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Feb 14, 3:40 AM
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Hey guys. I am wondering if there is someplace where it is possible to watch anime episodes like a movie or where multiple episodes have been put together.
Have anybody come across a website that has collected like 2 or 3 episodes into one long episode or something similar.
Any help would be greatly appreciated guys :D
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Feb 14, 4:09 AM
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To my knowledge, I don't think there are sites that do that. I know One Pace sometimes stitches 2 episodes of One Piece together in a 30-40 minute video (cutting out filler), but I think you might have to stick to 24 minute episodes.
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Feb 14, 5:08 AM

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I don't think something like that exists.

Imo it's also pretty useless if it does exist..
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Feb 14, 5:24 AM

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other than the aforementioned One Pace, not really; Naruto Kai ?_? some other shounen might have projects like this
i guess you could just watch episodes in a playlist or smth like that.. especially if it's one of those torrents where the op/ed are separate files, or sites with autoplay feature

but if you think there is an audience for this, you can just remux them yourself :^)
Feb 14, 6:14 AM

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I don't know of any such website and I don't think it's useful, but you might as well just quickly skip the op and ed every episode if you want it the closest to being a "movie"
Feb 14, 7:21 AM

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It's not unusual to find whole season of anime shorts put all together. That way the whole season is 1-2h long and you don't have to watch the OP and ED every time. I can't post any site where you can pirate anime here, but I'm pretty sure you already know a couple of them.
Feb 14, 7:30 AM
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I don't know of any such site.
However,there are some series in which arcs or seasons are compiled into a single movie.Most sports anime have such format of compilation movies.However minute details and interactions are cut off and it takes away from the watching experience.
I would recommend you to watch episode as a whole and skip those op,recap and ed for a better experience.
Feb 14, 4:17 PM
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Is there any difference between that and just hitting "play next" (or something similar) in pretty much any streaming site out there?