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Poll: Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Episode 16 Discussion

Jan 18, 12:59 AM

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A festival with a lot of fun. Not bad.

I mean, I do like the variety of events there. Iruma's life is also blooming with joy now that he has plenty of friends. And thank goodness there's more of Azazel Amelie this episode.
Jan 18, 4:14 AM

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Yes. Here comes to our SJW trying to destroy his school
Jan 18, 5:00 AM

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Invisible walls everywhere and he wants to explode the school.... nooooo
Jan 18, 5:06 AM
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i dont get it
they want to destroy the anime?
why everting is so fucking slow

every epsiode
feels like 1 min of story
Jan 18, 5:44 AM

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And the cooking team is eliminated Clara trolling them was great Never underestimate Iruma appetite

I have a feeling that Crocell is popular singer / idol and that shades that she wear have the same power as those that Asmodeus and Clara wear few episodes earlier

Asmodeus and Clara are such a great duo

Sabnock save the girls, and now is the time for Iruma to kick Kirio in the ass
Jan 18, 5:55 AM
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So senpai is a sadist ?
Jan 18, 6:25 AM

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SO the senpai wants to destroy the school. Well, it will not go well for him.

Jan 18, 7:03 AM

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Well that was nice..hmmm... action is about to happen
Jan 18, 7:22 AM

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Pretty nice episode 7.5/10
Jan 18, 7:44 AM

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And so it begins, I wonder how Iruma will deal with Kirio acting that way.
Jan 18, 8:21 AM
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Yet another episode where nothing happened except for the last few seconds.
Jan 18, 8:30 AM
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Sabnock is love, Sabnock is life!
Jan 18, 10:08 AM

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That kiriwo...-_-
I laughed asf when clara did that to the fireworks cannon. XD
Jan 18, 10:23 AM
Pantsu = Shiny

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This series is finally getting into shape, although I'd love it if we get to see Iruma get used to the powers he has.. you know shounen-anime style
Jan 18, 11:11 AM

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That damn mofos is ruining everything but she shall witness some incoming fights as "planned" in the second part of the opening. Tough I'm pretty sure Kiriwo will be spared by Iruma, with the power of "everything's good & bright"
Jan 18, 12:02 PM

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Lol, the anime turned Eiko into a running gag character.

I love how every time Iruma mentions something he wants to do, Alice cries!

The green haired teacher is too cute!! In the manga, I don't remember seeing him that much. Maybe I forgot.

I wanna touch my crush's abs the way Iruma kept touching Sabnock's. haha.

They mentioned Aku-dols, and now I can't wait for that arc!
Jan 18, 1:32 PM

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The whole festival arc feels quite dragged, however I don't really mind it since the last episodes showed a lot of characters interactions

The duo Sabnock-Clara is so hilarious

Sabnock is such the perfect tsundere/bro/rival/husbando/anything you want
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Jan 18, 1:37 PM

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This arc was quite mediocre in the manga but the ending of it was great and the future arcs going to be much better.I hope this anime will get a second season someday...
Jan 18, 2:33 PM

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Yay it's Saturday, time to relax and wind down to some Iruma, Clare and Aziz action. Series never fails to entertain me, feels like the old Cartoon Network days.

This was a good episode, a nice calm before what I imagine to be the big storm with the kids being trapped in the school. It'll be interesting to see how Sullivan gets involved.

While I've enjoyed the past few eps, does anyone else feel like everything is dragging and going kind of slow? It feels like relatively little has happened in a month or so. I think they should start picking up the pace a bit here.
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Jan 18, 3:22 PM
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Feels like it's loosing pace - but it was still fun and ecchi-free.
Jan 18, 3:42 PM
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Unironically the best "SU-KI-MA"$$$
Jan 18, 5:03 PM

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It does kind of feel like its being dragged out. I mean 5-6 episodes for 1 day, im ready to just get the arc over with and continue the story.
Jan 18, 5:54 PM
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Great episode as usual but I can't help but feel like theyre dragging things out. I don't really care though, still enjoyed it.
Jan 18, 6:12 PM
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Quit dragging things out and get to it already >:(
Jan 18, 6:23 PM
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Exactly. Recent episodes are painful to watch and really slow.
Jan 18, 7:48 PM
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The anime is getting worse every week :(
Jan 18, 10:05 PM

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And so the dastardly scheme comes to life. I hope we see what it is next week.
Jan 19, 2:46 AM

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Meh I really dun seem to like this arc, things were pretty normal thou with senpai's scheme finally in motion I hope this gets better.
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Jan 19, 5:51 AM
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Another episode that almost nothing happened. They shouldn't drag the ep. this long. the lastest three episodes should have been combined to only one.

Clara litting the firework is so hilarious.

Sabnock is a perfect husbando.

I should mention that the creativity of each Battler is so brilliant and exciting. Makes me wonder who will win the grand prize. I'm okay even if Iruma's group isn't getting the prize because the others' idea, games, and shows are just amazing.

After all the episodes, Kiriwo started to fill the school with his invisible walls, and his plan begins... after him repeating the same line about destroying the school again and again throughout the previous eps.
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Jan 19, 7:18 AM
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Boring arc with plain senpai
Jan 19, 7:21 AM

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Just start the explosions already!
Jan 19, 12:27 PM

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Let's see if Kiriwo is really of high threat with those barriers..i wonder what's his plan? straight-up chaos? that would be dumb!

Jan 20, 4:46 AM

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Things are heating up. Excited for the next episode and to see Kirio's goals and motivations.

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Jan 20, 5:59 AM

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Kiriwo's (or his senior Baal's) destruction of Babyls School is slowly taking shape...with the start of the Battler Party!

But it's not time yet, as it's Party Eve! So there's still preparations to be made.

It's always funny to see Clara be a buzzkill, as is with her playful personality.

But with Kiriwo gone, Iruma, Clara and Asmodeus finding him to finish their fireworks, which clearly doesn't go according to his plans.

FINALLY, let the party begin! The assault of Kiriwo and Baal against the occupants of Babyls School, we've been waiting for this moment.

Was very slow to reach this moment, but thank the heavens we made it. Anticipating the full-on assault next episode!
Jan 20, 8:26 PM

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LOL Clara... premature firing off the fireworks, good thing it was empty.

But since Clara is airheaded and cute, so you're forgiven, cute girls always gets the slide.

And Amari is so cute anticipating for the Fireworks.

___ ___ ___

and I guess not even Iruma can convert Kiriwo to the good side... Kiriwo is still going ahead with the destruction plan.

___ ___ ___

Well, either way, I can already tell how this will end...

Kiriwo will probably fire off a giant explosion trying to destroy parts of the school.

But somehow gets messed up due to Iruma's plot armor and instead send off the Firework into the sky and turns it into a memorable event. Then afterwords Iruma somehow finally befriends Kiriwo like Iruma do to all other ppls that originally wants Iruma to fail.
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Jan 25, 10:27 AM
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This arc is hella boring. Literally could have been settled in one or two episodes like the rest of the series. Why the dragout?
Jan 25, 3:58 PM

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I love Kansai-ben, Kiriwo makes a fine vilain too.
Jan 31, 2:15 AM

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Man, this show has just slowed to a halt. I've become so bored of it these past couple of weeks. Shame. It used to be a lot of fun. Really, the worst thing this show did was introduce that villain guy. It's been downhill since there
Feb 8, 9:25 AM

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Great Episode
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