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Poll: Diamond no Ace: Act II Episode 51 Discussion

Mar 24, 2:19 AM

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Man, these guys have so fierce looks in the match, especially the batters.

Wee got some pretty fast balls thrown by the pitchers in this episode too. For a match between both sides, there's sure a lot of mind games going around. Good mometum for the penultimate episode.
Mar 24, 3:41 AM

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Furuya actually pitched well? Wut?

I'm feeling a little bad for the other team at this point. They worked so hard to improve their batting just to get destroyed by the most incosistent pitcher in this entire series.
Mar 24, 3:51 AM
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Seido dilemma: You can have Furuya in the zone or you can have relaxed Sawamura but you can't have both of them at the same time LOL

And applaud to coach decision to use Yui, I was afraid Seido keep Yui in the team just because he was the captain of world junior high something, but making Yui experience highschool baseball will bear a delicious fruit someday.

Yui is being compared to Masashi a lot LOL. Masashi right now is like Maezono a lot, if he hit then it's homerun... 'if'.

And why the narrative in this episode feel like the opposite team is the main character of newly start baseball anime where they face an elite team and lose and will become stronger better.

Next episode is the final of this season. I want to watch this forever!
Mar 24, 4:05 AM

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Final episode is literally going to be Diamond no Ace we are going to have Sawamura popping off!
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Mar 24, 4:14 AM

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Furuya destroyed the batters, he was pitching really well after a long time. Glad to see him like this.
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Mar 24, 4:44 AM

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Loved this episode. Actually felt like watching some baseball, but at the same time they found the moments to showcase the guys as individuals and as a team as well. Even the opponents. Probably one of the strongest episodes of the season, definitely of its second half.
Mar 24, 5:31 AM

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I don't like how Furuya is performing better than Sawamura but somehow this was still a fairly enjoyable episode to watch. Let's hope the last episode is as good as this one!
Mar 24, 7:27 AM

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I don't want this season to end! The anime is almost caught up with the manga so we'll have to wait at least 3 years if we want another 52 ep season
Mar 24, 7:29 AM

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In form Furuya always was something else, but he's pitching even better "than that day" as it has been shown in flashbacks.
But seriously, 155 km/h!?

Put it into perspective, that this pitch and the other ones he threw were FASTER than Masamune's during Koshien. The same guy who throws 150 km/h pitches CONSISTENTLY.

All in all great episode, doubt Kawabata is gonna get a hit off Furuya.
Mar 24, 2:19 PM

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The monster is back!
Mar 24, 2:24 PM
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Home run!! Good layup for the last episode
Mar 24, 3:44 PM

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Furuya's pitching was amazing! I love how he and Sawamura teased each other like that too. xD Kuramochi, Haruichi, and the rest of the batters were also on top form. Yui got to shine a bit, and even Maezono hit that significant home run. I also love that Koushuu just walked away from the bullpen because Sawamura couldn't take his eyes off the match and wasn't warming up at all. xD But I did feel a bit bad for the other team. They are being crushed, but they are trying their best so I don't think it's nice of me to pity them. That Kawabata is amazing! Well... Koushien is special because it's not anyone that can reach it after all.
Mar 24, 5:52 PM
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Episode was really good I just hope Sawamura will get one more chance before the season ends
Mar 24, 9:11 PM

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FireFistYK said:
I don't want this season to end! The anime is almost caught up with the manga so we'll have to wait at least 3 years if we want another 52 ep season

I'll probably forget most of the stuffs three years later xD. This episode is good!
Mar 28, 12:11 AM

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Great to have Furuya back in the game; to hell with past inconsistencies, this guy in on fire this game. He may never resume his position as the ace at Seidou, but unless the writer decides to douche his character, Furuya will be the ace somewhere, on some team in the pros.

The batters and the fielders stole the show for Seidou and everyone was showcased individually and were impressive. Glad to see Yui flaunting his talents.

Not too sure I like the title of episode 52; it sounds ominous for Furuya fans, but climatic for Sawamura.
Apr 5, 5:38 AM

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Happy that furuya is doing great but Also sad that sawamura didn't get a chance to amend for the last game yet
With all that build up i thought for sure that he would close the game as usual.