment to his already sleep inducing anime.
Oct 21, 7:12 PM

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Pretty good episode, I guess these two white hair "transferred students" are going to be very important for the story + we had some explanations about the Noblesse and it sure seems interesting, also that sort of "powers" fight we short but interesting too, nice.
Oct 22, 3:38 AM
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Those gang members again. For crying our loud, defeated by a single student. Pathetic.

The two new Nobles appears to be siding the humans, investigating The Union to protect humans. Frankenstein's house is now more lively. Welp, he can't refuse his ramen-loving master Raizel. lol

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Nov 23, 10:09 PM

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Shin-Woo (Tashiro) speeding by the school gate before M-21 closes it then continuing on made me chuckle a bit. I remember him being locked out on Noblesse Awakening. LOL

That billboard with "Noble Obligation" text that Frank & M-21 passed by was a nod to the origin of the title of this series, right?

Damn Tashiro can take a beating huh? And he can give some too in return!

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