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Poll: English Dub or Japanese Dub/English Sub

Jan 19, 6:42 AM

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For those of you who have enjoyed the anime, did you watch the sub or the dub? Which did you prefer, and why? Has anyone else originally tried the sub only to finish the anime on the dub? I'm interested in whether or not the people who enjoyed the show were predominantly those who watched the dub or not.
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Feb 12, 7:22 PM

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I watched it Dubbed. The humor translates surprisingly well. Also, I found it easier to absorb the info by hearing it rather than reading the infodump which might help more people from feeling too lost during the beginning. Not saying one is better than the other but I am saying the Dub is not only serviceable but might be worth checking out if you dropped S;G early on in the Subbed version.
Feb 12, 8:54 PM

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The English dub is top-tier. Definitely worth watching in English as it makes it easier to understand and absorb the info dumps.
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Feb 13, 9:04 PM

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English is not my first language, so I don't watch English dubs very often.

As for the Japanese version, two words: Mamoru Miyano.
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Feb 14, 4:40 AM
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The English dub is pretty good for SG and it beats trying to keep up with the subs.

But you can't beat Japanese with Subs "Mamoru Miyano" VA performance is good and you loose a lot of inflections in the dub...
Feb 14, 11:15 AM
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I watched the dub first because it wast my 3rd or 4th anime and I wasn't comfortable reading subs yet, have not rewatched in sub so don't really have an opinion which is better. But the dub was pretty good.
Feb 17, 2:24 PM
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S;G is the rare case of having a top tier sub and dub, I really can't choose.
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Feb 19, 2:51 AM
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There is no way the dub could be better than the sub, you have kana hanazawa and miyano mamoru in the original version, just how can the dub be on the same level, miyano's laugh , kana's cute voice doing ''tuturuuuu'' and all her lines cant be found in the dub, the emotions are much lower in the dub. I couldnt stand the dub for more than 1 episode cause the quality of the sub is just amazing. I felt like the personalities of the characters has changed. People are commiting a crime if they dont watch steins gate in japanese. You can watch the dub if you prefer it more, but you should at least give a chance to the sub version, it has one of the greatest voice acting in all anime.
Feb 23, 6:30 AM
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I'm watching the Spanish dub and it's better than i expected. The only line that i felt that was mishandled was the "sonuvabitch" line, but other than that, the voices fit well and the delivery is on point.
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