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"Crunchyroll Originals" were just announced

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Feb 26, 4:36 AM

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Ive been pleasantly surprised with In/Spectrer. The rest of that line up I could care less about. As for HGS? cant wait to see that steaming pile of cr@p get dunked on relentlessly.
Feb 26, 5:30 AM
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wtf the posts me and @Manaban made are gone lol guess he is in the hot seat now huh
Feb 26, 5:34 AM
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I'm personally very excited for tower of god. Having read the original source material, if adapted correctly, it would be great
Feb 26, 5:35 AM
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Say what you want about Crunchyroll, I just find it nice that manhwa series will be getting adaptations so the international community can be exposed to more South Korean works. Hopefully we'll get a Solo Leveling or Bastard adaptation in the future.
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Feb 26, 6:21 AM
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Aside from the "Crunchyroll Studios" stuff that CR snuck in there, it doesn't look that bad. They still have some ways to go to catch up with Netflix originals (even the Western produced stuff like Castlevania and Dragon Prince), though, which is odd considering CR is the animation-specific streaming service.
Feb 26, 10:27 AM

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JustAnAnimeList said:
Bunch of shit I'm not interested in. I've given those manwha a chance when there was still some hype surrounding them and didn't like a single one of those. And by the looks of things they're nowhere near the level of popularity they once had, so it's weird that they're getting anime adaptations now.

ProfessionalNEET said:
What exactly does "Crunchyroll Original" mean? Does that mean Crunchyroll itself is producing them? Seems plausible, but at least one of them (In/Spectre) is already being produced by a different studio (Brain's Base). Also, some of the previews had people speaking in Japanese, suggesting that other "Crunchyroll Originals" are in fact being produced by Japanese studios. However, they did show at least one show that they clearly are making themselves (High Make-Incels-Seethe Spice). So, at least in that case, they appear to being doing more than just licensing.

AFAIK Crunchyroll is part of the production committees, so they're actually helping fund the production of those anime, not doing it themselves. Apparently it's cheaper for them to be a part of the production committee and get all the benefits that come from it than buying the rights for streaming, or so I've read in a article once.

If you check out that link you'll see that quite a few anime have received funding from CR, although how much funding CR is providing compared to other sponsors is a complete mystery. Some people say Shield Hero wouldn't have happened without funding from CR but I don't buy that at all. It's a highly popular series, both in Japan and on the West and isekai is booming, Shield Hero would've gotten adapted sooner or later with our without CR's money.

Last time I checked, being a sponsor doesn't give you any right to be called the original creator...

Feb 26, 10:34 AM
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Pretty hyped for Tower of God and for some more Noblesse
Feb 27, 4:41 AM

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"Tower of God" is one of the only shows i'm hyped for tbh. I'm already enjoying "In/Spectre" and i'm interested in what "The God of High School" has to offer.
Feb 27, 4:49 AM
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Wel this wil be good for the anime industry if they keep doing this so i fully support this i just hope they don't completely fuck the anime's up because i have high hopes
Feb 27, 1:27 PM

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Props to them for finally trying to give people a reason to subscribe.

Still not enough for me though. The high guardian spice fiasco made me jump ship and I will never go back.
Feb 27, 2:17 PM
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Nurguburu said:
Why they put a disgusting SJW western cartoon with anime?

aren't most webtoons korean??????
Feb 27, 5:22 PM
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YamiRhys said:
Nurguburu said:
Why they put a disgusting SJW western cartoon with anime?

aren't most webtoons korean??????

He's reffering to High Guardian Spice.
Feb 27, 9:45 PM

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I'm really looking forward to the God of High School. Seems hella original and interesting.

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Feb 28, 12:35 AM

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I've heard some great things about the Tower of God's story, so I'm looking forward to it.

Never heard of any of the others :/
Feb 28, 12:54 AM

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I'm looking forward to 2 of those BUT I wish they would have a dubbed version. I didn't expect TOG would get an anime, though,
Feb 28, 7:31 AM

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Come to think of it, I wonder if they'll dub any of the shows that are being made in Japan.

Crunchyroll makes dubs sometimes, IIRC.

If they do, that's gonna be at least one step better than what Amazon does, which I hear is basically that they never even bother to dub stuff.
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Feb 28, 9:29 AM

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I've heard a lot of great things about the in spectre and tower of got sources so I'll probably check it out

Other than that I don't think there's gonna be anything else I'll be watching, but I hope they'll turn out well for anyone who's gonna watch them (except high guardian spice cause I'm sure almost no one is interested in it)
Feb 28, 9:38 AM

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i wanted to read noblesse and tower of god but didn't had the patience back then. if i had time i could watch these... which means i probably won't
Feb 28, 9:41 AM
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No, thank you Crunchyroll. Just do what you do best. Distribute. Not create.
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