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Jan 15, 8:51 AM
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So I was reading through the "Loved Anime that you hate?" and many people complained about this and that, in this and that show and I'm fine with that. It's peoples taste after all.

But I wanna go the opposite way and wanna ask, what makes an anime good for YOU?
It's hard to tell imo, because anime is so much more than just "good story" and good characters"

I would love to hear your opinion on this!
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Jan 15, 9:06 AM
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Simple, i love anime mostyly from insert song especially on last episodes like
Code Geass, Continued Story - Hitomi
Guilty Crown, Release My Soul - Aimee Blackshalger
Zegapain, little goodbye - Rocky Chack
Coz epic anime usually have great atmoshpere on scenery & insert song while watched
Jan 15, 9:07 AM

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good story=memorable
good characters=likeable

I don't put much thoughts on what makes a show good. If I had fun watching it, that's all that matters, regardless to whether it's "considered" good or shit for others.
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Jan 15, 9:12 AM

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Jan 15, 9:14 AM

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Shitaste said:
good story=memorable
good characters=likeable

I don't put much thoughts on what makes a show good. If I had fun watching it, that's all that matters, regardless to whether it's "considered" good or shit for others.

Me too.It's pretty obvious that the anime is bad when you get more frustation out of watching it than enjoyment.I guess guilty pleasures are the exception,but with that you are watching the anime knowing it's bad.
Jan 15, 9:37 AM

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a story that speaks out, characters that invoke emotions that you can feel at that specific moment like calm, happy, sad etc, and obviously knowing the right moments in the anime to insert soundtracks. animation would be a plus since I do say it affects my overall judgement a bit but it might impact the whole season for others. for example, the downgrade of one punch man from madhouse to j.c. staff.

edit: also, fitting animation with the opening because that fire force 2nd opening was damn near disappointing for that hype of a track
Jan 15, 10:16 AM

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Good story and characters with different personality.
Screw up animation, music and character design. That will never compensate for the uninteresting/bad story.
Jan 15, 11:41 AM

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It definitely needs enjoyable characters.
Jan 15, 11:44 AM

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A show is good if I enjoy watching it.
Jan 15, 3:53 PM
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If the show is fun to watch and I'm genuinely invested in the outcome of the show.
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Jan 15, 3:57 PM
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It can be any combination of things, really. I like anime so much because of the diversity in genres and also stories it can portray, then even further when you get into art style, music composer etc.
Jan 16, 4:57 AM

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For me, a smart main character with a bit of comedy.
Jan 16, 5:17 AM

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I can forgive all manner of sins if I love the characters but to get me hooked in the beginning, I like good world-building, interesting fantasy/magic set up then I'll stick around for the characters if they're likeable enough.
Jan 16, 7:44 AM

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Basically any anime that is good at what it is trying to do. Depending on what that is some things matter and some things don't matter. Being good is never context-free, it can only ever be judged in the context of what the show is trying to accomplish. And I can't really narrow it down to one aspect that I care about no matter what the show is trying to do

I mean some stuff I just don't like no matter how good it is and other things I enjoy even when they're not done particularly well, but that's talking about taste and not quality. As far as I'm concerned you can only talk about quality in regards to things you like on a general level, in regards to things that already passed the 'taste test' so to say.

The aspect that is closest to something that I unversally care about is definitely the characters though. Unless it's a conceptual short, something that's just supposed to be eyecandy or one of a few rare exceptions, the characters are always the primary way in which I access a show, in which I immerse myself in it.

Of course, depending on what a show is trying to do again, which aspects of characters I care about can vary greatly, but as a rule of thumb I can say that if I don't like the characters or don't find them interesting I'm gonna have a very hard time caring about anything else the show has to offer.
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Jan 17, 3:16 AM
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1. Engaging Plot

The plot has to really get my attention. Anime that fail to do so are the ones I tend to drop the quickest. Normally, I might give an anime 1-3 episodes in case it starts off slow and then starts to pick up. If it doesn't get my attention at all, I might not even watch the whole episode.

2. Lovable and/or Interesting Characters

I need characters that I can care about. Even if the plot is interesting, I'll still most likely end up dropping the anime if the characters aren't likable or interesting in some way. (But I'll occasionally make exceptions for comedy anime like Girls High and anime with engaging story lines like Another.) I'm not saying that interesting characters equals instant bond though. That's not the case at all. It's just that I happen to love anime with characters I can really sympathize with. This is why some of my favorite characters come from dark anime or at least anime that get somewhat dark at times. I like being able to see a character's vulnerability and then see them regain the strength to continue on despite everything that has happened in the past and everything that could happen in the future. By seeing them at their worst and best, I feel like I'm getting to know a real person. When it gets to this point, I've basically fallen in love with the character and all I can do is wish them the best because, in my eyes, they deserve the best. Ash Lynx and Ken Kaneki are good examples of characters like this.

When it comes to villains, I'm looking for someone really interesting. Stain from My Hero Academia is my kind of villain. He has twisted beliefs that I can 100% understand...but they upset me at the same time. My own beliefs conflict with his but, at times, he gets me thinking about how things work in their society. I love villains that make me think. Then, there are villains (or characters that simply went down the wrong path at some point) that I desperately want to change their ways because I understand them. Ritsu from Mob Psycho 100 is the first one who comes to mind. He's definitely not a villain but his attitude toward Mob temporarily changed and I absolutely could not stand it. He's a good kid who changed a little due to certain events and the way he treated Mob actually hurt me. When all of that was over, I was finally able to let out a sigh of relief. I love them both so much and seeing them repair their relationship was like the best thing ever.

There's also stuff like animation, soundtrack, and etc that contribute to what makes an anime good but they don't exactly make or break an anime. I don't mind some animation errors here and there. I don't mind a lack of soundtrack (or even a bad soundtrack) very much either. But I absolutely cannot watch an anime without a plot that gets me watching and characters good enough for me to continue.
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Jan 17, 3:20 AM

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It all comes down to how much I enjoy watching it and how memorable it is.
Jan 17, 4:16 AM

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It's gotta move me in some way -- inspire awe, inspire strong emotions, inspire interesting thoughts, etc.

flat is better
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Jan 17, 4:31 AM

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The goodness of an anime is directly proportional to how much I like it.
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Jan 17, 4:57 AM
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Profoundness of the themes;
The literary use of symbolism and foreshadowing;
Quality conceptualization;
Diligence with which the concepts are presented and shaped;
Dedication to animate as realistically as possible;
The official sound tracks.
Jan 17, 5:31 AM

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As I said in another thread Action, Gore and Fanservice.
Jan 17, 5:39 AM

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Something that makes me feel good heh
Jan 17, 8:59 AM
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Sometimes it depends on the theme of the anime, in my case, Youjo Senki for example. I really liked the WW based theme. Eventhough the story was simple I liked the anime. If I enjoy watching it and if the story and the characters are memorable for me, its fine.
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Jan 17, 10:12 AM

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If the work can convince me people who worked on it gave two shits what they did and enjoy the story themselves, when that happens I can enjoy any story a lot more regardless of aspects I'd find stupid or irritating. The work needs also have a heart and personality for me to care about it more than just as a way to kill time. Sure my "criteria" is worst way to try to judge work's goodness, but since question is what makes it good for me here you have it.

My biases and "guilty" pleasures come next in picture.