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Jan 23, 6:11 PM
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Is this for every anime during the first weeks of airing or is Msaka actually breaking the streak of infamy Index III and Accelerator (albeit less so) resurrected the franchise with?
Jan 24, 2:51 AM

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The episodes are good for now, I don't see why the score should be below 8.0.

We all hope it will resurrected the franchise, a lot of people want to see an Index New Testament anime, with a good adaptation for once.
Jan 24, 4:25 AM

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Its not bad yet, would go as far as to say it looks decent, but we need to get at least 5-6 episodes in and too see if it is a production disaster or not.
Feb 14, 11:54 PM

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As someone who has a love/hate relationship with the To Aru franchise, I can say through the first four episodes, it’s pretty good. I’d probably put it in that 8-8.5 range so far. Then again, J.C. Staff has done a far better job with the Railgun franchise than the Index and Accelerator series.