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Main Cast Announced for 'Monster Musume no Oishasan' TV Anime

Feb 14, 10:26 AM
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Main cast members for the anime adaptation of Monster Musume no Oishasan (Monster Girl Doctor) were announced through its official website on Friday. The anime will be produced by Arvo Animation and is set to premiere this year.

Saphentite Neikes: Saori Oonishi (Somali to Mori no Kamisama)

Glenn Litbeit: Shunichi Toki (Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin)

Main staff members that were announced last November includes director Yoshiaki Iwasaki (Love Hina, Zero no Tsukaima) and character designer Hiromi Katou (Guilty Crown, ID-0). The series composition will be handled by Hideki Shirane (Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken), while TO-MAS (Alice to Zouroku, Flip Flappers) is in charge of the music.

Monster Musume no Oishasan aims to adapt the comedy light novel series of the same name, which is written by Origuchi Yoshino and illustrated by Z-ton. The series has been published through Shueisha's Dash x Bunko imprint since June 2016. It currently has seven volumes released, with the latest one being released on November 22 of last year.

The light novel was licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment for North American release in April 2017. The sixth volume is expected to go on sale on August 25.

Source: animate Times
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Feb 14, 10:12 PM
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For a sec I thought this was related to Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou...
Feb 15, 8:49 AM
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Oh my god, is that a lamia that can defeat Mia in beauty?
Feb 15, 11:41 AM
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Interesting how they did the designs. It's like a mix between the manga and light novel art, while still keeping what made the art appealing. Can't wait for the show, I hope a lot of people will take interest in it not just for the 'plot' because this light novel is actually pretty good..
Feb 15, 12:13 PM

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Damn, this lamia girl seems weirdly sexy. I'm so confused and enamoured by her tail at the same time
Fëanor did nothing wrong
Feb 22, 1:23 PM

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Wait, this is getting an anime adaptation?
Might have to search for raws, translated only seems to have 3 chapters.