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Jan 24, 1:44 AM

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Good day everyone out there!
I used to use MAL before but only ever now made a nice(er) Account~
I'd love to be part of the Community and get some new MAL-friends♡
and also to get to know more about the amazing world of Anime~
Feel free to send me Friend-requests and I hope to talk to you all soon!♡

Don't let the silly little things steal away your happiness♡
Jan 24, 1:52 AM

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Welcome to MAL my fellow German! Enjoy your stay :3
Jan 24, 2:33 AM

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Welcome back to MAL! I wonder what your previous account was for since you mentioned that this was your "nicer" account...

Anyways if you want someone to talk to I would definitely love to start having a conversation :)
Jan 24, 2:36 AM

Joined: Jan 2020
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Hehe I just had an Account to update my Anime ^.^ but not really to socialise

Don't let the silly little things steal away your happiness♡
Jan 24, 2:38 AM

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Welcome,and i see pingu staring at me there from your favourites.(≡^∇^≡)
Jan 24, 2:51 AM
( ´ ω ` )

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i love your avi c': <3
and welcome bacK. Feel free to add me~

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Jan 24, 7:42 AM

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Welcome back to MAL~
I hope you enjoy yourself, and make lots of friends ^^

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Jan 24, 9:48 PM

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Hi aye Kikkili, Welcome back! have fun on the forum and enjoy ur stay =)
Jan 25, 5:54 AM

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Hello Kikki, nice to meet you and (kinda) welcome to MAL ;)

I hope you will enjoy your time here.

Feel free to add me if you wanna talk about Anime, games or whatever ^^
Jan 25, 6:19 AM

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Welcome to MAL!
Hope you have a long stay here....
Jan 27, 4:24 AM

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Welcome to MAL bro!!!

Jan 30, 10:36 AM

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I see you have pingu as a favorite character, very cool.

Welcome :D
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Jan 30, 8:17 PM

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Hello there, welcome to the forum!

You like Junji Ito works, nice :D
Feb 1, 10:46 AM
Noah's Husbando

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Welcome to the Forums !

I hope that you enjoy your stay here.
Feel free to add me~~

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