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Poll: Haikyuu!!: To the Top Episode 3 Discussion

Jan 25, 8:53 AM

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PurpleGirl203 said:
AvihayAnimes said:

Just read my comment above.

Just what are you getting at?

What do you mean...?
Just read my comment and that's it, I have no meaning to continue this conversation.
Jan 25, 9:16 AM
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I can't wait to see Hinata putting everything that he learned to use
Jan 25, 11:33 AM

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Not much going on atm.
Jan 25, 12:10 PM

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My boy Hinata finally taking some good notes about his surroundings. Absolutely love the moment when Shounen MCs start using their brains.

Great episode.

Jan 25, 12:34 PM

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Damn feel hinata struggle... He is so encouraging
Jan 25, 2:05 PM

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The slow motion when Hinata does split step, though...... What a little beast.
Jan 25, 2:42 PM

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If everybody cared this much regardless of what position they're put at... I kinda wish more juniors were like Hinata, tbh. Not much is going on for the series itself, but quite a bit for our protagonist, so there's that.

Getting hyped for the episode after the next one (consolidation, most likely).

Jan 25, 3:11 PM

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Lelouch0202 said:
Fantastic episode.

Loving Hinata's training and development here. It's such a pleasure to watch. I loved what the other coach mentioned about how he will eventually have to learn to fuse instinct and observation to form intuition. That's something that everyone needs to develop as people, use your head, but never forget your instinct. His determination deserves praise and I love that it's getting everyone else riled up as well.

I wish we got more screen time of Kageyama and the All-Japan training camp cause the short part we had in this episode was already awesome.

Split step was awesome.

Soundtrack was fantastic, production is awesome. Haikyuu just keeps giving doesn't it?

You totally put words into my thoughts!
I know it's only practice but the knowledge that Hinata is acquiring is awesome. The hype is really on!
Jan 25, 3:22 PM

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Man, what a good episode. This is the training episode that I really wanted. It didn't feel like they were undermining Hinata's abilities at all, and focused solely on his improvement in terms of knowledge of the game, picking up techniques from other players, and just becoming more fundamentally sound at the sport of volleyball. It's quite alarming that he hadn't picked any of this up over the course of months of training camp, and I'm pretty sure they'd watch film before as well, but it's better late than never.

Also, there were many clean shots that looked quite stunning. I'm sure his development at becoming a solid or at least average defender will pay dividends at some point during a close match.

The players at All-Japan looked quite intriguing as well. The opposing setter looks as if he might even be better than Oikawa, and the setter position is my favorite when it comes to volleyball, so I'm excited to see. From what I gather, the dull looking black hair character is supposed to be one of the top spikers, so I hope we can see some cool things from him. And the white-haired character seems to be a foil character of Hinata, except he can actually time his blocks correctly, and is clearly much better.

All in all, I really liked this episode. It really gave me vibes of the previous seasons, and I'm glad for that. On to more Haikyuu greatness!
Jan 25, 3:51 PM

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A few shots in this were a bit off-model. More than I'd expect from Haikyuu, so I hope this won't be a trend.
Jan 25, 3:52 PM

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What did the "You are already this far into your approach" mean? The one said during the set with Kageyama.
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Jan 25, 6:38 PM

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Yikes that ending though...that hurt just watching it.
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Jan 25, 7:00 PM

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Sometimes there's nothing funnier than well-timed shot to the groin, and god damn if that wasn't well-timed.
Jan 25, 11:20 PM

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Did the artstyle in this episode resambled manga's artstyle much more than usually or is it just me?
Jan 26, 1:57 AM

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RPWPA said:
What did the "You are already this far into your approach" mean? The one said during the set with Kageyama.

It refers to Hinata and Kageyama's quick attack and how it works. Whenever they do their minus tempo quick attack, before Kageyama even set the ball, Hinata has already completed his approach and his jump.
At that moment, Kageyama sort of forgot that Hinata wasn't there and set the ball with him in mind.
Jan 26, 2:06 PM
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so far this season feels reaaaally slow. I'm happy that hinata is making some improvements but im really itching to see either hinata, kageyama or the rest of karasuno in action.
Jan 26, 2:54 PM

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Pretty nice episode 8.5/10
Jan 28, 3:31 AM

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hinata's eyes when he concentrate are always giving me a goosebumps.

they also did changes to his eyelashes, it now has the same color as the hair. that's cute.
Jan 28, 8:20 AM

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my stomach almost exploded when Hinata's little thing got hit by the ball harshly.
Jan 28, 8:54 AM

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Ouch, when Hinata fully became the Ball Boy by having his balls jingled, inadvertently lmao
I had to replay that scene @ 21:32min 10 times xDDD
Jan 28, 8:39 PM

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Wow Hinata!! I feel sad for him (prev ep) because he's only picking the balls but he learn something from it!! He's such a cutieeee!!
Jan 29, 6:34 AM

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Hinata learning some fundamentals and gaining some experience in basics. That's nice. I hope the ball boy arc doesn't last long though, I want to see some volleyball. On that note, I also wonder what Tsukki has to tell or show him?

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Jan 29, 10:46 AM

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Feb 2, 1:49 PM

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It’s a good episode. So, he’s trying to become better at defence, it’s a nice thing.
Feb 2, 8:07 PM
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Yes it's all about perspective and Hinata finally realizes this! With his position as ball boy, he is forced to take a back seat and observe more than he usually does. I like how that one guy put it, he used to move just by instinct to follow the ball but now he is thinking about his moves more and predicting where the ball will go which will eventually turn his instinct into intuition. Hinata is steadily improving and making the best of his situation and that's so admirable. And props to the coach for supporting Hinata and helping him with what to eat.

I'm glad we got to see a glimpse of Karasuno and their practices, as well. You can tell they are working on serving and making things connect while Hinata, Kageyama, and Tsuki are away.

It's cool to see Kageyama, too. It's not only Hinata that needs to adjust, but also Kageyama. The crazy spike combo doesn't work with other people and Kageyama needs to remember that. That white haired kid and the curly haired guy seem like they'll be significant characters in the coming episodes. Also, that undercut blonde setter looks to be good competition for Kageyama.
Feb 6, 11:52 AM

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Hinata seriously thinking about food, it was a really nice moment, and he's so serious overall, I like that.

Kageyama's bit was funny.

Well, I guess they both should grow as players after these camps. It's always an interesting bit to see in sports anime, how they train and get better, not just the accidental results in matches.
Feb 13, 3:20 AM

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DekuHinata discovered head :)
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