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Mar 26, 8:35 PM
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Looking for any anime/manga where the MC has information that the rest of his group does not know, whether it be because he just hasn't told them yet, or, ideally, because he is purposefully withholding that information.

Would appreciate if you could also mention what he knows rather than just namedrop. Thanks.


Dr.Stone(he knows science)

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei(he knows military secrets + cutting edge technologies)

Code Geass(knows about geass)
Mar 27, 1:26 AM
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Hello. That's awfully specific as far as anime go, but let me try, at least from memory.

91 days - a magnificent 12ep long revenge story. MC manages to get hired by the co-killer of his family in order to gun down him and his accomplices. Ofc he won't tell anyone but his most trusted friend who he really is and what he is after.

Death Note (main character obviously won't tell anyone that he has a magic notebook which can kill people, and he's also a master schemer. The co-protagonist L also knows a lot of info that he won't disclose, at least at the start, because there are very few people he trusts)

Shoujo Kageki Review Starlight (Nana isn't exactly the MC, but in episode 7 she certainly is. She knows that the first six episodes of the show (which is about students of an art school preparing for a big spectacle/play while magical duels are fought in the school's underbelly for the right to be the strongest, Highlander style) are a time loop orchestrated by her in order to repeat her best early performance forever and ever and never have to grow up)

Welcome to the NHK (subverted. Protagonist is convinced he knows more than everybody else because he's a delusioned conspiracy theorist loser who blames everybody but himself for his shortcomings. Specifically, he thinks society is at fault for enabling the hikkikomori/shut-in phenomenon and said society takes pleasure in laughing at them and exploiting them. The sick irony is that the Japanese society is indeed partly to blame - read Shutting Out the Sun by Michael Zielenger if you have some time. This doesn't excuse the protag's immaturity and irresponsibility)

Rewrite (I'd like to avoid huge spoilers but I'll give a light one - protagonist Kotarou knows something or earth-shattering magnitude but he won't reveal it partly because he sealed some of his memories Light Yagami style, partly because it's about something he left behind in order to live the life of an ordinary man)

SAO (Kirito has the dual-wielding skill but avoids to expose it for as long as possible)

Kancolle Doujin: "the last one week" by c-button
Main character knows about the shipgirls' weaknesses but doesn't reveal it because there's little he can do. And this also reflects how lonely he is - he won't even break the 4rth wall to talk to the audience, everybody he talks to are shipgirls.
You don't need to be big into Kancolle to catch the drift of what the manga is about. It's also not very long, though it has a few dozen illustrations.
Also: text appears to be in Japanese but if you hover over it you'll get a window with the TL.

Kono yūsha ga ore TUEEE kuse ni shinchō sugiru AKA Overly Cautious Hero.
Anime starts all nice and goofy until it rams you in like a truck and suddenly a few words and scenes from the early episodes start to make sense and appear as hints of what was to come. Protag won't reveal you or other characters anything for reasons exposed in the anime's last' arc.

Goblin Slayer - MC is likely a walking encyclopedia on Goblins but there's no way his companions had got time for him infodumping all of it in one go.

Classroom of the Elite - MC and main girl know a loooot of stuff about their skills, about the world works etc but withhold it because of trust issues and because knowledge is power.

Liar Game (manga) - MC is secretly a genius but will hardly reveal any tactics so that his enemies don't see him coming.

Takrajima/Treasure Island - John Silver hides a lot of stuff since why would he show his hand when he's surrounded by so many enemies? all he wants is the gold

Casshern Sins - MC killed the Hope of the World and triggered Armageddon. He now roams the wasteland in search of redemption, his body cursed with immortality as the only survivors, robots, also slowly decay him being the only android immune to that.

G-Senjou no Maou (Visual Novel >>>>>>>>>>>>> Anime by a mile). Protag and Antag are one and the same - schizophrenia, cognitive dissonance, messed-up childhood, abuse etc made the MC into who he is know. Thus essentially he withholds key info so that it doesn't fall into the hands of his rivals and enemies, and his evil counterpart also withholds info from his non evil part so that the Maou/Devil can get his way. Imagine if Batman was the Joker but only the Joker was faintly aware of the Batman living inside.

Akashic Records Bastard Instructor - secretly badass protag who just wants to chill but trouble will always come knicking at his door.

Saver (manga) - androgynous girl survives assassination attempt and gets teleported into another world. Withhelds info about her true gender to survive, find better jobs and retain the maximum amount of doors open.

Your lie in April - I won't reveal the lie, but there is a secret the main heroine and essentially coprotagonist won't disclose.

Little Busters - at the risk of spoiling everything, here we have the reverse situation where everybody BUT the protag knows something but won't say it for reasons that are only revealed at the end of the journey.

Battle Royale (manga) - one of the coprotagonists holds a key piece of info they won't tell anyone because of trust issues and tactics/strategy.

Madoka Magica - I won't spoil who and what, but one knows that which others do not and won't tell anything to spoil the day of a certain someone else.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works - Archer has a secret he won't tell anyone. I won't spoil the twist even though it's all over the internet.

Hellsing (both manga and anime are good) - the secret information the MC has is so obvious a lot would have figured it out by the time his true identity is revealed.

Hikaru no Go - MC has access to a magic ghost coach, but won't reveal his hand.

Kurogane - MC has access to a magic ghost coach, but won't reveal his hand.

Teppuu - MC knows a ton of dirty tricks, but why would she make her life harder by revealing them when she can use it to be the cynical bully she is? until she has a fateful encounter and gets into mixed martial arts, that is. But there most of her tricks are illegal :)

Elfen Lied (Manga > Anime) Main heroine and (almost)coprotagonist knows who she is, but doesn't at the same time because of schizophrenia. Lucy is the true murdermachine behind the childish Nyuu which is a mask which later became personality, but iirc there's even a third personality but that is only revealed at the end.

Garden of Sinners - MC has knowledge and possibly even proof that the girl, later woman, he's in love with is a murderous sociopath, or at least a side of her is. But he won't tell on her because of love and because he believes that since "it was not her" doing the killings it's okay for her to roam free.

Bitter Virgin (manga) - a hard read for the unprepared. MC discovers the girl he's in love with had been repeatedly abused by her parents and and tries to help her as best as he could. He obviously won't go cry on the rooftops who she is and what he past was, but at the same time the tragic thing is that he won't help her find a therapist/volunteers/help groups either. Because of lack of knowledge, because of trust issues and because in Japan it can be (unfairly) damaging to go seek help.

Asa mo Hiru mo Yoru mo (manga) - androphobic girl hiding a history of abuse meets with a guy who fell in love with her, but who looks almost exactly like one of her tormentors.

Nononono (manga) - girl hides her gender to compete in a male-dominated sport (sky high jump) because she's convinced that a gold olympic medal will bring her closure on her history of tragedy, hardship and abuse.
Mar 27, 1:48 AM

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Honzuki no Gekokujou (she knows modern technology in a medieval world).

One of my favs anime from 2019, I recommend this a lot if you like this type of anime.
Mar 27, 2:04 AM
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@Omori-Kun sounds nice, reminds me of how Oda in Drifters uses gunpowder knowledge to make firearms and other weapons from his timeline
Mar 28, 12:35 AM
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@Aidamis says request is specific but goes on to give like 20 recs xD. I mean I don't think its a particularly specific thing, but its just that its not as common in anime since most MC are clueless shounen dumdums that know next to nothing about the world their in.

Have already seen some of the ones you recommended and they fit the request so I've got some confidence the others I haven't checked out yet should too. Will be taking a look at those, Thanks!!
Mar 28, 8:57 PM
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opmcftw said:
(...) most MC are clueless shounen dumdums that know next to nothing about the world their in.

Agreed on the dumbness part. You're welcome, man