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Mar 24, 4:44 AM
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Inspired by this video. So what are your favorite video game level?

1. Mass Effect 2- Suicide Mission
Definitely the best one. You have to choose the proper teammates for the task or else your teammates will die.

2. The Last of Us - getting to Ellie
The last part of the game fighting the Firefly is my favorite of the entire game. I replay that level so many times.

3. Dishonored 2 - Time Travelling in the mansion.
Coincidentally,Titanlfall 2 also has the same ideas and they both came out in 2016.However I enjoy the one in Dishonored 2 more.

4. Bloodborne - Hunter's Nightmare
All the river of blood really set up a immersive experience. And we get to fight new enemy,the Hunter which is the best non boss enemy of the game.

5. Uncharted 2 - Train part
Love how the environment change. It really makes you feel like you are in real world rather than game.

6. Half Life 2- Bug Bait
Just use Bug Bait and let the huge insects kill your enemies. So much fun.

Mar 24, 6:17 PM
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Renevant -Geometry Dash
Mar 25, 3:23 AM

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COD4 - All Ghillied Up
HL2 - We Don't Go To Ravenholm
RA2 - Operation: Dark Night
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Mar 25, 4:14 AM

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Anor Londo - Dark Souls
Carnival - L4D2
The Lighthouse - Dishonored
Mafia Town - A Hat in Time
Mar 25, 8:22 PM
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Pewdiepie Legends Of The Brofist: The level where Pewds has to use a plane to defeat Comander Barrel
Mar 26, 4:20 PM

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Libertalia - Uncharted 4
Fountainhead Palace - Sekiro
Tatooine (more so the first time rather than the 2nd) - Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction
Shambala - Uncharted 2
Phalanx - Shadow of the Colossus

Most of these are just cool areas, or have lots of in game history geared towards them (like Tatooine for instance)

There are a lot more I know I'm forgetting but I can't for the life of me remember them right now. Apotheon I know has some amazing levels but I just can't seem to remember which lol
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Mar 26, 4:54 PM

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- Waterfall (Undertale)
- Wilderness (Yume Nikki)
- Twilight Town (Paper Mario)
Mar 27, 5:35 PM

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both New Eden maps in E.Y.E
Hobbiton from The hobbit (2003)
Darkroot Garden
The terraced japanese maps in Super Lovely Planet
Kairo, I can't pick anything specific, I love the whole game
the Wilderness in LSD Dream Emulator
Mar 27, 6:41 PM

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Saints Row 3 - Taking over an enemy gang's penthouse to POWER by Kanye West.
Mar 28, 11:14 AM

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Korishi said:
COD4 - All Ghillied Up
HL2 - We Don't Go To Ravenholm
RA2 - Operation: Dark Night

Damn I was also thinking Ravenholm even before I read your comment