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Include how many volumes and!!! when you started collecting!!!

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I got my first manga set in December 2018 on I think the 26th but I started collecting in the end of July 2019. I have 53 books, but 51 manga and 2 light novels. Thanks!

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I never really count my manga, probably i have hundred volumes now, I started collecting it since high school, most of them are famous shounen manga like soul eater, one piece, etc.

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No manga because it is 2020 and we broke
Feb 27, 1:51 AM

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On my own I probably only have 1 or 2 volumes. I generally share with my sister though and she has well over 200, and has been collecting since 2009.
Feb 28, 1:41 AM
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I currently have about 3000 manga, need to sell some of these though because I also accumulated garbage along the way.
Think I started collecting around 8 years ago something like that.

Feb 28, 2:24 AM

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I only started buying physical manga at the beginning of this year, and so far only have the first 3 volumes of HxH lol. But I plan on expanding my collection soon \o/

Feb 28, 6:58 AM

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I started collecting at the end of last year. I needed to know how Made in Abyss continued. One thing led the other, and now I'm sitting with more than 30 volumes xD
Feb 28, 7:07 AM

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Most of the manga I've read in recent years was online; the only manga I own physically are the ones I read as a kid circa 2012-2014 (Dragon Ball, Pokemon Special, the Himekawa Zelda adaptations, etc.), maybe about 10-12 volumes

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I have like 9 volumes of Dragon Ball that I was gifted
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It's real small.

Two multi-volume books of Dance in the Vampire Bund.
One volume of Nisekoi*.
Three volumes of Japanese Standup!*.
Two volumes of Deadman Wonderland. (I'd love to grab them all)

Also, the * are the ones I saved from a donation store.
Yeah, it's real small, and my LN side is much bigger... even though it's just Spice & Wolf.
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Just to list a couple of biases when I blabber on about them.
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Dislikes: Bad romance, too much fanservice, the harem genre, yuri, yaoi, and bad writing.

PS. Yuru^Camp isn't Yuri!
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Approx around ~200 volumes.
Tfw no more space and no $.

I don't know when I started collecting.
And I wouldn't say I'm a true collector just yet. That will be later on in the distant future.
Feb 29, 8:00 AM

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I own more but in my shelves I only have 159:
-Hunter x Hunter (35 Volumes)
-Fullmetal Alchemist (27 Volumes)
-Naruto (72 Volumes)
-Soul Eater (25 Volumes)

In some cartons I also have some single volumes of Death Note, Noragami, and Mirai Nikki.
I started buying my first Manga in 2009-2010. I never made it to much in that direction (as you see above) but I liked Naruto and all that stuff back then, discovered Anime etc. and bought some stuff from time to time.
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Most of mine is in storage so I can't count now. I stopped counting after 500 volumes.
Feb 29, 9:35 AM

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Don't know exactly when I started to buy physical manga, but a few years back I guess.
First series I got complete was Bleach, 74 Volumes - rest fills two shelves, ongoing series like Dr. Stone, One Punch Man, Nozaki-kun as well as a few shorter ones like Psyren ( 16 Vol ),Voynich Hotel ( 3 Vol ) or single books like Uzumaki, Dororo Omnibus Edition or Death Note All-In-One.

Can't buy as many as I want to, mainly cause money, not available ( anymore ) like Kurosagi Shitai Takuhaibin or Pet Shop of Horrors and above all not enough space.
Feb 29, 9:37 AM

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Not many, somewhere around 30 or so. My first collection was probably somewhere around the same, but I ended up having to get rid of. First collection started well over a decade ago, this one since a little over a year ago.

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Got my first volume in I think 2017, but didn't start collecting until last year. Currently have 73 volumes (including a 4-volume omnibus).
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Mar 2, 12:47 AM

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guych said:
No manga because it is 2020 and we broke

Same. However if I had money I would gladly buy a lot of series. Reading on paper is nicer anyways imo.
Mar 4, 11:25 AM

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Not many, a little bit more than 100 volumes. First one I got was in... 2011, I guess? I don't buy many mangas nowadays cuz where I live they're f*cking expensive lol
Mar 5, 2:03 PM

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I own about 50ish Manga.

I started buying manga in 2010 but when I moved in with my grandparents I had my manga in tote bags and they had a leak in their AC so a couple manga got damaged and I stopped collecting manga then.

But now I started to collect again ^^
Mar 7, 5:00 AM

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At the moment I own about 175 volumes. Just recently I did throw some away, because lack of space and I wasn't really feeling those mangas anymore. I think I bought my first manga around 2007 or 2008? Can't really remember anymore, to be honest. ^^'
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Mar 7, 9:14 PM

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I have somewhere between 200-250 but I have stopped collecting for a good 3 years. I am actually trying to get rid of my manga collection since I only really read digital manga now and I am thinking of restarting my collection but just collecting original japanese manga instead (my collection atm is nearly all in english language prints).
I started collecting around 2009 I would say? But didn't get serious until 2011-2015. After that I only bought one or two volumes of things I REALLY liked.
Mar 7, 9:45 PM

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Probably around 70 volumes, with some omnibuses sprinkled in. Used to be pretty serious about wanting to start a big manga collection, but then I started getting more into the video/film aspect of things. DVDs and laserdisc more specifically. Now I only really buy manga if I can find something weird and obscure.
Mar 10, 5:55 PM

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I have around 40-50 manga volumes and around 10 light novels. I started collecting them somewhere in 2018 I believe. I still read digital, but there is just something satisfying about reading a physical copy for me.
Mar 10, 9:13 PM

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Just 3 volume, One-piece 18-39, Naruto 1. I'm a broke man.
Mar 11, 6:48 PM

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So after dropping my laptop to count, I think I'm sitting at 985 manga and 42 light novels. Unless my boyfriend has taken more out of the home than I know about, it should be accurate. Of that, I've read 25 of the light novels (only recently started collecting them seriously) and all but 31 of the manga. Now that I know I'm that close to breaking 1000 manga, I'm a little tempted to run to the bookstore. I'd definitely be long past it if I didn't buy omnibuses whenever possible.

I've been collecting since...I want to say early 2018? Late 2017? I had several hundred volumes around 2009, but I ended up selling them due to money issues, and I only recently decided to start collecting them again. I'm actually working on a living room remodel project specifically for the manga collection because I'm out of room. Hasn't stopped me from buying any, though.

Robinne said:
I currently have about 3000 manga, need to sell some of these though because I also accumulated garbage along the way.
Think I started collecting around 8 years ago something like that.

That's really impressive! Hope to get there in a couple years. I've tried to sell things after reading them if I don't find anything redeeming about them (whether artwork or story). Since I do it often enough, it doesn't feel like I get much for them in the long run. I bet if you have a mass clean-out, you'll make a nice buck off of it!

EDIT: Legit went out and bought 29 manga and 1 light novel in order to break 1000 manga volumes. Updated numbers:
Light Novels: 43
Manga: 1014
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Mar 12, 12:32 AM

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It's been so long I actually had to dig them out in order to remember all of them

Bleach Volume 1
Darker than Black
Nagato Yuki Chan Volume 1
Pokemon Adventures Volume 1
Yu-Gi-Oh! 3 in 1 Volume 2
Zelda: Four Swords Volume 2
Zelda: Majora's Mask/ ALTTP
Zelda: Minish Cap / Phantom Hourglass
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Mar 12, 10:36 AM

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Been collecting since middle school (around 2014/2015)
1-7 soul eater
1-4 Gantz omnibuses
1-5 Highschool of the dead
1-9 Battle Royale
and a few misc volumes and a few complete omnibuses like Another, Summer Wars, 5 centimeters per second
Mar 12, 10:43 AM

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Very little, not even 20 volumes. I didn't really start reading manga until 2019, and I rarely purchase physical stuff anymore.

My Blu-ray/DVD/LD/VHS collection is much bigger, but I don't really collect anymore.

Mar 14, 7:56 PM
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I have all the 12 volumes of Death Note+Volume 13 "How to read", I had a good oportunity to buy them some days ago.
Now I'm planning to begin buying the One Piece Volumes someday, my favorite manga series
Mar 14, 11:54 PM

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I don't own any manga, I've never owned any manga, and it is doubtful I will ever own any manga.

Robinne said:
I currently have about 3000 manga,


Mar 15, 9:25 AM

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Not that much. Dragon Ball complete, Naruto complete, Sailor Moon complete, 2 random volumes of JoJo, and the Battle City arc of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters. I'd love to have manga for every series I'd like, but it's so expensive.
Mar 15, 10:11 AM

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If I go by my manga stats I have 564 volumes, but it misses some atm and omnibus are a thing so not completely accurate. Also I have given away some of the series I have owned in the past like Naruto. I have started to buy digital releases since they're so much cheaper, limiting printed version only to series I really love. As for when I started idk, my very first own manga volume I bought was Tokyo Mew Mew vol 1 so I guess 2005?
Mar 15, 10:33 AM
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i don't have too much, just a few series, but I've been trying to buy more cause I kinda feel bad about not supporting the creators. I try to at least buy the first volume of a manga I read, even if I'm not too keen on it, I spent the time reading something they put a lot of work into so I feel I should show them some support or give them credit for it or something.
The worst is when there's a series that i like but it isn't popular enough to have gotten a translation, just wish I could read Japanese :(
Mar 15, 8:59 PM

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I occasionally buy one or two volumes when we get to visit our relatives from another city since we don't have a bookstore where we live, started collecting around last year

Currently I have:
Naruto volume 4
Koe no Katachi complete set
Komi-san volumes 1-2
Bloom Into You volume 2
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria volume 1
Mikagura School Suite volume 1
Pokemon Black and White volumes 1 and 2

The others were gifts from relatives since they know I'm into the "weird Japanese cartoon stuff"
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Mar 18, 9:48 PM

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None, but I'm tempted to buy the two English translated volumes of Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro aka Please Don't Bully Me, Nagatoro just because I've known about it for a while.
Mar 19, 12:03 AM
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I just read all the manga at my school's library. But I don't have it all listed on my profile :P
Mar 19, 2:09 AM
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Right now, just a few physical volumes of Fire Force. However, im really enjoying it and plan on buying a few volumes of Demon Slayer. Barnes and Noble has a great sale right now, buy two viz manga, get a third free.
Mar 22, 1:18 PM

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I have maybe 200 volumes and half of that are JoJo (French edition).
Mar 23, 10:19 AM

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I used to have two plastic containers full of vintage graphic novels from Barnes and Noble but my mom made me either give it away, sell it at a garage sale or donate it to the Used Bookstore.

They'd be really valuable now, even in used condition. :( A lot of them are out of print and never went back INTO print.
Mar 26, 4:30 PM

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Around 150 volumes, or so.
But I'm counting all the omnibus versions as single volumes, which isn't exactly right.

Light Novels... maybe 20, or so. Total.
Haven't bought many.

Plus 4 or 5 Picture Books.
The Kiki's Delivery Service one is freaking outstanding. One of my favorites of my entire book collection.

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Mar 26, 4:32 PM

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I own the complete box set with all volumes and art book of Claymore manga.
Mar 26, 9:27 PM
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All of Dragon Ball and all of Naruto Part 1. A few volumes of Psyren and some random stuff. Then I discovered the internet.

Edit: Oh and the color manga of the Saiyan and Frieza arcs from Dragon Ball.
Mar 29, 8:18 AM

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Not much. 5 volumes of Aria the Masterpiece, the Emanon series (Memories and Wandering, so 3 volumes), 3 volumes of Made in Abyss, the deluxe hardcover of Junji Itou's Uzumaki, and the Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind box set (two gorgeous hardcover tomes).

So yea, that's only 14 volumes altogether. I plan to purchase the first 10 volumes of Houseki no Kuni soon, though, so that'll nearly double my collection lol

And when I started collecting? Uh Idk, probably sometime last year. I was never much into manga until fairly recently.
Mar 29, 9:07 AM

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I started to collect them like 9 years around the same time I started reading manga overall. Some of the series I collected though I lost interest in over time that I either sold them or just keep some in my addict.

But my currently ones that occupies my room is as folow, All the Latest vols of Vinland Saga, HXH, Berserk, One Punch Man, D Gray Man, Vagabond, Cells at Work. Then complete series like Blade of the Immortal, Dragon Ball, Genshiken, Bakuman and Psyren, And then unfinished collections like some Jojo vols, Dorehedoro, Zelda mangas, Black Jack, Battle Angel Alita, Ghost in the Shell.

Wow, thats a lot come to think of it. Not to mention the ones I have in the addict lol
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Mar 29, 1:06 PM

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I never counted my volumes, but I'm in.

= 586 volumes of manga unless I miscounted or missed or forgot something.
+ 306 volumes of western comics (since I was at it I counted those as well)

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Mar 29, 3:20 PM

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Just counted- 28 volumes (not including artbooks). I feel like thats such a minuscule amount because im commenting after @pullman with his fatty collection. Like whoa man
Mar 29, 11:43 PM
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Yo, I'm new to this site, but yeah i got a pretty fat stack of books, 100+ at least. I just recently bought some more!
Mar 30, 7:25 AM

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I own quite a few physical and digital manga.


Total: 37


Total: 143

Well after doing this, I didn't realize I owned so much haha. 180 total is way more than I thought I owned. I guess I own more digital manga than physical, because it is so much cheaper.
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I don't own any manga because they're expensive as fuck here.
Thank god the internet exists.