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Jan 16, 10:57 PM
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terror in resonance
code gease
death note
assasination classroom
naruto shippuden (the fact that it stopped airing)
Jan 16, 11:56 PM

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Clannad - a lot of times
Itazura na Kiss - episode 11 and 12
SAO - episode 3
Kotoura san - episode 1
Angel Beats - episode 10
Gurren Lagann - episode 8 and 27
Kanon - episode 9, 10, 20, 24
I'm sure there's more that I forgot about, but these were the ones that hit me the hardest.
Hunter x Hunter is a 1/10
Jan 17, 12:01 AM

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I cried when Sakurada Reset was over. Such a beautiful ending for a beautiful anime.
Jan 17, 12:48 AM

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I am so emotional that I cry all the time, only put the stage effectively and strongly, and that the characters were mine, and then everything.
May be some anime?
Jan 17, 1:49 AM

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The one that made me cry the hardest was Magi: The Kingdom of Magic.

Some others:
Assassination Classroom Season 2
Dr. Stone

There's also Nabari no Ou. but I watched it a decade ago and I can't remember if it actually made me cry or not, lol.

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