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Out of all anime (if any) you have rated a 10, whether series or film, which is the lowest rated by the general public and why?

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Feb 12, 2:26 PM

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This is for people who utilize the 10 figure in the rating system, even if only for a handful of anime. Regardless of whether it's a TV series, film, OVA, or ONA. And regardless of age/length/genre.

Out of all the anime you have rated at 10, the masterpiece level, which has the lowest rating overall on MAL and what do you think accounts for that disparity, in your estimation, between your personal feelings about it and its reception by its broader audience?
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Feb 12, 2:45 PM

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So should I answer regarding the name of the thread or the post? I suppose that the post was your original intent.
Out of all anime I rated 10, the lowest rating on MAL has Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Hen. It's 7.57. I'm gonna blame A-1 pictures for this rating.
Feb 12, 2:57 PM

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NamikazeHime said:
So should I answer regarding the name of the thread or the post? I suppose that the post was your original intent.

Yes, I meant 10 as said in the body of the post. The discrepancy in the title is a result of a typo and error on my part. Apologies.

It has been edited and corrected now.
Feb 12, 2:57 PM

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Killing Bites. I guess it's too trashy and has too much ecchi for most people to consider it legit good.

Samurai Flamenco. Crazy tone shifts and pretty whack in general, I don't blame people for thinking it's a mess, but what glorius mess at that.

Ace wo Nerae!2(rated 9), Hidamari no Ki, Emblem Take 2, Kasei Yakyoku.

Lol, just saw now that you changed it from 8 to 10.
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Feb 12, 2:57 PM

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lowest rated is SAO which I don't think needs explanation why

but other than that it's His and Her Circumstances. Most likely lower rated because of the various production issues that happened and that wtf ending
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Feb 12, 2:59 PM

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I've given honneamise an 8 while the MAL average is 7.59. I guess it's because the the plot was uninteresting and the ending was weird. I also gave a 9 to the first legend of the galactic heroes gaiden (7.97) because I'm an empire shill. Other that my tastes seem to be fairly convention and my scores normal.
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Feb 12, 3:00 PM

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Easy answer on my part, because my lowest-rated 10 is Kanamewo (6.77), which most likely has its lower score as most of its peer due to it being a short animation, which are almost always discriminately low-rated in comparison to a typical TV-series.
What accounts for the difference beyond it, not being an overtly long series or a full-length movie that follows the 'generic' pattern of 'what constitutes to a normal anime,' I can't much tell, as it's actually a fairly well-received short, by those who are into them.
Feb 12, 3:01 PM

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So not as huge a score discrepancy as some cases, but for me it's Liz and the Blue Bird with an 8.25. And I kinda get it, it's definitely a very slow movie and for an hour and a half movie, not that much happens, but for me, I remember just feeling it when I watched it in that theater, it was a kinda surreal experience. Like it just got me in that headspace of struggling to let go and the beautiful animation and music syncing up just did so much for me. I'm not sure I can logically explain why I felt it was worth a 10, all I can say is I walked out of the theater not wanting to think about it, just wanting to let the experience wash over me, and that was why I gave it a 10.
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Feb 12, 3:02 PM

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I think my lowest 10 score is happy sugar life (7.0 I think) but that's understandable. I think the viewers will hate the characters very much because they're all perverts in a way and because of that, the great messages that the anime try to conceive is misleading.
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Feb 12, 3:02 PM

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For me its Railgun S. Some people don't like the Toaru franchise, but I love Railgun. The sister's arc is one of my favorites in anime
Feb 12, 3:02 PM

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For me Monster Musume is the lowest rated of my 10/10s. I gave it a 10 because I really enjoyed the characters, setting, and comedy. I think many people rate it low since some may consider it a cliche ecchi anime.
Feb 12, 3:04 PM

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From the full length TV Series its School Days at 5.89.

From the other random shorts its 00:08 at score 4.95. Experimental animation that really isnt for everyone.

Here is the list

1, 00:08 4.95
2. Tentoumushi no Otomurai 5.28
3. Niedola 5.52
4. Gekkou Shokudou 5.58
5. Cream Lemon: Lemon Angel 5.63
6. In the Sea and near a Girl. 5.64
7. Kyoto Animation: Hassou-hen 5.65
8. Nimrod 5.68
8. Alice in Voodooland 5.68
10. Wasure-boshi 5.70
11. L'Œil du cyclone 5.73

There seems to be a general distaste of shorts here on MAL or people just rate them with different standards that I do. Most of those are some sort of experimental or abstract shorts which I really enjoy so that is why I rated them 10. However they are not for everyone.
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Feb 12, 3:12 PM

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Likely Free!: Eternal Summer. It's rated 7.79, even many Free! fans thought it wasn't as good as first season, but personally I think it was better. The main conflict of the second season was more interesting to me, it focused on wider cast (without becoming messy) and showed lot of character development with Rin who I disliked in first season but grew to like.

Jinrui wa suitai shimashita is not far behind with 7.83. The shows humor really hit me, I like dark humor like that, it was absurd in good way and the main character was rly relatable.

All my other 10s are over 8.

Feb 12, 3:15 PM

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The lowest rated 10 is Yama no Susume: Second Season for me and I would assume it's first of all, because the series only has half length episodes and shorter anime often end up with a lower score.
Feb 12, 3:17 PM

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Toradora! is rated at 8.34 for some reason even though it should be rated higher. Bunch of Tsundere haters...
Feb 12, 3:29 PM

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I have 2 animes rated10 that have an average score of less than 7:

HenSemi (TV) and it's OVA version have an average of 6.59 and 6.57, the reason seems quite clear actually. The plot itself has some issues but I bet it didn't weight much, it's mostly because the anime's main focus are extreme fetishes and heavy raunchy humor.
Many would find it absolutely disgusting, but I loved the way it analyzes those elements on a psychologycal level insted of making it just humor.

The other one is an hentai, Shoujo Sect, and well the average of 6.78 is good enough for it.
It's a lot rapey, one of the main character has an harem that most likely was obtained quite forcefully and it's an hentai so it won't have an high score.
My 10 actually came from the 13 years old me getting way too much emotional, crying for the (not so good actually) plot, since I never experienced something like that I ratd it 10... I should lower it tbh.
Feb 12, 3:31 PM

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I'll put all SAO entries in one, otherwise I would just list all of them on this list (shame on you if you rated low!)

0) All SAO series (7.05 and above)
1) Grancrest Senki (7.30)
2) Pop Team Epic (7.32)
3) Accel World (7.44)
4) Darling in the Franxx (7.45)
5) Mirai Nikki: Redial (7.51)
6) SukaSuka (7.81)
7) Gate S2 (7.85)
8) FGO Learn with Manga mini series (7.85)
9) Kokoro Connect (7.89)
10) Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda. (8.08)
11) Angel Beats! (8.24)
12) Shelter (music video) (8.39)
13) Kiseiju (8.47)
14) Steins;Gate Movie: Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu (8.53)
15) Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu (8.68)
16) One Punch Man (8.67)
17) Gurren Lagann (8.70)
18) Clannad After Story (8.98)
19) Your Name (9.08)
20) Steins;Gate (9.14)

Those are all my 10/10s, from the lowest average score on MAL to the highest

If we go down to the 9/10s, I have so many shows that are rated way more than 3 points or less compared to the average, I'm going to cringe just by looking at the horrific scores you guys gave them...(same for some shows with close to 9/10 average that I have rated 6 or below lol)
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Feb 12, 3:32 PM
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[/quote]There seems to be a general distaste of shorts here on MAL or people just rate them with different standards that I do. Most of those are some sort of experimental or abstract shorts which I really enjoy so that is why I rated them 10. However they are not for everyone.[/quote]

^ This!
I think currently the series on my list that is similar to this that I think deserve a 10 is Amazing Nuts! Anthology collection.

It baffles me that we could only get shorts of potentially good shows. 2 notable entries in the Anthology is Global Astroliner Gou and Kung Fu Love. A few animators and reviewers on this praised the concept and art style a few years back and I totally agree.

Right now it sits at a rating of 6.62.....
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Feb 12, 3:34 PM

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Mawaru Penguindrum and I'd chalk it up to how convoluted and too far up his own ass Ikuhara's writing can be, still 8.01 is a good enough score, not complaining.
Feb 12, 3:41 PM

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Hourou Musuko and Totsukuni no Shoujo. The first is probably because the anime takes off at the middle of the manga, which might have left a lot of people lost even if they did a good job of explaining the story. I read the manga first so I loved every second of it. The latter technicaly is nothing special so I'm not surprised at the lower score, but still, I loved its subtlety and how beautiful the animation and everything was. I wish they would do a full series with the same wordless style.

Pylia said:
Easy answer on my part, because my lowest-rated 10 is Kanamewo (6.77), which most likely has its lower score as most of its peer due to it being a short animation, which are almost always discriminately low-rated in comparison to a typical TV-series.

Yes, Kanamewo is amazing. I feel a lot of people watch these shorts only to pad their lists and give them a low score just because it's short.
Feb 12, 3:43 PM

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The lowest 10 that I’ve given is for the Ghibli film When Marnie Was There at 8.17. Not a bad score but I’m not really sure why it’s at this score specifically. This is personally my favourite Ghibli film and I don’t often hear a lot of people talk about it when it comes to discussing Ghibli films.
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Feb 12, 3:46 PM

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Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 is 8.36. It is a good score regardless.
Feb 12, 3:48 PM

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Mine is the first season of city hunter at 7.99 which isn't a bad score by any means. Anyway the reason why it isn't higher is because it's an 80s shounen with some ecchi elements to it and here we have 2 tags that don't get much love on this site nowadays outside of rare cases like legend of the galactic hereos and monogatari.
Feb 12, 3:48 PM

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Out of the 2 anime I have given a 10 (at the time I'm writing this), Vinland Saga...shockingly has a higher score than Monster. By 8 points. While Monster is considered, by critics to be the better series, it makes sense why Vinland Saga has a slightly higher score right now:

Vinland Saga is much more broad in terms of appeal than Monster: there's action, lots of dramatic and sad scenes, very high tension. Monster is the opposite: it's generally much more quiet and slow. Many people, including myself at some point, have complained that Monster is too slow and boring. However, I've never seen anyone who dislikes Vinland Saga call it a boring series, or even have slow pacing, aside from the first 3 episodes. Now of course, tastes vary, so obviously there are people who watched Vinland Saga and found it to be too slow and boring. But the point I'm trying to stress is that it's harder to get bored from watching Vinland Saga then it is Monster.

In short: if you show Monster and Vinland Saga to a younger audience, even they'll be more likely to enjoy Vinland Saga far more than Monster.
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Feb 12, 3:48 PM

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The lowest rated thing that I rated a 10 is Madoka Magica which is still quite high, I don't have many 10s and most of mine align with the top 50 on the site.
Feb 12, 3:59 PM

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Well, my lowest rated 10 is "InuYasha Movie 1: Toki wo Koeru Omoi" scored on MAL at 7.65 which makes me sad on a deep level but it also makes sense because most people have no taste. Jk.

But seriously, I do get it. Objectively, it's probably not worth a 10 but I don't care. I am so obsessed with the characters and world of Inuyasha that it would have to be a train wreck of a story for me to not give it a 10. That said, it's probably my least favourite Inuyasha film but that's really not saying much.
Feb 12, 4:01 PM
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I don't have many 10s to choose from, but the lowest is True Tears, at 7.43. Not exactly a low score, but lower than I feel it deserves. I suspect the biggest reason people dinged it is because they didn't like the ending (although I did). They might also think the MC's passive or bland, but I liked how he was more observant and didn't have an outsized influence on the story (i.e. everything revolving around him). It's also a fairly realistic drama, where even the resident MPDG character can be petulant and negative and has issues, and there isn't a lot of "anime stuff" going on. When I first watched it, it was kinda the opposite of what I expected... even now, I'm most interested in trying to find shows that don't go the way I expect them to (imo, probably 80-90% is very predictable). All of this doesn't get much mileage with your typical anime fan, I think -- hence, the lowish score.
Feb 12, 4:04 PM

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Space Patrol Luluco (7.64) people probably think "the message is silly" or simply vote lower because epsodes are short. But hey! You cannot make mistakes if your show is too short!
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Feb 12, 4:11 PM

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My lowest 10 is Durarara!!x2 Ten, scored 8.06

That's pretty high already, so I guess I don't really have to justify myself
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Feb 12, 4:12 PM

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Di Gi Charat - because it's an old and forgotten anime that was made for a small audience in the first place and has weird subjects like the moe and otaku culture. Nevertheless it's an absurd comedy masterpiece.
Feb 12, 4:22 PM

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My lowest MAL scored 10/10 is Ergo Proxy.

And the reason is the same as for all great anime which get underrated by the masses. It's just too niche. If taste in anime is like taste in food, then EP is anchovies on pizza. Doesn't matter how good you make the an pizza, lots of people don't like anchovies and therefore won't like the pizza.

The actual elements that turn people off purely based on subjective reasons are, in my opinion:

1. Vague plot.
Same reason Serial Experiments Lane is underrated. Most people want a clear plot to follow. Not necessarily simple, but clear. EP, like Lain, presents its plot in a purposely ambiguous way. It doesn't lead the viewer by the hand. One needs to be OK enjoying something for the atmosphere and not worrying about the bits one doesn't understand.

For people like me, the nebulous plot creates a sense of mystery and density to the world. Just like the real world, you don't always get all the information. There's a lot under the surface, or at least it feels that way. And that's a big problem for some people. A common criticism is that EP is pretentious and that there's nothing of meaning or value beneath the surface. And to an extent, that's true. But equally one could argue that does't matter.

It's about creating a sense of depth that adds to the atmosphere. And for me, the atmosphere is really what makes EP a 10/10 anime. The art, direction, sound design, music choices (including amazing OP and ED) all create a rich flavor to the world.

2. Very bold / experimental pacing / tonal shifts.
Lots of people like a "clean" pacing and focused tones. They don't like jarring tonal / pacing shifts. Many people will even argue this is an objective area of criticism. But the amount of famous, critically acclaimed works from literature and film that play with the pacing and tones suggest it's less a matter of do or don't, but how it's done.

In any case, EP starts fast paced, slows the fuck down for episodes at a time, even including a bottle episode, then has episodes with a tons of action... there's the game-show episode which I won't get in to because it would take forever... Basically, there are a lot of people that don't like surprises. They like to know what they're getting.

So that's about it I think. Could write more but this comment is long enough. I truly think EP is one of the most underrated anime that at least I've ever seen.
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Feb 12, 4:44 PM

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K-On!! with an 8.15. My 10/10's aren't unpopular at all lol, and I do think K-On! deserves more but it's not a show for everyone and I totally get that.
Feb 12, 5:01 PM

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My list of 10/10 goes like this:

Junkers Come Here (7.23)
Voices of a Distant Star (7.31)
On Your Mark (7.53)
Fantastic Children (7.60)
Children Who Chase Lost Voices (7.65)
Now and Then, Here and There (7.70)
Fruits Basket 2001 (7.76)
5 Centimeters Per Second (7.85)
Gungrave (7.89)
Hibike! Euphonium (8.02)
Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro (8.17)
Death Parade (8.22)
Chihayafuru (8.27)
Millennium Actress (8.28)
Hibike! Euphonium 2 (8.30)
Castle in the Sky (8.37)
Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance (8.38)
Kino's Journey 2003 (8.38)
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door (8.39)
Fate/Zero S1 (8.40)
Perfect Blue (8.40)
Shin Sekai Yori (8.41)
Mob Psycho 100 (8.51)
Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd GIG (8.52)
Fate/Zero S2 (8.62)
The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (8.68)
Gurren Lagann (8.70)
Monster (8.71)
Hajime no Ippo (8.78)
Cowboy Bebop (8.79)
Made in Abyss (8.82)
Mob Psycho 100 II (8.89)
Your Name (9.08)
Steins;Gate (9.14)

All of you should be 10/10ing these, as well. No excuse to see some of my all-time favorites down in the 7.xx ghetto.

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Feb 12, 5:04 PM

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My lowest rated 10 would be Yuyushiki, sitting at a 7.42, and it's probably because for the average person watching it, it's not gonna resonate as much as it did with me.
Feb 12, 5:09 PM

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my lowest 10/10 is saiki kusuo no psi-nan, rated at an 8.49 (very high), which speaks much more to how few anime i've seen than anything else
Feb 12, 5:19 PM

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Jojo Part 3 Stardust Crusaders
People don't generally like "monster of the week", feeling of episodic episodes, dragged too long as it takes the characters quite a while to get to the final boss, introduction of a new fighting style so it hasn't been refined ("basic attacks", "more about power than technique"), "asspulls"
Feb 12, 5:20 PM

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Bananya. But quite frankly, I simply cannot understand why anyone would rate this masterpiece anything lower than the 10 it deserves.

Obviously I'm kidding, but I really did rate it a 10/10. In my heart it's a masterpiece. I can understand its low score though, considering its absurdity and short length.

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Feb 12, 5:31 PM

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The first season of Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon, because it and the second season are the only things I've given 10s to. The other reason is that someone decided to squeeze 60 plus chapters of long-ass light novel into 13 episodes, and it jacked the pacing majorly.
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Feb 12, 5:35 PM
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Watamote followed pretty closely by Haruhi. Both are pretty divisive titles for some people, mostly you either love or hate them and I think the lead female characters would be the main reason for for both.
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Feb 12, 5:40 PM

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Of my current 10's Rurouni Kenshin has the lowest MAL score of 8.37. To be honest, the average is probably more accurate, but I refuse to remove my nostalgia goggles that I do.
Feb 12, 6:12 PM

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My lowest is Paranoia Agent, sitting at 7.72 followed by the Planetarian movie!

I'm guessing that PA might not have vibed as well with viewers as much as it did for me. Some people were disappointed with the Planetarian movie but I loved it ngl
Feb 12, 6:23 PM

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Pokemon - 7.42
Pokemon Movie 2 - 7.43

Purely nostalgic.
Feb 12, 6:26 PM

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horridhendy said:
Well, my lowest rated 10 is "InuYasha Movie 1: Toki wo Koeru Omoi" scored on MAL at 7.65 which makes me sad on a deep level but it also makes sense because most people have no taste. Jk.

But seriously, I do get it. Objectively, it's probably not worth a 10 but I don't care. I am so obsessed with the characters and world of Inuyasha that it would have to be a train wreck of a story for me to not give it a 10. That said, it's probably my least favourite Inuyasha film but that's really not saying much.

Well, there are simply people who feel the sublime sense of immersion in the Inuyasha-verse and everything it entails, every small character quirk or quip, every nook and cranny and immediately were overwhelmed, overcome, and brought to their knees with a profound intrinsic sense of nostalgia for a show they were only watching for the first time years after its initial heyday....and then there's the rest of the plebs.

I really never had a comparable experience with any media before or since it, and so, I don't feel any hesitation or misgivings about rating it highly likewise. Why was I born as a human being? It's a question the scientists, religious scholars, and philosopher kings have debated in some capacity since the dawn of our age and will likely continue until the end of time. The best I can answer for myself in this life in this moment is that I want to be enabled to think and feel at a high level. That's what inspires passion, love, insight, and when I feel intuitively closer to something greater than and beyond myself. Art can do that, serve as that vehicle and that guide and lift you ever upward. So I will enthusiastically stamp the narrow few who ascend that tightrope with a golden seal of "10" as my humble "thanks" in return.

As an aside, due to a few minor issues, the second film is my least favorite, and incidentally the only Inuyasha title I don't have sitting at 10 (but it's fixed at 9, so don't lynch me). My preference for the films goes: 3 > 1 > 4 > 2

Feb 12, 6:36 PM
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My lowest rated 10 would be Pet Girl of Sakura-sou. It's one of the first few anime I started out here on MAL. I personally love this series and I've re-watched this series 3-4 times now. It's my favorite romcom I've seen so far.
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Feb 12, 6:43 PM

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Out of like the 10 shows I’ve rated 10, Sora no Otoshimono has the lowest rating with 7.48. I have a very strong feeling this is because it is a Harem and the anime doesn’t finish the story (in a good way at least).

The reason why I rate it 10 is because throughout all 25 episodes over 2 seasons, I was laughing, and the story wasn’t too bad (especially for a harem) just it gets more in-depth and interesting in the manga.
Feb 12, 6:50 PM
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Gin no Saji(8.14)
The show is made by the same mangaka as Fullmetal Alchemist.I think people expected more from this show but it's just a farming anime.It's a very good slice of life and we know that SoLs are turnoff for most people.
Feb 12, 6:59 PM

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Of my few 10's that's the lowest MAL scored one, and I mean, there's plenty of reasons it doesn't deserve a 10. Pokémon holds a large part of nostalgia in my childhood however, and I think for a pokemon movie this was pretty damn good. Also the show's plot is based around delivering a message on equality which is really cool.
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Feb 12, 7:04 PM

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bungou stray dogs: hitori ayumu at 7.73
i can image the rating is because it's just an OVA with a relatively simple plot, but kunikida (who the OVA focuses on) is my favorite character so naturally i really loved watching it. it's not exactly far behind in score at least compared to the first season of bsd anyway though

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Feb 12, 7:12 PM
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should more higher.
Feb 12, 7:13 PM

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Last time I check DxD is above 8 but now it is only 7.5. How time is changing.
Kickstarter for Rokujouma is fully funded. Good work everyone. Lets wait for the result of our hard work together.
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