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Poll: Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season Episode 18 Discussion

Feb 15, 12:51 AM

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At least Eri is doing better now after all the shit she's went through.

Kind of a slow episode but whatever. Danger is approaching soon and regardless of the circumstances, there's still a lot of work to be done. And Eri herself needs mental and physical recovery herself.

Nice to see Gentle and La Brava!
Feb 15, 1:58 AM

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Cool they take Eri to the school festival, it's a good idea but apparently they will have some difficulties with that new villain, I can't wait to see that
Feb 15, 2:00 AM

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Damn sad Eri-chan always makes me wanna cry,such a sweet little girl...

Also Gentle and La Brava finally make their appearance, their VAs both sound great !
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Feb 15, 2:07 AM

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Pinky's got mad dance skillz.

Mineta suggesting a boob cafe then being strung up by Froppy. lmao

Blushing Jiro was hella cute and Eri is gonna get to have some fun at the school festival or so I hope.

Also, What's with these gentle criminals? lol

Feb 15, 2:19 AM

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Yo, that old man may be a criminal... but at least he's gentle... lmao

Don't worry, he'll only "gently" kick ur ass. xD
Feb 15, 2:36 AM

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Eri fantasizing about ringo ame. Love that look especially after seeing the crap she went through.

Criminals using YouTube to become popular lmao.
Feb 15, 2:40 AM

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Jiro's so cute, she needs more screentime and looks like that will happen in this arc. That new criminal's so gentle. Seems like he'll cause some gentle trouble in the festival.
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Feb 15, 2:55 AM

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The more I hear the op the more I like it

Jirou and Eri are both so cute!! Eri's face when she was thinking about candy apples was too adorable.

Don't mind me subtly pushing the Jirou x Kaminari ship
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Feb 15, 2:57 AM
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Am I crazy or is everyone's hair really small this episode? Deku's especially
Feb 15, 3:25 AM

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New villain be like:

"I raid U.A.'s school festival [Gone Wrong]"

Nice to hear Yui Horie. Didn't expect they would cast her for BNHA. It was a pleasant surprise.
Feb 15, 3:42 AM

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THERE THEY ARE!!! MY ABSOLUTE FAVS. (La Brava sounds a little more higher pitched then I was expecting but she’s still cute and I’m very curious to see her other sides acted out)

Gosh they really added more punch to this section; faithful yet they emphasized more scenes. I haven’t seen that in so long, so nice. And such a T of quality to the manga I couldn’t believe it.

Mina and Jirou really stood out as the best. 🙏🏼

Also them making the gag of Todo and Baku dancing into an even flashier joke was 😂

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Feb 15, 3:49 AM

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I had to constantly skip in between the second half, they're unnecessarily focusing a lot on Eri.

Eh, Gentle's like one of the WORST villains in this series. Hope they don't focus much on him since there's no point to it anyway.
Feb 15, 3:58 AM

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Finally, my favorite villain is here.
Feb 15, 4:06 AM

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Gentle and La Brava saved the episode. I didn't realise I wasn't smiling until they showed up.
Feb 15, 4:22 AM
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Gentle and La Brava... well lets see what criminal acts will they be doing
Feb 15, 4:35 AM

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so we are going to dance now ... great...

lemillion , you made me cry again......
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Feb 15, 5:16 AM
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Lemillion was like "we're going on a date!" Eri-chan asked what a date was. Lemillion had a long-winded answer that was made funny because of Midoriya. Good vibes this episode.
Feb 15, 5:17 AM

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Finally Gentle and La Brava are here. Love those two.
Feb 15, 5:36 AM

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Dancing Ashido and Jiro <3 So much delight which made the episode really hella fun. Just the scene with Eri hit in de feels ;_; but Midoriya and Mirio were able to brighten up the mood and now I'm looking even more forward to the festival and especially the performance. Mirio gotta chill, tho, please wait another 13 years or so xD

Also favorite "villain" duo appeared.
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Feb 15, 5:57 AM
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Don't mind me shipping Jirou x Kaminari. That Eri part was sad I want to see her smile too.
Feb 15, 6:02 AM
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Gentle's here, and while some may say it's the worst villain, I love him.
Plus Koichi Yamadera does his voice and it's fantastic.

I'm not a fan of this episode.
First thing : they put the intro they had put on the first episode of the season, and it's completely useless. On the first episode you can put it to remind watchers of the plot, but the 18th episode ?
There's no point in doing that, they just wanted to gain time.

Second : Very slow episode. It adapts only two chapters, and definitely not the most interesting ones, so I guess it can't be helped.

Third : They added quite a few scenes compared to the manga.
There was this JoJo's "To be continued" reference (at the end of Gentle's video) and the drop of tea that arrives in his eye, that was funny.
But that's all.
Voice acting and animation (quite poor again) felt unnatural. There were too much spaces between dialogues, and the little moments like Deku and Aoyama learning to dance were made longer, which slowed down even more the episode. Some OSTs didn't felt "accurate" either.

If it wasn't for Gentle, it would've been 2/5, but he saves the day, so it'll be 3/5.
Feb 15, 6:28 AM

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This episode was very entertaining :) and it ended fast :(

It made me sad knowing Eri didn't know how to smile :( The School Festival will be great for her and will show us a smile eventually. The Heroes will make sure to change that and can't wait to see that ^^

The new criminal seems like he likes fooling around >.> He doesn't look bad nor good. Simply neutral, and that's ok I guess... let's see how this goes.
Feb 15, 6:29 AM

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Jiro is getting some screentime at last. She was pretty cute when she acted all shy and tsundere, but I do look forward to seeing her playing her part for the upcoming festival music performance. This is her time to shine and I think she'll do a fine job. =)

Eri appears once again and the suggestion of taking her to the school festival with Mirio and Deku sounds nice. The way she fantasised about candy apples while drooling was too cute! X3

However, the new villains, Gentle and La Brava, have been up to no good and it's a bit unusual to use the HeroAca version of YouTube to promote their dastardly deeds. Despite Gentle's failed attempt to pour himself a cup of tea on a windy rooftop, I think these two will a problem that our heroes need to deal with soon.

Either way, this episode had some funny moments that I've missed from the other students of class 1-A, so it's good to see that again. =)
Feb 15, 6:46 AM

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The Todoroki and Bakugo dancing part is the highlight of the season LOL
Feb 15, 6:48 AM

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I'm interested in this new arc, and to see the hype around endeavour bear fruit

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Feb 15, 7:18 AM
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Wake me up when Endeavor and his husband Hawks appear together.
Feb 15, 7:19 AM
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I like this arc, even tho it has sort of a filler feeling.
And damn, Eri-chan and Lemillion, don't play with my heart like that.
Now, Gentle, I wanted to see you for so long... Bones, please, at least once this season, don't let me down.

phantomfandom said:
Wake me up when Endeavor and his husband Hawks appear together.

Will they appear tho? They are probably going to keep a pace of 2 episodes for this arc, which means it'll end in episode 24 likely. I think Pro Hero arc will take at least 3.5 episodes to be addapted in the anime. I was hoping we could see it, but I think it'll be the cliffhanger to the next season.
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Feb 15, 7:20 AM

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Gentle has already gained my love and attention. I would love to see more of him. can't we just deal with interesting people like him or stain rather than the stupid ass villains league

Can't wait to see the school festival. Best boy Koda finally spoke this episode.

And once again, let me say my motto: Mirio should've been the main protagonist.
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Feb 15, 7:36 AM
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CaioOlive said:

phantomfandom said:
Wake me up when Endeavor and his husband Hawks appear together.

Will they appear tho? They are probably going to keep a pace of 2 episodes for this arc, which means it'll end in episode 24 likely. I think Pro Hero arc will take at least 3.5 episodes to be addapted in the anime. I was hoping we could see it, but I think it'll be the cliffhanger to the next season.

I heard they already announced voice actor of Hawks
Feb 15, 8:56 AM

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So we get some Denki x Jirou ship moments, some more Eri coming up and a pretty funny villain? Not a bad way to start a school festival arc

At first I thought the OP was designed that way just to fit the music but now I'm guessing it has to do with the actual arc itself
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Feb 15, 9:12 AM

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Yaaay! Gentle and La Brava have arrived! I personally find them really awesome because there's no way that every villain in the world would be so serious and evil as the League of Villains or Chisaki so it makes this duo feel more realistic.

I'm shaking with excitement for the Cultural Festival... it's gonna ROCK (see what I did there?). I also love that Todoroki of all people was like "Let's put on a fucking concert!" haha The scene were Midoriya invited Eri to the Cultural Festival was super heartwarming too... bless you, Midorya and you're pure soul!
Feb 15, 9:22 AM
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I can't wait to see Eri smile. A nice introduction to LA brava and Gentle Criminal, I skipped this arc in the manga so I can't wait to see this animated
Feb 15, 9:24 AM
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I'm so excited to be finally getting Gentle and La Brava!
Feb 15, 9:45 AM

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Though Gentle and La Brava are not my favorites, it was great to see them! This episode was slow, but enjoyable! I still had fun with it even though I have read the manga.
Feb 15, 10:10 AM

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If you take out the hero element, this would just been some classic festival theme just like any other anime which is pretty cool. Japan school setting anime must always have the culture festival anyway.

The Eri part and the flashback was totally unnecessary. The way it stretch out take too much time slot for this episode. At least to a fast flashback instead of a slow one.

The episode director could have done a better job. Don't explain what we already know about the festival. It's just exaggerating and dragging out. I already predicted what Izuku going to do the moment he walked in to see Eri when they started thinking about the festival.

I say it would been better to have this episode focus solely on the festival preparation.
If this episode were to be direct a different way, it would be something like this:

Just because this is a hero anime, it doesn't mean that you have to have a villain in it everytime. For a school festival like this, it's unnecessary to have a villian crash the party.
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Feb 15, 10:21 AM

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Gentle looks like he's gonna be a whole lot of fun, and nice to see Eri doing better, I want her to be happy.
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Feb 15, 10:23 AM

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phantomfandom said:
Wake me up when Endeavor and his husband Hawks appear together.

Most likely won’t appear until the very end of the season. Unless you go watch the movie, they’re both in there.
Feb 15, 10:30 AM
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Finally the cultural festival is happening !! I can't wait to hear Jirou's voice!

I thought amazing that Bones animated the panel of Todoroki and Bakugou dancing.

La Brava and Gentle are perfect and Eri is finally going to have happy moments with her heroes.
Feb 15, 10:36 AM

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I can't help but watch Ashido break dancing. She's so awesome. The 1-A class has decided to do a live action performance so I'm looking forward to seeing how that turns out. That disco scene involving Bakugo and Todoroki was hilarious.
Feb 15, 10:43 AM

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Expected to see slime girl more, But yeah pretty dull second half.

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Feb 15, 11:04 AM

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The comedic tone of the class choosing what they wanted to do for the festival was good as always. Mineta, son of a bitch you never let me down. And the part of Eri, poor little girl, even without Chisaki around she's still suffering, I want to see her smile too. And the last part was... 'meh', I hope Bones wrap up everything in less than two episodes.
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Feb 15, 11:05 AM
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I love these much....
Feb 15, 11:06 AM

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KatsutoSaki said:
I had to constantly skip in between the second half, they're unnecessarily focusing a lot on Eri.

Eh, Gentle's like one of the WORST villains in this series. Hope they don't focus much on him since there's no point to it anyway.

yeah me too the first half was really good but the second half was painful to watch so i skipped a lot of it
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Feb 15, 11:59 AM
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its Jiros time to shine with her music, Eri is cute and Gente is finally here i always love his quirk
Feb 15, 12:17 PM

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Highlight of the episode:

Pretty cute episode with a few funny moments that made me giggle. I particularly loved Mina, Kaminari and Jiro this episode. Also nice to see Eri and Mirio.

I guess this "school festival arc" is going to be about developing the 1-A class. Im alright with this as long as it done right and actually fleshes out some of the students in the class.
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Feb 15, 12:19 PM

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An ok episode. It was nice to see a bit of that Jiro X electic guy ship.

I feel the OPs are telling of how the arc will be. The better the OP the better the arc. Thats how its been for me at least and these last two OPs have been pretty meh. MHA has had a trend of always having amazing OPs then (In my opinion) they dropped it with this season. I really hope they can pick it back up in season 5.

It sucks to see MHA go slice of life. Im a huge slice of life fan but I watch MHA for the action so this arc will probably just remain "ok". Especially since they've already had a villain they'll never be able to match up to, All For One.
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Feb 15, 12:19 PM

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I can't belive I went from "So hyped that marathoned first arc from S3" to "considering dropping the whole series for good"
Feb 15, 12:54 PM

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What a traumatizing episode. Never want to see Deku dance like that ever again. XD

A wild Gintok-erm... I mean Gentle has appeared. Intriguing character and cool design.
Feb 15, 12:57 PM
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this gentle boi is more like gentle trouble
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