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Recommend me anything that you think people haven't seen or talked about enough

Feb 14, 4:03 AM

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I have been watching anime consistently since 2008 and i have seen my fair share of what this medium has to offer but recently i have been longing for something that can reignite the spark that was lit within me all those years ago. I don't care for genre the only thing that matters is that plot is interesting and that the characters aren't just tropes.

Btw don't give me recommendations based on my anime list as that is only something i haphazardly put together and does in now way show all that i have watched.

Thank you for your time!
Feb 14, 4:14 AM

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Juuni Kokuki

Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku

Dennou Coil

Kemono no Souja Erin

Feb 14, 4:35 AM

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thanks i'll be sure to check them out
Feb 14, 4:49 AM
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Tokyo tribe, most underrated anime. Other ones would be jyu oh sei, coo of the far seas and big fish & begonia

Feb 14, 1:03 PM

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Kuuchu buranko

Paranoia agent

Gakkou gurashi

Sayonara zetsubou sensei

Uta kata

Hisone to masa-tan

Princess principal

Yuki Yuna is a hero

Release the sypce

Re creators

To be hero

Angels egg

Corpse princess

Concrete revolutio

Nura rise of the yokai clan

Tokyo ravens

Yozakura quartet



Feb 14, 3:13 PM

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+1 Uta∽Kata, super glad that more people are watching it and are even occasionally recommending it to more people!! It's probably one of, if not definitively, the most underrated dark magical girl series out there.

+1 Angel's Egg, I can't say it's completely unheard of but it's certainly a pretty interesting OVA from the 80s.

If you like Clannad and Angel Beats, check out Air and Kanon (2006) (especially Air, didn't finish Kanon yet but what I've seen so far is pretty nice). They're made by the same company that created Clannad and Angel Beats and I don't really hear people talking about either of these anime!

More recommendations:
  • Prétear: The New Legend of Snow White - here's another underrated magical girl anime, definitely check it out if you love Princess Tutu as this series also borrows inspiration from fairy tales and was even created by Tutu's chief director.
  • Twin Spica - this is an anime adaptation of one of my favorite manga, which is even more underrated (please give it a read!). I also suggest it if you like sad shows like Clannad.
  • The Demon Girl Next Door - I personally found this to be one of 2019's most underrated shows. definitely give it a watch if you're into slice of life comedies with some crazy fantasy characters.
  • Bottle Fairy - and, speaking of slice of life comedies, here's another one... this was one of my childhood favorites and it taught me some stuff about Japan haha.
Feb 14, 4:15 PM

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Thank you guys very much, it seems i still have a long way to go before i get bored again.
Feb 14, 6:27 PM
Feb 14, 8:33 PM

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barakamon is relatively known with hardcore anime fans but it definitely doesn't get the praise it deserves compared to other series