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Poll: Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season Episode 22 Discussion

Mar 18, 12:52 AM
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botomonogatari said:
Kerozinn said:
Did Midoriya say Gentle was harder to fight than anyone EVER UNTIL NOW or am i hallucinating?

Not in a physical way, but in a moral sense. Deku could connect with Gentle, which made this fight emotionally tough for him.

My thoughts exactly.

This has to have been the best filler episode in the history to filler episodes so far!
Mar 18, 6:04 AM
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twoego said:
Certainly it was a hard, good fight! A pretty nice backstory that made me almost want to root for Gentle.

I wasn't a fan of the Gentle/La Brava duo and considered them to be the some of the more forgettable villains. As a result of this episode and comments like these, I'm convinced that there's more to appreciate about them though.
I don't think they had the most in-depth or creative backstories, but after not being particularly excited for the past month or so of this season, it's nice to be invested again.
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Mar 18, 7:45 AM
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I really didn't like Gentle and La Brava at first; but seeing their backstories really changed my perception of these characters. They have a very unique relationship. However; there is a bit of a filler-ey vibe to this arc and I don't think I can agree with the people in this thread saying this arc is better than the Overhaul arc.
Mar 18, 10:15 AM

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Damn lit fight, even if he is a villain i can't bring myself to hate Gentle he had it rough growing up, next episode should be fun to watch.

Mar 18, 2:52 PM
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when la brava cried i cried
Mar 18, 5:55 PM

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La Brava and Gentle are two of my fav BNHA villains. Their backstories were sad. They aren't bad people. This was the first time I actively cheered for the villains to win. I knew Deku would win, but it still hurt to see Gentle and La Brava lose.
Mar 19, 10:04 PM

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I have to admit that this episode changed totally mi opinion about Gentle...

In all the previous episodes, i considered it just dumb or lame...

But this one, was completely different... the proved he has Real Honor, Loyalty and Mostly Love.

Being sincere, i must also say, that if he never comes back, i will not miss him.

But is something totally different with La Brava. Maybe for some people it was just a temporary loli in the series, but she showed us a real and entirely pure connection with Gentle.... Just Beautiful. I'll definetly miss her.

And Gentle corresponded that connection, he welcomed her, he appreciated her, he let her help him, but mainly he "Accepted" her... This is something to admire from him.

Great Episode.
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Mar 21, 2:20 PM
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gentle's circumstances and past were all very unfortunate. i'm glad we got that backstory on him before he was arrested and never to be seen again in this show jskfsdjfs
la brava's quirk is so cute lol her backstory was unfortunate too but a little melodramatic. she got turned down and made fun of in middle school and now she resorts to crime and loves a criminal lmao ok

gentle and la brava's relationsihp is so wholesome tho uwu glad they showed us some of their cute moments
you could feel how genuine her love was, but i really didn't think gentle had any chance against deku
it only took one kick and he was down lmao he tried

kinda sad their fight only lasted like 2 episodes. seems a bit short for all the build up we got with the filler-like episodes
not a bad episode though. gentle did put up a fight and it wasn't totally easy for deku
hoping deku gets more rope and back to the school in time for the show (lmao sounds like such a small and meaningless problem in an anime that also has villains and superpowers but i digress)
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Mar 21, 5:17 PM

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This is a p good filler. If it's canon, then it's aight lmfao.

La Brava to Gentle is like Eri-chan to Deku, except like. The off-brand version lololol X)
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Mar 21, 11:59 PM

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This episode was great.

Gentle and La Brava are amazing villains. I'm not joking. You don't need to be ugly, edgy and kind of "ohh look at me, I like blood and I'm a very violent crazy bastard!" to be a good villain.

Their love bond is really strong!

*This arc is better than Overhaul's one.
*La Brava is better loli than Eri.
Change my mind.
Mar 22, 2:06 AM

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damn! why does it feel like i wanna let Gentle Criminal win for a moment...

Mar 22, 9:51 AM

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very nice episode, quite emotional with Gentle's backstory
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Mar 23, 7:30 AM

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Man, it was really sad watching La Brava and Gentle criminal's past.

btw is the action scene's are getting weaker?
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Mar 23, 1:27 PM
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i genuinely think this is the greatest episode of mha ever. The music, the action, the dialogue, it was so f*cking good!
Mar 23, 6:38 PM

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Deku was absolutely insane, and Gentle/La Brava's story made me tear up
Mar 25, 8:32 AM
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this is my best episode in BNHA S4, great animation, emotional connection between gentle and La brava, and can we say that La brava is the best Loli in this season?
Mar 26, 4:39 AM
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Man Gentle Criminal is Awesome ☕
Mar 27, 7:31 AM

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Deku vs Gentle Criminal: the battle of backstories. Nice title huh? But seriously, "Good Samaritan Law", google that shit, gentle criminal shouldn't have suffered any legal ramifications for what he did. He had a terrible lawyer.
Mar 28, 11:25 PM

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Aaah It was a long time since I was on the villain's side, as I thought Gentle was not bad, you are not worried about others you just want the fulfillment of your selfish desires and you use excuses to look like a good person, at least for the time being Deku, really I hate you.
Mar 30, 12:06 PM

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Gentle and La Brava are my favourite "villains".

I was sad the whole time after Gentle's flashback cause I knew I am going to see a mans dream getting crushed.

Please let Gentle's dream become a reality in a different way and please let La Brava have a bright future.

Now every time I drink tea I will remember Gentle.
Mar 31, 12:20 AM

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Damn really wanted gentle... to escape...for rooting for a villian for a first time
Apr 2, 5:07 PM

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I literally just want Gentle and La Brava to win, like I actually wanted them to beat Deku.

Gentles backstory, when he tried to help that guy and it backfried my stomach dropped... like it just felt too dark... oh my god and then when his classmate didnt remember him it nhhhgggg

also explains why he doesnt like violence

FUCK i care more about these villains than i do eri or deku at the moment, literally dont know what that says about this series
Apr 4, 10:37 AM

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It's hard not to feel bad about them. I hope they won't get too harsh of a sentence. They didn't really do anything that bad.
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