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Poll: Kabukichou Sherlock Episode 14 Discussion

Jan 17, 9:37 AM

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Lol, getting hospitalized in that state is sad.

I couldn't take this episode seriously until the new case arrived with that young boy. Nothing just gets by these detectives.
Jan 17, 10:40 AM

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That kid's face was distorted lol, anyway the investigation was kinda fine I guess
Jan 17, 11:13 AM

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Kyougoku is finally back. I forgot that he was a clean freak.

Jan 17, 11:49 AM
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Oh god, Sherlock actually dumped poop on someone!

I was waiting for Moriarty throughout this episode, however he only got a small scene, which I thought was the most interesting part of this episode.
Jan 17, 12:23 PM

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Oh boy Mr Clean Freak detective is back to his old self......
Jan 17, 2:41 PM

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Not bad, but this episode wasn't the best mystery the show had to offer.

Looks like Moran's attempts to assassinate James will continue even in prison. Pretty nerve wrecking, since James is alone with no one to protect him.
Jan 17, 2:46 PM

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It was a funny episode. Kyougoku really went through a lot huh... I'm glad he's back on his feet. Sherlock was such a tsundere.

What the heck was that ending? Who poisoned the food? Does someone (either his dad or that freak who messes with him) want him dead? Or did he poison the food himself because he knew they would take his food?

My poor boy someone save him
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Jan 17, 4:05 PM

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It seems no anime is safe from the grasp of isekai. It was pretty hilarious how Sherlock roasted isekai's tho with his final rakugou. Anyway Kyougoku is finally back on his feet. Final scene is pretty interesting as well. At first I woulda thought Moriarty poisoned it himself, but his expression seems to disagree.
Jan 17, 10:37 PM
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Side view, the kid's face looks normal. Lol
Jan 17, 10:52 PM

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Someone save James - week ... 4?
Idek how many weeks it's been since he slew that a××hat, but it's not doing any good to my nerves, that's for sure. >.<

Also: wow, I didn't expect Kyougoku to have such a backstory. Or Mrs Hudson to make such an appropriate monster for a VR game. xD
Jan 18, 5:07 AM

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Another nice episode. Not much more from Moriarty (stil a lil bit in the end to keep us from forgetting about him) but preparation - by bringing Kyougoku back. Liked the little background with his past involved.
Jan 18, 9:55 AM

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Don't know if this was just the translator or was actually intended as a jab at isekai, but

"It's a miracle if it has a satisfying ending."

Jan 18, 10:22 AM
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How can a kid like that have the mentality of a grown up, when they'll be contented that his friend has been checked out by his mom.....?
Jan 18, 8:23 PM

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I'm not sure if Kyogoku is depressed because Maki is dead or because Maki was Jack the Ripper. I'm glad he's back on his feet, we need more funny moments from him.

Also, that ending. Moriarity reacted like he didn't know about the poison in his food or perhaps the poison wasn't in his food?
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Jan 18, 10:14 PM
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So... the immediate start of this episode was damn hilarious lol

Sherlock is much nicer than he pretends to be. Watson might be too freaking nice, but it's okay to have a character like him haha

Also, I can't say I miss the old Kyogoku (he's extremely awkward), but I certainly like him healthier than he is now! That withered person he became is horrendous. Yikes!
Jan 20, 2:34 AM

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So now this show wants a crossover towards Isekai. Even more to the ailing Kyogoku, that Sherlock takes the cake without money for rewards.

To think that a melon hospital and the isekai trope will fulfill this week's objective, it just seems weird. And to add into the mix, Kyogoku with his loss of Maki. Didn't expect to learn his backstory, a childhood full of chunnibyou and acquainted friendship.

But the "isekai" turned out to be a farce of a simple open-and-shut case, Kyogoku's own actions and Sherlock's burn Rakugo made it good.

As for Moriarty...the case of he hiding his true self?

Simple episode, liked it. Kyogoku should not have stooped on poop...
Jan 20, 6:59 AM

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An episode for Kyogoku-san to get back on his feet. I liked it, his past with his friends, and the dream they once shared was poignant. He lost one of them early, but he was able to help the other one before he did something that couldn't be undone. I understand how his living friend felt though, but that was wrong. He shouldn't have even thought about hurting his half brother too, it's not his fault that his father failed him. But well, he will start again, just like Kyogoku-san. I'm sure it wasn't easy to deal with the fact that the one you loved was a serial killer who was only using you, but it seems he is back. Oh, and the friend he lost was so mature and cool. A doctor isn't a judge, and he understood that. Now Moriarty, I doubt he would do something like that, and his expression screamed innocence too. I guess someone wants to extend his time in prison or something. I mean, poisoning a fellow inmate is sure to be something serious, right? It took a while, but I think I'm glad I sticked with this one. I'm enjoying the episodes somewhat now.
Jan 26, 6:10 AM

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Lol Sherlock dumped poop on Kyogoku's head and it cured him. Kyogoku's backstory was pretty touching.
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Yesterday, 5:22 AM

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Sherlock dunking on isekai with that joke.