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Poll: Do you know anything about my title's question?

Feb 12, 12:33 PM
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Okay, I found out that KKM just got a dubbed version from season 1 to 2 (just this day after trying to rewatch it) but the 3rd Series and the 4th one who have a 5 episodes total doesn't have any dubbed versions. I'm not whining or anything, I just wanted to know why isn't there such a thing as this?
Feb 14, 9:06 PM

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The dubbed version is not new, it's from back when Geneon and later Funimation had licensed the series, that would be around 2005. The OVAs and Season 3 were never licensed outside Japan until Discotek picked it up last year which is most probably the reason why it doesn't have a dub.

PS: Those 5 episodes are OVAs that take place after Season 2, it's not Season 4.