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Poll: Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season Episode 17 Discussion

Feb 14, 7:58 AM

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emraanash said:
this season is getting weak by episode, animation is too weak.. will they finish this arc without any action?

The animation/art in this epiosde was great lol
Feb 14, 7:05 PM

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most boring episode of all...

Feb 15, 11:18 AM

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I was so uninterested by this short arc that I've legit forgot to watch this episode last week. Anyway, thankfully it end on the first half of the episode. 2nd half was definitely an improvement, but still nothing that makes me upgrade my score. So sad to see a show downgrade from solid 9/10 to a 6/10 in few arcs of distance
Feb 15, 9:19 PM
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so the first half was surprisingly good lol i honestly wasn't expecting much from the elementary schoolers. god, i love that bald guy uwu he's just so wholesome and genuine >u<
the moment todoroki and endeavor had omg that put me in my FEELS :') and the way baldy punched himself and then cheered for endeavor oh my god loved that for him

and then the second half started out veryyy strange and i was thinking of dropping the anime kdkfjs but i'm glad it redeemed itself with how it ended.
i at first thought maybe this was aoyama coming out to us but then it took a turn to me doubting him as a hero or being a toga clone >~<
im glad it turned out to be something not creepy at all lol idk why aoyama had to scare all of us tho ksdfjskdfj deku was freaked out too and for good reason like wtf with the balcony cheese message lmao

it's cool to know that aoyama told us a little bit more about himself and how he finds he can relate to deku. i'm glad too that deku now has someone he can relate to about having a quirk that isn't quite compatible with his body. but i hope they can both empower each other to control their quirks and work with them so they become more compatible and easier for them to use :)

kinda weird but overall a good episode. i like how we got to see some wholesome growth all around.
Feb 17, 11:16 PM

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Good Episode
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Feb 20, 11:05 PM

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Damn, what a great episode! I love how they incorporated the kids as a test for them, and with that showed how easy is for a kid to go the wrong path if he's not taught.

For a moment i thought that there would be a dark revelation about Aoyama xD
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Feb 22, 6:52 AM
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Lmao i thought Aoyama was with the league of villains
Feb 22, 3:22 PM

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First half was really nice. The ice slide looked really pretty!

Second half with Aoyama was just weird and random.
Feb 24, 4:48 PM

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This episode is so long. Not because it was slow or dragged or whatever, it's because there's a lot of content in it. From those little fucking kids to Aoyama's first time talking like a normal person. I just appreciate the pacing of this episode more because I just saw an episode of One Piece right before this :/
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