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Poll: Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season Episode 23 Discussion

Mar 23, 6:55 PM

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killerqueen2000 said:
Finally the season is ending.

It's obvious that you dislike MHA. So why not like, drop it? Instead of watching like 80+ episodes of it. I never really understood the mentality of this part od MAL, so I'd like to know.
Mar 24, 10:33 AM

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Best episode of this season.
Mar 24, 12:25 PM

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Hobgoblin2099 said:
Oh, so we're getting the Endeavor Arc as the ending of the season? That's neat.

Old_School_Akira said:
Eri is kind of meh and just there to look cute. 😑

My issue with Eri is that she's mainly defined as being a victim of Overhaul's that the viewer wants to protect and see happy. But now that she's smiled, there's not really much more interesting they can do with her aside from having her Quirk go out of control again.

She was also a plot device for deku to win against overhaul.
Mar 24, 6:44 PM

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I feel sad for Gentle :( they're harmless!! Yaoyorozu have so many fans xD people cheer her name xD

Wowwww!!!!! I wait for this scene and I'm excited for it, I don't want to expect so much but their performance is SO GOOD!!!! Jiro's voice is so beautiful too!!! I loveee it ️ ️💕 Eri is so cuteeee!!!! Finally, she smiles!!

Nejire is so pretty!!!!!!!! She deserves to be the winner!! But why Yaoyoruozu didn't join?!

Hawk!!!!!! I'm so excited to see him!!!!!! ️
Mar 24, 9:49 PM

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Wow... So I stopped watching my hero after the first arc ended and picked it back up a few days ago. I'm not sure if I'm the only person that thinks this way, but I thought that the whole festival arc, and the whole gentle criminal situation was MUCH better than the first arc with Chisaki.

I felt much more intrigued towards Gentle Criminal compared to Chisaki. Something definitely went wrong there.. Chisaki had much more build up and his arc was much longer. But his story and his character in general never really resonated with me. Gentle on the other hand was super fun. I mean I don't know if you could even compare them side by side because gentle wasn't really a normal villain but you get the point, I just liked him and his mini arc much more. Yea his background story wasn't really anything innovative but it got the job done for me. I felt emotionally invested into the fight between him and deku. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Gentle and La Brava. The animation obviously helped a ton. I feel like the whole production was super super clean the last couple of episodes.

I really enjoyed the last couple of episodes. This season could have been great if the first arc (mostly the climax, the arc obviously had it's moments.) wasn't so underwhelming.

Festival Arc > Chisaki Arc

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Mar 25, 2:35 AM
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what a beautiful progress eri made
this arc is extra wholesome
Mar 25, 4:48 AM

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Damn, seeing Eri smile for the first time got me in my feels

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Itachi Uchiha
Mar 25, 4:39 PM

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It was so wholesome, my heart is warm <3
Mar 25, 8:51 PM

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That performance part was pure cringe.

someone has already said this before but i'm still gonna repeat! bwahahaha


Mar 26, 8:35 AM

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One of the best episodes of the season. 5/5
Mar 26, 12:10 PM

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That was a really nice episode. Honestly though that after credit scene. That monkey at the end is the real hero. Its so nice to see something like that and his talk about people who believe there is no do-overs was really good.

Gentle criminal is the best thing of this season. It had so much heart behind it. I much prefer this over the first arc of this season. Emotional quality over flare.
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Mar 26, 1:51 PM

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It was all worth it, to see that smile!
Mar 26, 9:22 PM

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Well this was a wholesome episode.
Mar 27, 5:13 PM

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I must admit I wad a little bit skeptical of their planned performance but that was phenomenal.
Mar 28, 2:25 PM

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Damn, this episode seriously made me tear up! They did such a good job translating everything to an animated medium! And Eri's smile is the best! So glad they did it justice!
Mar 29, 4:27 PM
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eri chan smiled uwu

glad the performance went well.
this episode was so cheesy lmao
kyoka got her moment. i liked the part that showed her parents and when she decided to go to school to be a hero instead of a musician.

sad what happened to la brava and gentle but im glad it ended the way it did
la brava still got taken in for questioning, which makes sense.

are we really not going to get any league of villain development in this arc?? and where did that gigantic monster thing in the forest that gran torino and the police saw that one time go?? it seems like they started telling about it and then completely forgot about it and expected the audience to forget about it too lmao
Mar 30, 5:27 AM

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Seeing Eri smiles was the best thing in the episode, i loved the way they showed her overcoming her depressing dark past with overhaul and embracing her new life, also Mirio reaction was heartwarming.

Hado was absolutely beautiful and graceful at the beauty pageant, was not surprised at all when she won.

I have absolutely no idea how that eyelashes chick won the previous year especially when she was competing against Hado, maybe every single person in the crowd was blind? who knows.

no action but still top tier episode.
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Mar 30, 12:20 PM

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eriri voices too beautiful
Mar 30, 4:27 PM

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I repeated the performance scene thrice! It would have been better if they sticked to Japanese language, though. Lol at Iida's awkward dance moves, and Bakugo's fired up as usual. Eri's smile is priceless uwu

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Mar 30, 10:16 PM
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Reanot said:
This show is a massive waste of fucking time.

Then don’t watch the show if you don’t like it lmao
Mar 31, 12:46 AM

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the song was just ok..hmm and overall it was all ok.... nice to see eri smile...I hope gentle is given another chance
Mar 31, 9:09 AM
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This arc is surely better than the previous one, but it is just average. However, it managed to do one thing BNHA always fails, making a decent villian.

Gentle Criminal is not a great villian by any means, and I'm sure most don't even take him seriously, but at least he has HUMAN depth to himself with his backstory and it makes sense. Yes, his backstory still lacks too much detail to make it good, but it still succeed in creating a (somewhat) parallel him and Deku. I could also feel his urge to become a good person.

I honestly don't care much about the festival, but I don't have any big problems with it either. Not bad.

Apr 1, 10:42 PM

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This entire episode was incredible. From the tears at Gentle's backstory (and getting a second chance!), to the incredibly heart-lifting and wholesome festival that not only made Eri smile but gave the entire Class 1-A crew a much-needed slice of life arc. Deku giving Eri a homemade candy apple as a "surprise" was the cherry on top to this episode.
Apr 4, 12:42 PM

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They pulled off a good show. Nice.
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Apr 5, 6:53 PM

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I need a Hanako-kun x MHA crossover of Erii just trying adventurous (and "oddly human" things).... my eyes kind of leaked a little when I saw Togata trying his hardest to be a good dad/date/hero for Erii..

1 minute ago

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Forgot to watch this since ep 14, marathon through it and I just had to post for this episode.

This was one of the best chapter I read in manga and seeing it in anime made me love it even more.

Seeing Eri smile is the best thing ever.

Even if the dance was "cring-worthy", it's meant to be like that as to be funny and thus make everyone laugh and smile. If you just do a regular concert, people won't be laughing at all, they'll just scream like usual, which won't make Eri smile.

Also, Gentle and Brava both had their issues growing up and ended up on the wrong path, but they never truly harmed anyone on purpose. They're basically a type of "vigilantes" (IE: American superheroes before being recognized by governments, Marvel, DC, etc etc)

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