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Jan 24, 2:50 PM

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pretty self-explanatory, what light novel/manga titles do you think have been just milked out to death and could of been finished ages before the actual ending.

this also goes for series that have also ended
Jan 24, 2:54 PM
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Hajime no Ippo holy shit its 1000+ chapters now
Jan 24, 3:08 PM

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deg said:
Hajime no Ippo holy shit its 1000+ chapters now

how much can you write about boxing
Jan 24, 10:13 PM

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Still confused why Seven Deadly Sins is still ongoing.
Jan 25, 9:38 AM

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I'd agree that Nanatsu no Taizai have already passed its expiration date.
Feb 4, 6:50 PM

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Akagami no Shirayukihime for me

It was really wonderful for many volumes but they jumped the shark when they split Shirayuki and Zen apart
After that I kinda lost interest in continuing it which was a shame because I really loved it
Feb 4, 6:59 PM

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Detective Conan. This series might just outlive me despite being created only one year after I was born.

Feb 5, 3:58 PM

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Monogatari screams in the distance
Feb 12, 4:09 AM
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Horimiya had some very good first volumes. Now it seems that the main plot is over and it's just telling some stories about all the side characters, which is boring plotwise.