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How do you find time to watch so much Anime ?

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Feb 12, 7:24 PM
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Most of the user's profile I see on MAL have so many completed Anime titles and some even claim to have just started watching Anime maybe just a year ago. I have just been able to complete about 60 or so anime in 4 years and now I am barely able to keep up with seasonal shows. So where do you all get so much time from ?
Feb 12, 7:29 PM

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I guess you are normie, with friends, job, other hobbies, not turbo autistic anime watcher like most of us here.

12 ep anime takes about ~4h. 60 in 4 years, means 1.25 per month. If you giving 5h for anime each month, you won't get anywhere near being turbo autistic anime watcher.
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Feb 12, 7:37 PM

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If you don't really have any other hobbies or friends to hang out with it's quite easy to spend a lot of time on watching anime.
Feb 12, 7:49 PM

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I have no friends, very few family, and have income without a job because of disability. Unlimited time is within my fingers grasp.
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Feb 12, 8:16 PM

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you have to sacrifice an important thing in your life for anime... a small price to pay for salvation
Feb 12, 8:20 PM

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Been watching since like 2002, no life'd anime when I was like 11-15.
Feb 12, 8:38 PM

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I don't log my anime much any more in the database but I do watch a fair bit.

Plus i work full-time, go to the gym every day, busy with church, go out with social groups, etc....

During the week, I set aside enough for two episodes per day. On weekends, depends if I am socialising or not. If not, I will try and get through 12 episodes and an OVA for the weekend, more or less.

Sometimes it takes me a while to find something i want to watch, but when I do find it, the world has to stay still because it will be my focus!

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Feb 12, 8:49 PM

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I had the same question too. Like Im not super busy but I still cant manage to have enough time left over to watch anime . I just dont know how these people do it.
Feb 12, 9:52 PM

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@shirakawa_megumi Yeah I bet he is a Normie. What a loser lol
Feb 12, 10:05 PM

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After midnight time seems like freeze (well at least on some days and when I have enough Endurance left in me).
Feb 12, 10:56 PM

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60 anime in 4 years ? You're definitely a normie

Feb 12, 10:58 PM

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It just comes down to time, along with dedication and passion for watching anime. For instance, when I first started out watching anime in conjunction to adding them to my MAL list, I went through the first 100 anime in less than a year. It took me about as long to get to 200 completed anime as well. I just kept watching anime consistently. It was only after the first few hundred anime that I completed that I slowed down significantly. This in part had to do with taking up employment, as well as engaging in other activities, ranging from video games to exercise. So time is the ultimate answer here. The more time a person has to watch anime, the more they are going to complete.
Feb 12, 11:13 PM
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DoctorWasabi said:
60 anime in 4 years ? You're definitely a normie

I also watch Western TV shows and movies,kdrama,jdrama , read manga & manhwa and play video games so I don't think I'm a normie.
Thanks for all the answers and I think I got my answer too. I suppose the people that I mentioned in my question just focus more of their time on anime in comparison to other forms of entertainment thus accomplishing such a feat
Feb 12, 11:46 PM
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1. have no life
2. never watch ongoing shows
3. watch short shows
4. marathon them

no reason in particular to want to watch lots of animes though
the goods are not in quantities

if you miss a good show you can always watch it later
and be happy you didn't watch it before that day
for anime already watched hardly helps in escape from boredom
and eventually you will run out of funs no matter what form of entertainment you pick
Feb 13, 1:49 AM

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I find this strategy to work really well:

Never go outside unless it absolutely necessary
Ditch your IRL friends and make some REAL online friends so they can't ask to hangout
Live with your parents as long as possible
Don't get a job
Feb 13, 1:51 AM

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I got nothing better to do, sometimes masturbating gets bland (Ik its almost impossible but it happens) sometimes my awesome gamer skills can't keep me excited so I just lock myself up in my room and watch lesbian Lolicons
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Feb 13, 2:03 AM
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Everything you do or don't do takes time. Time keeps marching on. The only way to do more of one thing is to do less of another thing.

....Unless you multitask. I try to multitask anything and everything possible. Hence why I prefer dubs to sub in anime. Infact, as we speak I am watching Carole & Tuesday Dubbed on Netflix and eating my lunch and as soon as I am finished I am going to resume throwing out my figurine boxes to make space in the house.
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Feb 13, 2:51 AM

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Yeah it's pretty crazy when i see someone who says they started anime a year ago and yet they've already almost watched as much as me, which took about 10 years for me to accumulate lol. It's even worse when they're younger than me and have seen over a year's worth of anime, that's mind blowing to me. A year of their life looking at a screen when they're so young is kind of depressing. I just always tend to feel sorry for people who've seen so much, but i don't know their circumstances so i shouldn't be so judgemental really. I just tend to assume they're a NEET or something. In my case i watched a ton of anime during my school life, but i spent a ton of time hanging out with friends and doing school work too. I think i had a good balance.

I have a full time job now and i tend to watch anime episodes in the mornings and when i get back from work. On the weekends any time goes; of course sometimes i'll be reading manga or playing video games instead. I've been watching anime since i was around 10 years old i'd say.
Feb 13, 3:23 AM

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i'm a shut in neet, if you check my anime history you'll see that i actually rarely even binge stuff, so i should have it higher than i do.

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Feb 13, 3:51 AM
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I swear this same question is posted weekly it is not hard to watch one anime with 24 episodes a week or 1-2 anime with 12 episodes a week. I used to do it all the time when I 1st started watching anime and you have plenty of time to also watch the seasonal anime also.

There is 52 weeks in a year so then if you watch anime a week you can complete 52 a year and then if you are like me who also keeps up with seasonal anime I watch about 10-15 seasonal anime a season then you have watched 92-112 anime a year after 5 years of watching anime you will have almost 500 watched anime and that is without watching movies, ovas and shorts.
Feb 13, 9:10 AM

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Surely this isn't such a hard concept to grasp. People have time to watch a lot of anime because everyone lives different lives. They have different priorities and obligations. They might be better at time management. They might have a job that allows them more free time, or no job at all. You're under an illusion if you think everyone on this site is employed, married, and has kids. If you care about something, you'll make time for it. So obviously someone who's very much into anime will choose to sit at home and watch anime instead of watching a sports game or going out drinking. Idk why this is even being asked.
Feb 13, 9:20 AM

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Tanatloc said:
I find this strategy to work really well:

Never go outside unless it absolutely necessary
Ditch your IRL friends and make some REAL online friends so they can't ask to hangout
Live with your parents as long as possible
Don't get a job

But what about those some of us, whose parents passed away before we even finished Elementary school? without this one, the rest of your points are irrelevant to us and don't make sense.
Feb 13, 9:43 AM

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Swap anime with video-games and well... my life summed up

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Feb 13, 10:26 AM

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Let me guess, your free time is occupied by visiting bars to get drunk, visiting concerts or festivals and perhaps visiting a fitness studio here and there.
Feb 13, 10:36 AM
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Finding enough time:
- having absolutely zero friends
- live with your parents
- study
- don't work
- no hobbies

Trying to hard:
- watch anime 24/7, basically while driving, pooping, eating, walking, fapping, sleeping, studying, ... while missing important parts of the anime, just because "I like it" mixed with self destruction.

That's what I imagine the extreme ones doing.
Feb 13, 10:45 AM

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The major I choose is Law, which doesn't take much time to study for, and thank god Ik how to mange my time.
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Feb 13, 11:04 AM
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With that out of the way, depending on how busy I get with modding/gaming, I'm lucky if I get in around an hour of watching anime/day. Used to be that I could do more, remember binging 12 episode series in a single day.
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Feb 13, 11:07 AM

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Depends on what a person does in a day and how much free time they have.
Feb 13, 11:22 AM

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I've been watching anime for like 20 years and during that time I spent the majority of the free time that I don't spend going out and hanging out with friends on anime. According to MALGraph it averages out to maybe 4 hours a day, which still allows for plenty of time to study/work, meet friends, sleep, eat, read books and even watch western TV Series and Movies as well (albeit in smaller quantities than anime). There's a lot of hours in a day/week/year.

I think I'm just very efficient, I don't take breaks between episodes when I watch a show and I don't spend much time randomly browsing memes or youtube videos or whatever else distracts people when they're on the computer. MAL forums, and in recent years discord, is really the only thing I do on my computer other than watching stuff. When I spend 4 hours in front of my computer I'm likely to watch 4 hours worth of anime during that time, while I feel others might watch half of that without even realizing where the other two hours went.

It's the same with studying too. I know too many people irl whose idea of studying is lounging around the house with their lecture material lying around, doing random stuff and occasionaly looking at their notes but making less progress in a day than I do in an hour or two of focused studying. I assume many people have issues focusing on one thing at a time these days and I think it leads to them feeling that they have less free time than they actually have on paper.

I mean it's not like I never get distracted, it's too easy when you have internet, but I always actively try not to and focus on one thing at a time, be it studying or watching anime or doing chores around the house. And it's working out pretty well for me.
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Feb 13, 11:28 AM

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Its not that hard, an average one cour season only takes about 4 hours to complete, instead of watching a movie you can watch half a season before bed and you'd finish one anime entry in 2 days. I on the other hand have nothing to do other then socializing and occasionally popping to college to see how everyone is doing. If i want to stay at home and watch anime i just wont do outside, and i avoid college anyways, so i have a bunch of free time.
Feb 13, 11:36 AM

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It's easy, I don't really have any other hobbies aside from watching anime.

And I gotta agree with Pullman on some parts. I think that compared to many other users who seem to spend a lot of their time on other anime related stuff, I'm actually, you know, watching stuff.
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Feb 13, 11:43 AM

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A lot of hobby shaming ITT. People spend hours watching youtube videos, watch anime instead of endlessly scrolling. Not that hard.

I mean I've watched almost all of the anime on my list since I've made my account, and I don't feel like my time is dominated by anime.
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Feb 13, 11:51 AM

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if you want to complete shows, stop watching garbage seasonals and binge stuff that you actually can complete
Feb 13, 11:54 AM

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Coud say anime is medicin for me right now.

I'm sick, can't work, can't meet up with friends, I get tierd to just go and meet a doctor, it more or less fucks up days afterward.

And if that was not everything my damn parents got a divorced recently.

So much of my time is spent watching anime, thanks to I don't have any strengh at all. Doing things in real life breaks me.
And anime gives me a bit of happiness so I'm happy to have it in my life.

That's the reason why I have so much "free time"
Feb 13, 12:01 PM

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I am in my 30's so I have been watching it for a long time and I still I haven't seen as much as a lot of people I have seen on here, I am almost halfway to 700. I still find time to watch but not as much as when I was like 12 and in my teens.
Feb 13, 12:25 PM

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I'm older than most users here on mal, but I've found over the last 20 years that my watching pattern has changed over time. I was busy in my 20's, but in periods when I was out of work (a couple of periods looking for work for up to 6 months) then I consumed a lot more anime.

Sometimes when life was busy I wouldn't watch any anime for up to a year. But due to poor health in the last couple of years I've had more free time, so have got back into watching anime again. I'm trying to watch as much as possible as I know that one day soon my life will get busy again, probably kids at some point. So up until then I want to get in as much anime as possible.
Feb 13, 12:44 PM

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I don't, or more accurately, I don't really want to, because I don't enjoy anime as much if I watch it too fast, so I basically wait until I feel I've "digested" a previous episode before moving onto the next.

Instead I just fill my time putzing around with something else.
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Feb 13, 1:31 PM

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College gave me a lot of free time. Most of the shows on my list I watched during those three years and, at the time, I was watching seasonal shows, plus whatever was on my watch list.

Now I'm in university and working a job at the same time, I really don't have time for anime. I can get a series in during a holiday, but not during a semester, there's just too much work to do. Hell, I've straight up don't watch seasonal anime anymore, not even because I don't have time, but just because I end up hating them all.

Next time I get a big gap of free time, I'm probably gonna save it to watch Nana.
Feb 13, 1:35 PM
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I'm out on disability and have no kids or responsibilities. I'm basically so disabled I can't do much else.
Feb 13, 1:36 PM

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They're called completionists. I stopped watching anime in 2017 but I'm slowly back on the reins. I completed 250 anime in 13 years, that's average 19 series a year.
Also, it really depends on the person's taste, you can complete over 500 anime if you only watch series with 12 episodes or less.

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Feb 13, 4:10 PM

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Its not about available time. Personally I am at the point where I am constantly thinking about what to watch. As well as, how long until the next series I am interested in will be available. Either when it starts airing. Or if its an older series, how long until its downloaded.
Feb 13, 4:13 PM

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It takes 20 minutes to watch a single episode, so it's not too difficult to find time to watch it.
It's more of a question if I'm in a mood to do it than anything else.

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Feb 13, 4:44 PM

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_Ridley_ said:
I'm out on disability and have no kids or responsibilities. I'm basically so disabled I can't do much else.

Oh my lord. I hope things look up for you.
Feb 13, 4:51 PM
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Zeroflamez said:
Oh my lord. I hope things look up for you.

Don't get it twisted. I'm perfectly content with how I spend my days. I've replaced the hobbies I can't do anymore with new ones I can.
Feb 13, 4:55 PM

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I run my businesses online from home, so I can always watch it while I'm working. I also watch it while I'm working out to pass the time, and I do long workouts, so I get a lot seen that way. Then, if I have the chance, I'll binge it on the weekends. So, that's pretty much how I watch so much. But, I've also been watching anime since the days of Dragonball and Ronin Warriors. So, I've got a lot of mileage.
Feb 13, 4:58 PM

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It's not like anime really takes so much time. If you make time for 2 episodes per day then you'll complete a series every week. I guess if you need to reserve time for sports, musical instruments, ect. then that might be difficult, but most of my hobbies are anime related so I've never found it difficult to find time for. Sometimes I'll even dedicate an entire day just to binging a bunch of anime.
Feb 13, 5:02 PM

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it's easy to get through 12 episodes of anime within 1/2 days depending on how much time you have. I have 10 hours free in the afternoons so I can watch about a series a day if I want. (not a boast...its kinda sad how much free time I have lol)
Coming closer to exams however I have about 2 hours a day for free time which is still about half a series. It honestly depends how much you are dedicated and how much free time you have. Binging series on the weekend is a way to go for me.
Feb 13, 5:09 PM

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I honestly dont know how peeps do it yo. I went through a stage of not doing anything but watching anime, I even didnt work in that time period but Im nowhere close to most here. Now Im still mostly a loner but do work and occasionally hangout out so my watching has dropped plus my interest kinda fell off too.

Watching a years worth of anime is crazy thats literally just staying home and watch anime all day and never getting sick of it.
Feb 13, 5:13 PM

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Well first off, a certain percentage of anime on my list were completed prior to me joining MAL. Secondly, I literally have no other hobbies besides this and video games. Even when I'm out with friends thats pretty much all we do.
Feb 13, 10:42 PM

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You don't. That's why reading manga is a lot better.
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