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Feb 14, 5:30 PM
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1) option to be able to see all the mangas as in "Seasonal Anime" but instead of dividing it in 4 seasons you have to divide it by year and only show the mangas that were launched that year regardless of the genre
2) filter to be able to see separately the mangas or animes that were released some time ago but that are just added to MAL no matter the genre and not to be mixed with the ones that are just being released
3) option to have customized lists
4) filter to show me only the animes or mangas I haven't added: let's say there are 100 animes in total and I have seen 40 and of the remaining 60 30 are sequels or spin-offs and only 20 are animes I haven't seen
Feb 14, 6:10 PM
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Good luck with that.