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Jan 23, 9:44 PM

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No holds bar shitposting. Imagine that.
I wish Cowboy Bebop never existed.
Jan 23, 9:45 PM
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we live in a society will become we live in a jungle its kill or be killed
Jan 24, 12:22 AM
Sing For Me Miku

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Me: I’m gonna join MAL forums!
Jan 24, 12:26 AM
Pantsu = Shiny

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You mean like :

I feel like life gonna be more interesting that way tbh
Jan 24, 12:39 AM

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You mean everyone parroting the exact same shit over and over for everything imaginable?

Sounds pretty shitty.
Jan 24, 12:45 AM

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I´m pretty sure the trolls would have a riot,they won´t be able to hide behind a screen anymore to say whatever they want.They will actually face consequences for their actions.
Jan 24, 1:46 AM

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It would just be people screaming out the current date & thanking everyone for 100 likes.
Jan 24, 1:57 AM

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It wouldn't be any different people would keep repeating what others say without much though, which is what we have today.

👑 Ice Queen 👑

Jan 24, 2:36 AM
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The post is exciting. It lets you know what if real life was a YouTube comments section. YouTube comments can be both negative and positive. People may become irritated and upset by seeing the YouTube comments. You don’t expect positive comments every time and there will be negative comments as well. You should be ready to accept it and get a move on with whatever you receive as comments.

Essays Chief
Jan 24, 2:50 PM

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Like for good luck
Edit: Thanks for all the likes!

Srsly though it would be cringe, I don't want to see people who also frequent Twitch coming near me with their haHAA, TriHard, KKona, Anele, MingLee, AYAYA etc

This is basically YT comments irl lul
Jan 24, 8:19 PM

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Mirai said:
It would just be people screaming out the current date & thanking everyone for 100 likes.

I thought it's this overused template now

Absolutely No One:

Me: (Insert some off the wall or outrageous statement)
I wish Cowboy Bebop never existed.
Jan 24, 8:48 PM

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This overused template: Absolutely Everyone
Nico nico ni~eed a siggy like the all the cool kids
Really wish we had a rep system so I could farm it and spam rep+
Jan 24, 11:02 PM

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Three things: memes, spoilers and insults.
Jan 25, 12:45 AM

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We'd be mostly lost entirely into the sea of oblivion just to seek an island of validation.