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Jan 16, 2:27 AM

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Hey everyone,

So a few months ago I posted a thread asking what you would think about a website where you could rate anime songs.

I've been working on that site ever since then, for about 4 months now, and it's in the final stages now. It's around 90% completed.
At least the most important features are completed and working fine, and even though I still have plans, it's almost ready to launch.

That said, I'm looking for a few users who would later test my website, tell their opinion about it.
I wouldn't send the link of the site now, or today, or even this week. Most likely some day next week. But I'd like to have some people who would be ready by then.

If you are interested, either leave a reply, or send me a message.

Here are some sneak peaks into the mobile view of AniSong


Check out this gif to see how the view changing works.

Compare your list with others

Create your custom lists

Visit the profile of other users

Check some quick toplists on the main page

View the rating history of other users

See some more info about a user, such as friends, favourite anime etc

Post comments and format it by using BBCode, the same as here. But on AniSong, you don't need to type it all by yourself all the time, just one click/touch. You can preview your comment with a single click/touch, without refreshing the page.

And there are many other amazing features yet.
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@-Aincrad- the gif is expired, could you re-upload it to imgur?
The sneak peek looks pretty good mate. Can't say I'd be interested in testing it, unfortunately.
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Jan 24, 4:10 PM
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Hey @-Aincrad- could i be of assistance?
Jan 24, 4:12 PM

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Looks nice. Would be an honor to test it out whenever I'm free.