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Are there some good examples when you just wanted to take a rock from the floor, and smash it in some character's face?

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Yesterday, 6:38 PM

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Alois Trancy, Nina Einstein, Happosai, and Kasuga Kyousuke in most of KOR: I Want to Return to that Day.
Yesterday, 8:08 PM

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You know, when I think about it, there's MANY more I would have thought, and surprisingly many of them are mentioned here (Mika from PP, Ueno from SV, Mineta/Bakugo from BNH. Also, special mention go to Momoko and Sugawara from Savage Maidens. Another to Narusawa from Occultic;Nine, but more out of the FEAR... well, technically two BIG fears); so I'm just going to name a type of character.

Them creepy girls that are WAY too into another girl (who don't clearly like it), and keep, keep trying to get into their bed or whatever. For example, Kuroko from Index. I like her design, but the personality of "just Misaka" is just... ugh. The only point where her personality is tolerable is in the one doujin where her and Touma both drink an aphrodisiac in the same room.

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"You know you've reached peak quality when a doujin is better than the actual source series." (I'm looking at you, To LOVE-Ru)

Just to list a couple of biases when I blabber on about them.
Likes: A good story, characters, writing, romance, a good plot twist or something that breaks expectations (In a good way), 'backstory', and small breasts justice.
Dislikes: Bad romance, too much fanservice, the harem genre, yuri, yaoi, and bad writing.
Yesterday, 8:46 PM

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Back at it again with the absolutely genius threads, thank you for ensuring I will never leave this site

To answer the question, yuno gasai
Yesterday, 10:05 PM

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HaarWyvern said:
Missaliensan said:

Bwahhahah that’s funny considering how much people love the ghost loli.Even though she exists solely as a plot device and is severely lacking in personality

Yep, and I don't understand.
I just can't. Her stupid smile, her cringe voice.. everything aaaaaah

Well, most people think Menma's precious and adorable...and they are right. :'D She does SO have a personality!

Today, 4:23 AM
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All character from Kuzu no Honkai. They use their painful memories and mushy romance history as reason to fuck anytime and with anybody.
Their tears has become facade of being hypersex or slut
Today, 4:27 AM

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Nozomu Tanaka from Joshikousei no Mudazukai because she is a twat.
Today, 5:02 AM

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The first one that comes to mind is that smug bitch Yumi from Chihayafuru - she made my blood boil. But I haven’t seen S2 yet maybe she gets a redemption.

Perhaps the hyperactive main witch in Little Witch Academia - but I’d rather just give her a heavy sedative so she would stop yelling, running and falling over all the time, drove me crazy.

Finally, it’s not quite answering the question but I would love to give Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena the rock and watch her beat the shit out of Saionji.
Today, 5:14 AM
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For some reason, main characters from anines really annoy me at first, but eventually i get used to them or they toughen up. But the one character that annoys me to the next world is Subaru from Re:zero. I mean it was still a good anime in my opinion but it would be way higher in my list if it weren't for him
Today, 5:39 AM

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A_Sad_Dust_Cloud said:
Yuki Amano and Yuno Gasai from Mirrai Nikki. For every second they were on screen I wanted them gone, which is sadly, 99% of the show

^ this

Worst MC couple I've ever seen
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Today, 6:19 AM

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Themousen said:
A_Sad_Dust_Cloud said:
Yuki Amano and Yuno Gasai from Mirrai Nikki. For every second they were on screen I wanted them gone, which is sadly, 99% of the show

^ this

Worst MC couple I've ever seen

Yep, I can't say that I don't agree with that
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